Four Easy Ways to Save on Basic Necessities

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The American culture is wrought with excessive spending so it is no surprise that the typical household overspends on necessities such as food, gas, utilities, and phone usage. The average American household consumes more and more meat every year and prices are skyrocketing. And, be sure to eat your leftovers! How to Reduce Gas Consumption. Use your car’s cruise control option at a speed of 60 miles per hour or less to increase gas mileage.

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Festival of Frugality #271- 10 Movies, 10 Lessons Edition

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

posted at FIRE Finance , saying, “We decided to optimize our grocery expenses and pull the strings on our food budget even tighter. Rosa Wilson presents Change of Address: 10 Reasons Your Gas Bill is So High posted at Change of Address. Kris presents The Three Rules of Leftovers posted at Cheap Healthy Good. FMF presents Five Retro Rules to Save Money posted at Free Money Finance , saying, “These tips from the past can save us all some big bucks.&#.

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