10 Ideas to Find Cash for Christmas

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The season of family, faith, food and…shopping… collective sigh… The spending part of Christmas can get crazy, so I’ve come up with a list of last minute ideas to find some extra cash for your Christmas spending. Spend some time and go through your house.

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Increase Your Income | 31 Days to Find $1000

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Find a Part-Time Job. Find a Seasonal Part-Time Retail Job. This is a great time to pick up a part-time job. In the month of October, my challenge will be to find $1000.

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When Buy & Hold Works and When It Doesn’t

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

In a secular bull market, it is beneficial for the average, part time investor to buy and hold. Part time investors are often forced to liquidate their investments when they get fired from their job (use the money from their investments to put food on the table).

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Sustainable Living Traits To Pass On To Your Children

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Go hiking and camping and show them the beauty of the outdoors (and teach them to leave trails and campsites better than when you arrived) Plant a garden with your children to give them a tangible example of how much fun growing your own food and eating healthy can be!

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Find out How Brian & His Wife Paid off $109,000 in Credit Card Debt

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I work full time in IT and my wife works part time in retail. Little things like coffee, lunches, fast food etc add up and can kill your budget. Were there arguments during the time you were working on your debt? Today’s Debt Free Story is from Brian.

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How to Become a Vegetarian

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I know there are many others who are interested in becoming a vegetarian or even a part-time vegetarian (for the record, I despise this expression. Here are the ones that worked for me: Eliminate one meat at a time. Take it one day at a time. Or even one meal at a time.

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Freebie Friday 1/6

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Mr. Food Lighten Up!: Cranimals Pet Food Supplement Sample (Select Sample Request in drop down menu). eBay 101: Selling on eBay For Part-time or Full-time Income, Beginner to PowerSeller in 90 Days by Steve Weber. Happy Friday everyone! This has been some week. I am just so glad it's Friday!! Enjoy this week's freebies brought to you by Savings Lifestyle. Make sure you check out their huge listing of Free Stuff.

10 Smart Ways to Become Debt Free

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Brian’s wife took on a part-time job to increase their income to throw at their debt. The interviewees also found that cutting their food spending freed up quite a bit of money to apply towards debt. Tracy cooked meals ahead of time to freeze.

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Freebie Friday 1/13

Couponing 101

Free Sample of just6 Dog Food. Free Download of eBay 101: How to Sell on eBay for Part-time or Full-time Income. Here are your Friday Freebies: Free Sample of Atkins Bars + Weight Loss Kit. Free Sample of Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers.

7 Steps To Homelessness And What To Do If You Get There

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Although friends tried to help by offering part time employment, she was unable to keep a paying job. She charged up credit cards to buy food and clothing. Time To Get Ready To Be Homeless. She gets all her food from the food pantry, which she visits on her bicycle.

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How to Graduate College Without Being Broke

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By spending wisely and making credit work for you, you can ensure better deals, lower interest rates, and more generous loans when it comes time to make major purchase or investments like a car or home. It’s not for food, bills, movies, dates, anything.

Do You Hate Your Job?

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He felt he had to keep it to make sure that I could stay home with the babies and that we had food and shelter. We eventually alleviated the situation when I retrained for a high paying career and went to work full time (after those 10 years at home with the kids). 10 hours a day at the office plus commute time AND the boss expects you to be available 24 x 7. If temporary, you might just be burnt out and a bit of time away will put things back in perspective for you.

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How Krystal and Josh paid off $80k in 4 years!

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works in outbound sales, and I teach part-time. working full time at a low-paying job and going to grad school full time, while my husband was working multiple jobs just to help us make ends meet. get better once I had my masters degree and could teach full-time.

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Post Christmas Thoughts

Nicoles Nickels

Christmas came and went regardless of my being “ready” We had plenty of food, plenty of presents, plenty of fun and love and not enough sleep. It’s been rough and at times pretty humiliating and always depressing. People do, through no fault of their own, fall on hard times and in the current economy, the situation can turn from bad to worse very quickly. Comments Thank you for sharing such personal parts of your life.

My 2011 Goals Part 1

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I don't exercise at all and when it comes to food, I'm worse. I HATE HEALTHY FOOD! I'm a major junk food junkie. A year ago when I had a part-time night job I ran around all day taking care of kids, my home, and work. By then I'm starving and craving sugar and salt, and usually will eat food that's not good for me. ~ Eliminate harmful food additives from our diets. I think I've written in these journals maybe 10 times. New Year, new goals!

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Eat to Lose Weight

Saving Cents With Sense

If you are ready to read about the second part of my weight loss, keep reading. Now as a mom of 3 going back to graduate school and working part time, I knew that I needed to be able to healthy but it also needed to be EASY. Eliminate processed foods.

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Carnival of Financial Planning – Money Management Edition #236 – May 11, 2012

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The best part is, people interested in your work will pay you for rights to your photo. Maria presents Politics and economy in the Eurozone part 1 posted at The Money Principle , saying, “The people have spoken in France and Greece. posted at MyMoneyDesign , saying, “Was your job as a teenager a complete waste of time, or did you learn some incredibly valuable life lessons that prepared you later on in life to be a better working professional?

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My Trip to ALDI!

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I wasn’t sure what to think as I have only been in an Aldi one time before but I was willing to be open and give it a chance. I couldn’t ever tell which was which and most times liked them both equally. I loved this part of the experience.