The 5 Most Important Personal Finance Lessons to Teach your Child

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Here, told as I would tell it to my Grandkids, are my top 5 lessons. Prepare for getting into the ones you think you might want to attend – by studying the right subjects, participating in the right activities and working the right kinds of part time or summer jobs. To become financially free, you need to understand that you can’t trade your time for money and get ahead.

Seven Retirement Lessons Learned

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Before retiring I often wondered about life after retirement – would we have enough money , would it change our marriage, would the kids and grandkids have different expectations, what if catastrophe struck and money became an issue, what would I do, would I miss the daily interaction with the people with whom I worked for many years? He actually gets about 2/3 of his parting salary in pension form, even when providing me with a survivor benefit. This post was written by Marie. .

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