What’s the Most Energy Efficient Form of Transportation

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Due to the recent high gas prices, he has been focused on researching gas credit card offers, most recently writing reviews of the 76 credit card and the Chase BP gas card. However he kindly reminds everyone that reducing your driving is the best way to save money on gas, as well as save the environment! During the “great recession” when oil prices dipped, fuel efficiency took a backseat to other issues.

Six Eco-friendly Ways to Save Money for You and Your Family

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Transportation. Heading into the summer, gas prices will continue to go up, so transportation alternatives can really help. Carpooling, public transportation, and biking are all terrific ways to cut down trips to the gas pump while decreasing your own personal carbon footprint left on the environment. From a money-saving and environment-friendly perspective, this may be the most obvious solution to making room in your budget in an eco-conscious manner.

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11 Ways To Make Personal Travel More Sustainable And Less Polluting

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Here are 11 ways you can make your transportation needs a little more eco-friendly. Take Public Transportation If you live anywhere near a small or large city, you probably have access to some form of municipal public transportation. Buy A Bike Exercise combined with clean air and free transportation makes riding a bike a win-win for everyone. Walk This is my favorite mode of transport and one that I use every day. High gas prices got you down?

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How Do You Handle Increasing Expenses?

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Surprisingly, the details of the plan were almost identical to this year’s plan except for the price. Comparing the 2015 prices with what we pay now, I discovered that if we kept the same health, dental, and vision plans our health care costs would increase about $115 a month. Gasoline : We currently budget $75 a week for gasoline which translates to a tank of gas for our van. With gas prices falling significantly recently, we haven’t been using the full amount.

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Bike Your Way to a Healthier, Richer, Happier You

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needs a transportation overhaul. Given the insane gas prices we’re facing lately (plus, we’re headed into construction season which means a longer, more convoluted commute), let’s give a generous estimate that you fill your car for $55 twice a month. That’s 110 of your hard-earned dollars being funneled directly into your gas tank. I had an 8-week stretch where I didn’t have to put a single ounce of gas in my car’s tank.

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13 Ways to Make Your Existing Car Greener and Avoid Buying a New One

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High gas prices got you down? This helps reduce pollution by preventing gas fumes from heating up and thus creating ozone. Those instructions are there on the gas pump for a reason. Fuel-injected cars do not, contrary to popular mythology, use more gas starting up each time than they would just idling Combine errands. Don’t forget to enter to win an iPad 3 here at PET.

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DIY Car Maintenance For Cash Savings

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8 Ways to Save on Fuel Who of us does not want to squeeze a bit more distance out of each gallon of gas that we. High gas prices got you down? How to Save Money on Gas In the past, I have often encouraged many of you to find alternative sources for transportation in an effort to. When I was 16, my dad gave me my first vehicle. I can’t imagine that he didn’t get it for free; I’m sure he did.

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How To Drive Green And Save On Gas Mileage

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Drivers and manufacturers are both embracing the eco-friendly tools because they help lower C02 emissions and achieve better gas mileage. Proven Tips to Increase Gas Mileage. Below you will find surefire ways to improve gas mileage. The less you idle, the better gas mileage you will receive. Idling can guzzle a 1/4 tank of gas an hour. This combination can lower gas mileage by 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent in town. How to Save Money on Gas.

Festival of Frugality #271- 10 Movies, 10 Lessons Edition

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Rosa Wilson presents Change of Address: 10 Reasons Your Gas Bill is So High posted at Change of Address. Dr. Dean presents Gas Prices Rise: What Say You? Over the last decade, this book has helped me to save thousands of dollars on our housing, transportation, food and clothes.&#. Hello and welcome to the 271st Festival of Frugality-10 Movies, 10 Lessons Edition. It is amazing what insight we can gain from a night out at the theater.

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9 Ways to Save at the Pump

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With rising gas prices at the pump, it can be down right painful to fill up at the gas station. for a gallon of gas, we know that it will probably only get worse as the summer rolls on. Of course, driving less can help reduce the amount of gas you use, and therefore need to buy, but when carpooling, riding your bike, or using alternative transportation just isn’t feasible, then you can still use these tips to help you save at the pump.

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