Unintended Consequences

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

These members have been spendthrifts since day one and have been lobbying for several unneeded (in my opinion) improvements for several years. If you give your kids everything they want, they will never have a burning need to fill and may never decide to DO something to GET what they want or need. If you give into your desire to eat out at the fast food joint every day, you may develop a habit that leads to financial imbalance or heath issues. Your actions have consequences.

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Interview with a Self-Made Millionaire

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

But, I can’t believe people are making big bucks telling other people how to control their spendthrift ways, or sharing how to shave a few cents off a grocery bill. Peggy : Something really cool being done today is that the stay-at-home Moms trade babysitting days so they can get some time off and give the kids a play day. Below is a composite interview, representing responses of several female self-made millionaires.

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