Ways To Reuse Old Items For Your Container Garden

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From using espaliering to grow apple trees in a container, to herbs, to a variety of vegetables , it’s possible to transform a small space into an effective container garden. Here are some ideas for re-using old items for your container garden: Seed Starts If you are just starting some seeds, for later planting in a container or a more traditional garden plot, there are a number of interesting alternatives. It’s even possible to use eggshells as seed starts.

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Tips for a Frugal and Eco-Friendly Spring

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

And with spring time comes spring cleaning, the chance to de-clutter your house, get rid of the belongings you no longer have use for and freshen up the old place. But the cost of cleaning products and the chemicals used in many of them means that spring cleaning can come at a cost to both you and the environment. Re-use, recycle or re-sell. Why You Should Use Eco-Friendly and Natural Cleaners for Your Home.

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