Should You Learn To Sew?

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Learning to sew takes time and equipment. A super short history of sewing. In many parts of the US, people learned to sew as part of their life skills – from parents or family or schools. Sewing today has dropped out of main stream life. Clothing is cheap, sewing is not.

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Go Green This Halloween

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

We do put up decorations (ones I buy at garage sales or thrift stores and reuse each year). If your child (or you) just has to have that store bought costume with all the non-biodegradable materials (you know, that one that costs you at least $20), then after its typical one time use, just donate to your local charity or sell it at your next garage sale or online. Search the attic, the backs of the closets, the garage and see what inspiration presents.

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Ways to Make Do With What You Have

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Learn to hem and patch and sew on buttons to repair minor issues with clothing. There have been countless times I have seen nearly new, decorator pieces being sold for pennies on the dollar at garage sales because the homeowner decided to re-decorate.

How I Saved $1400 by Upholstering My Chairs

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Maybe it is just something you found at a sale that doesn’t quite match your decor. Along the way, on one of my garage sale shopping expeditions, I stumbled across a matched pair of wing backs (non-reclining) for $20 each. I was able to find the material for one chair on clearance – for $40 total and on sale for the other. Most pieces just stapled back on but there were a couple that I had to use the sewing machine to stitch.

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10 Tips to Create the Perfect Nursery on a Budget

Saving Cents With Sense

Buy a dated, smooth-gliding rocker at a garage sale for next to nothing and customize it with several yards of fabric and a staple gun. Buy several wicker baskets a craft store and sew a few loose sacks out of your favorite fabric that you can use to line the baskets.