Why You Should Be Skeptical of Financial “Rules of Thumb”

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If you lose your job, or encounter another financial setback, 30% of your income might be too much to handle for a mortgage payment — especially if you have other debt. What if you estimate your retirement based on how much you are able to save, but a job loss means you can’t set aside money anymore, plus you lose your employer match? And what happens when you add in property taxes, utility, home insurance, and maintenance?

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Buying a Home With the Help of Mortgage Insurance

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If you’re one of the many people who can’t afford to put down the preferred 20% down payment, then you will be required by the lender to get mortgage insurance. The Definition of Mortgage Insurance. Mortgage insurance (MI) is not the same as mortgage life insurance (which pays off a mortgage if the homeowner dies or becomes disabled) or homeowners’ insurance (which protects homeowners from loss due to theft, fire or other catastrophe).

Small Money Mistakes That Have Big Consequences

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A budget provides you with a financial roadmap to get to where you want to be in life. Not Having an Emergency Fund It is dangerous to spend every cent you earn and not to have buffer against illness, injury, job loss or hard economic times. Not Being Properly Insured You are the wage-earner, the care-giver, the home-maker, whichever of these titles you hold. Look into effective health, disability and life insurance plans.

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