How To Drive Green And Save On Gas Mileage

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Drivers and manufacturers are both embracing the eco-friendly tools because they help lower C02 emissions and achieve better gas mileage. However, none of these tools will help drivers that intentionally or unintentionally sabotage their own fuel economy. Examples of driving habits that decrease fuel economy include poor vehicle maintenance and terrible driving habits. Proven Tips to Increase Gas Mileage. Idling can guzzle a 1/4 tank of gas an hour.

Why Those EPA Mileage Estimates Do Not Add Up

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Despite all of those tangibles, fuel economy is still only an estimate. And, in 2012 alone, both Kia and Hyundai were found guilty of misstating their vehicles’ fuel efficiency by up to 15 percent , while a California woman was awarded nearly $10,000 when she sued Honda in small claims court for overstated mpg claims. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why your vehicle’s actual fuel economy may not add up to the advertised fuel estimates.


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Cutting Down on the Transportation Costs

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We then looked at how much each item in that group cost us; gas, property and car insurance, maintenance, etc. 400/month gas for truck. 130/month gas for car. It has great fuel economy, at about 40 MPG. I spend about $6/day on gas in my car to get to work, so if we carpool three times per week, we are saving $72/month just in gas savings on my end alone.

13 Ways to Make Your Existing Car Greener and Avoid Buying a New One

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High gas prices got you down? This helps reduce pollution by preventing gas fumes from heating up and thus creating ozone. Those instructions are there on the gas pump for a reason. Why carry around all that extra weight, which not only costs you more in fuel but also more wear on your engine. Fuel-injected cars do not, contrary to popular mythology, use more gas starting up each time than they would just idling Combine errands. Buy fuel-efficient tires.

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Bring on the Affordable Green Family Cars

Saving Cents With Sense

What’s more is that many of these 40-plus miles-per-gallon cars aren’t the two-seat vehicles normally associated with good gas mileage, but models fit for the whole family. So what can be attributed to automakers developing more fuel-efficient cars without classifying them as hybrids or electrics? It features a 1.4-liter, turbocharged engine that maximizes fuel without sacrificing power. This conserves fuel and can make for a 3-5 percent improvement in gas mileage.

Go Green and Save Money by Picking the Right Car

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A survey conducted by the car insurance division revealed that 65% of motorists will consider fuel economy and basic running costs the next time they purchase a new vehicle. However, huge strides have been made in the development of diesel vehicles which are now not only on par in terms of performance and reliability with their petrol alternatives, but also more economical in terms of their fuel efficiency. How to Save Money on Gas.

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Carnival of Personal Finance #384 – Time for a Laugh Edition

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If we all used less gas and walked more we would not only improve our financial picture but we will be healthier too. ” Jay from Daily Fuel Economy Tip shares How to Save on a New Car , and says, “Are you in the market for a new car? In this economy, that’s not a small pricetag. Hello and welcome to this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.

Review: 2012 Kia Sorrento

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This also helps with the gas mileage making it an affordable SUV to fill up. It won’t guzzle gas like some other 7-seater SUVs. The official EPA Fuel Economy is 20 MPG in the City and 26 MPG on the highway. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to test drive a 2012 Kia Sorrento. If you are in the market for an affordable mid-size SUV with seating for seven, this might be a great fit for you. My husband and I both enjoyed driving this vehicle!

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