11 Ways To Make Personal Travel More Sustainable And Less Polluting

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Here are 11 ways you can make your transportation needs a little more eco-friendly. Take Public Transportation If you live anywhere near a small or large city, you probably have access to some form of municipal public transportation. Buy A Bike Exercise combined with clean air and free transportation makes riding a bike a win-win for everyone. You can pick up a good used bike for under $100 and stop paying for gasoline and emitting noxious gases.

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How Do You Handle Increasing Expenses?

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Gasoline : We currently budget $75 a week for gasoline which translates to a tank of gas for our van. Providing for Your Child’s Future Finding Affordable Health Insurance If You’re… Finding a Chiropractor: From Finances to Practical Matters Cutting Down on the Transportation Costs Contingency Budgeting: Low, Medium, and High. The email sat in my inbox for a few days unopened and unread.

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Bike Your Way to a Healthier, Richer, Happier You

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needs a transportation overhaul. If you continued to only fill up for this amount twice per month, after a full year you’d have spent $1,320 just on gasoline alone. I could have purchased 2 brand-new bikes for how much I would have been spending on gasoline. Did you know that 90% of Americans drive to work despite the fact that 70% of them have a commute that is less than 2 miles? Reading this statistic surprised me, even though I’m one of the 0.6%

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13 Ways to Make Your Existing Car Greener and Avoid Buying a New One

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I previously wrote about how I was saving money on gasoline just by driving the speed limit but for this post I wanted to share many more tips on how to make your own car more green and eco-friendly without you having to spend a ton of dough on a new hybrid this year. Sure, you could do even more to clean up your act – take public transportation, ride your bike or skateboard, walk, or even spend the money on an all-electric car like the Nissan Leaf.

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The High Cost of Speeding

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You also use about 40% more gasoline, according to some musings by Bargain Babe and SelecTrucks. Gasoline waste costs. How to Save Money on Transport Costs. Have you been pulled over for speeding? Chances are you have, if my experiences are any indicator. You see, I am one of those drivers that obeys the speed limit and traffic laws. I have never had a ticket. And I am sick of being tailgated!!!!

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How To Drive Green And Save On Gas Mileage

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If you drive 5 mph over sixty mph, you can be wasting up to 31 cents of gasoline. In the past, I have often encouraged many of you to find alternative sources for transportation in an effort to. The Only Money-Saving Gasoline Tip That Worked I don’t know about you, but I dread every single time I have to pull into the gas station and. The term “eco-driving” refers to the energy-efficient use of automobiles.

6 Ways to Change Your Spending Habits

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Use alternative methods of transportation , a.k.a. Plus you will save a ton on gasoline and parking fees. I want to be a millionaire, do you? So many people have dreams of becoming a millionaire but very few actually get there. You know why? It’s because many people fail to take the steps they need to get there. They are unwilling to make the changes in their daily lives that becoming a millionaire requires.

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Ways for Busy Parents to Teach Young Children About Money

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If your child is ready, talk about the travel industries – who works in them, how they make money, and how much it costs you to use the different kinds of transportation. Buying gasoline. Talk about various car expenses, besides gasoline, like oil, windshield washer fluid, mechanics, tuneups, tires, car payment interest and etc. Talk about where the gasoline comes from and the various jobs related to producing it. You want your kid to be financially savvy.

9 Ways to Save at the Pump

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Of course, driving less can help reduce the amount of gas you use, and therefore need to buy, but when carpooling, riding your bike, or using alternative transportation just isn’t feasible, then you can still use these tips to help you save at the pump. You don’t need extra equipment or “stuff” in your car that just weighs it down, and ultimately burns more gasoline. Not only that, but they burn more gasoline (and ultimately your cash!). Skip premium gasoline.

Sustainable Living Traits To Pass On To Your Children

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You can even reward them with extra allowance with the money saved on gasoline and car upkeep. Public transportation can also be a great alternative depending on the area and your comfort level. Our children learn by example. We as parents are usually the first and primary source of their learned behavior, even as they grow into their teenage years.

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