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The Frugal Girl

Reader Sarah is a full-time RVer, and she wrote to me asking if I’d like to feature her in a Monday post, since RVing is a slightly unusual way of life. I lived most of my life in a suburb of Chicago and taught lessons from my home for 35 years.

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3 Important Lessons in Living Frugally, But Not Too Frugally

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Guest Post Author Bio: David Bakke enjoys living frugally in Atlanta and frequently shares his best financial tips and experiences on Money Crashers , an online resource ranked as one of the top personal finance blogs online. In response to a pay cut at work three years ago, I started living a frugal lifestyle and decided to save wherever I could. In my quest for frugality, however, I’ve learned that some would-be saving methods are not truly practical. Go Frugal

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How I’m Inherently Frugal

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

It is a perfect fit for me, as frugality is my hobby and passion, but I also find myself very attracted to the “go green” movement. The fact that the Prairie EcoThrifter focuses heavily on both topics – frugality and green living – really appealed to me. Outside of my blogging life, I work full time as a magazine editor/designer for a large national company and I also teach part-time at a local University. I Have Frugal Hobbies. Go Frugal

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