37 Hour Sale: Launch Yourself ~ Make More Money, Pursue Your Passion, Live Your Dream

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Women’s Money Week is about encouraging women to speak up about money, take control of our finances, and reshape our financial future. Women’s Money Week will run from March 5th-11th, 2012 on WomensMoneyWeek.com — coinciding with International Women’s Day. Make Sh*t Happen by Jenny Blake ($47). Discover Your Money Map Number ($497) + 1 Month of Eyes Wide Open Coaching ($97) by Alexis Neely.

Ways to Beat Lifestyle Inflation

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I still have debt to pay off and want to buy a house, so all of that inflation money could go toward saving or paying down debt more quickly. For instance, I’m spending a lot of money each month on my cell phone bill. Should You Consider Investing Your Money? Money Tips

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High Stress and Low Pay: Would You Do Any of These Jobs?

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Not too long ago, I was reading an article on CNN Money on some of the most stressful jobs that come with low pay. That can be pretty stressful, and these workers only make a little more than $38,000 a year. Some people will make more money and some make less.

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Find out How Drew & Farrah Paid off $200k of debt, including their HOME

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ACTUAL MONEY PUT TOWARDS DEBT OVER 5 YEARS (because of interest during the 5 years) – $200,000. Once we got married we realized we have great jobs and a great income, but where is all the money going? What are the top 3 – 5 ways you found money to put towards debt.

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3 Tips to Ensure You Adhere to Your Budget

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Now that I make more money and can afford to indulge once in awhile, one of the most difficult parts of budgeting is actually adhering to it, when it’s not imperative for your financial survival. You’ll go nuts if you are only allowed to spend money on necessities!

A Case for Starting an Online Business on the Side

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You don’t need to build a brick and mortar store, staff it, buy equipment or really spend more than $100 to start a business, if you do it online. You may find yourself making more money online off of your business than you are at your day job.

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Time Is Money. Or Is It?

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If time is money, then people who work more hours should make more money. Time is only money if that’s how you chose to structure your income, around an hourly rate. Each of us gets the same 24 hours, but we aren’t all making the same money.

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The Best and Worst Times to Side Hustle

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There’s always an opportunity to make more money which is why many take on side hustles as a way of maximizing that opportunity. Tip: If you side hustle hourly, consider setting a minimum with your employer that makes your travel time and expenses worthwhile. Money Tips

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Is It Worth It To Purchase Insurance For Your Smartphone?

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So, when it comes to making the ultimate decision about whether or not you should purchase insurance for your smartphone , here are five main things to consider: You Probably Won’t Even Need It. Money Tips

10 Smart Ways to Become Debt Free

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The idea of becoming debt free makes me downright giddy. How did they make it happen? Everyone had unique motivation for working towards debt freedom: Jackie and her husband were sick of the stress that goes along with money issues. They Earned Extra Money.

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How to Make Good Financial Decisions

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To get ahead in life, you need to make more good decisions than bad. Good decisions can result in your ability to get a better job, make more money, save more money, invest for gain and other steps that help you end up in financial plus land.

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Money vs. Family Life


In this day and age, we are under so much pressure to make money, maximize our earning capacity and often at any cost. With the state of the world economy so fragile, there is even more pressure around the household finances. Money Does Not Equal Happiness.

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25 Ways to Find Money for Your Emergency Fund

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But the truth is, we have the money. And while I don’t like parting with our money, I am grateful that this repair won’t send us into financial distress. Dave Ramsey suggests in his book, The Total Money Makeover , that you create a starter emergency fund of $1000.

Work Harder, Then Work Smarter

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If you’re asking yourself the questions above, you’d better make some changes to your life in a hurry! Now, of course everyone can make some extra money from time to time, but what is the logical answer to digging yourself out of this paycheck-to-paycheck life?

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Things to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate

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Real estate is a great investment, because as Teddy Roosovelt once said “you should buy land; they’ve stopped making it.” Know beforehand if you plan on making money off your real estate via rent or capital gains. So don’t expect to double your money overnight from real estate.