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For the Mommas

This book is a collection of checklists and templates that give recommendations for all aspects of holiday planning – food, decorations, gifts, and even tips on learning more about the history and true meaning of the holiday. We have some of the best-selling FREE Kindle Books from Amazon here!

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How To Tuesday: Extreme Couponing (Part 3)

Saving With Shellie

Topic: How To Understand Bargain Jargon. Before we get too far, I’d like to take a moment and help you understand Bargain Jargon. Plus, when we reach 5,000 fans I'll be giving away a $50 Amazon gift card!

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Crunchies – Pure Fruit In Every Crunch!

Nicoles Nickels

We never clutter your mind with industry jargon and your body with the bad stuff. Nicole’s take: My girls love fruit and I love to give them fruit! I feel good about giving them a snack with 1 ingredient – just fruit!

4 Great iPhone Apps For Losing Weight

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

What is not easy is remembering how much you’re supposed to eat, saying no to a bunch of readily available snacks and not getting tricked by the companies that put all sorts of hidden gems in their products and mask them in weird-sounding nutrition jargon.

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How To Tuesday: Extreme Couponing (Part 6)

Saving With Shellie

Part 3: How to Understand Bargain Jargon. Description – This gives the brand and variety. Topic: How to Use the Coupon Database. If you’re just joining us, I started a How To Tuesday series to help you learn how to coupon shop step-by-step.

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Breaking Down Disney Lingo

Saving Everyday

For those who are not as familiar with Disney, you may find yourself confused when others speak you using Disney jargon. Often throughout the year, Disney will have “free dining” promotions, which give all guests staying at Disney resorts a DDP package for no additional cost.

How To Tuesday: Extreme Couponing (Part 7)

Saving With Shellie

Part 3: How to Understand Bargain Jargon. Also, it’s usually a good idea to give all your manufacturer coupons first and give all your store coupons second. Topic: How to Stack Coupons.