3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Food While at Work

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Lunch When you are at work, it’s almost always easy for you to go down the street and pick up some fast food on your lunch break. Every once in a while, it’s fine to run to your local burger joint for lunch, but you can save money by bringing your lunch from home on a regular basis. If you live close by, you can even go home and make your lunch. When you are at work, it is very easy to spend too much money on food.

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And since we’re all pretty frugal around here, I’m sure most of us strive to send our kids to school with homemade lunches. Have you ever thought about what kind of effect your kids’ school lunches have on the environment? The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that every school lunch creates an average of 67 pounds of trash per school year. That means just one average-size middle school creates over 40,000 pounds of lunch waste each year.

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P.E.P. for the Week of January 24-28, 2010- Adjustment Edition

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Sustainable Personal Finance tells us how they make healthy lunches from home and save. We also bring a homemade lunch every day and not only does it save us money but it also keeps our health in check. Our current projects have to do with homemade beauty and cleaning products. As some of you know, one of my goals for 2011 is to become a certified fitness professional. In order to do this I need to take a few courses at our local university.

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