The Best and Worst Times to Side Hustle

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There’s always an opportunity to make more money which is why many take on side hustles as a way of maximizing that opportunity. Side hustles can range from babysitting to web designing to freelance writing to soap making- basically anything you can charge for can become a side hustle. Tip: If you side hustle hourly, consider setting a minimum with your employer that makes your travel time and expenses worthwhile. When Your Unemployed. Money Tips

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Money vs. Family Life

In this day and age, we are under so much pressure to make money, maximize our earning capacity and often at any cost. With the state of the world economy so fragile, there is even more pressure around the household finances. Today I would like to pose this somewhat provocative statement and given the recent unemployment reports would seem ridiculous: “Reasons why you don’t want that promotion&#. Money Does Not Equal Happiness.

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