What is Green Energy?

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During the course of the last elections both in Canada and the USA, there was a substantial amount of talk surrounding energy: renewable energy, green energy, and fossil fuel emissions. It’s pretty obvious that energy involves the way that things are powered, however a lot of people may be unsure as to what green energy is. Today, I will look define green energy and outline the importance of it to our future. Go Green

Ethical Energy Providers

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One area that you will almost definitely want to look at is your energy provider. Traditional energy sources can have a devastating impact on the environment but thanks to a growth in ethical energy methods, you can help the environment by choosing an energy company who use green energy sources. Why Green Energy? Most energy sources are not ethical and can do significant damage to the environment. What Counts as Green Energy?

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What’s the Most Energy Efficient Form of Transportation

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During the “great recession” when oil prices dipped, fuel efficiency took a backseat to other issues. That being said, there is one good thing (and only one) that comes about from higher fuel prices; people are refocusing on energy efficiency. Because not everything is powered by petroleum, for consistency all figures below are based on megajoules/MJs (physics refresher: a joule is the unit of energy used by the International Standard of Units). What is Green Energy?

How Your House or Business Can Invest in a Greener Planet

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With an energy crisis capturing the world as we speak, it is a good time to consider how investing in a greener planet can help your business or your home. By doing this you don’t only help everybody on the globe by using green energy , you also help yourself. Fossil fuels continue to ruin our environment, and as they are also running out it is time for us to understand how we can use renewable energy for all of our business and home needs. Renewable energy.

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Do Wind Turbines Cause Health Problems? Canadian Government Wants to Find Out

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Robert Hornung, president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association, said that “we believe that the balance of scientific evidence clearly shows that wind turbines don’t have an impact on human health,” adding that numerous reviews in the past backed up his claims. He does, however, welcome any new studies on wind energy. The director of Queen’s University’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy Warren Mabee is among those who don’t see the correlation. “I

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More Drilling is Not The Solution We Need for Our Energy Future

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We cannot drill our way out of our pending oil and energy situation. There is no way we can actually drill enough holes in the earth to meet all of our current (never mind future) energy needs. So how can more drilling be the future of energy production? According to the Energy Information Administration back in 2004, opening an Alaska wildlife refuge to drilling would only lower oil prices by less than 50 cents a barrel. Go Green

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How to Be Green and Save Money

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In fact a lot of the things you can do to stay green actually save you money in the process. To me it’s a no brainer; be green and save money in the process… why wouldn’t you?! Use Less Energy. You can get energy monitoring devices now that simply clip onto your power box and wirelessly send your energy usage to a control unit in the house. You may even find that it works out cheaper than your current energy supplier!

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