How to make homemade Orange Julius

The Frugal Girl

Homemade Orange Julius drinks are really, really easy to make at home. We mainly use this recipe when we have breakfast for dinner. It’s a quick addition that makes even basic pancakes feel just a little bit more special. A good blender definitely makes a difference here.

Awesome Uses For Lemons – Things You did not know

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People are very familiar with the traditional uses for lemons. You know the saying, a lemon a day makes shopping for items go away. ” Here are some of awesome home uses for lemons. Toss used lemons into your garbage disposal to help keep it clean and smelling fresh.

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Make Money Blogging in 2016 – how I make a full income

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make money. Make money blogging, how to make money with a blog… how to make a full income with a blog.There are many ways and the good news is that it is super super easy! So here is how to make money blogging : First get a host. Next what will you use?

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How to make Chicken and Biscuits (a casserole)

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But I felt like the proportions weren’t quite like what I remember my mom using. The gravy is not at all complicated to make. To make the biscuits, just mix the dry ingredients, add in the cream, stir, and then knead for 30 seconds.

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How to make a chalkboard from an ugly framed print

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Well, I’m using the same lovely water-based, tintable Premium Wood Finish. Normally I avoid stain because I really loathe using oil-based products (The cleanup is such a headache!), The quick drying time makes this much speedier than it’d be with normal oil-based stain.

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How to make homemade grape jelly (from prepared juice)

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(This recipe, which I published in 2008, is still making the rounds on Pinterest, but it didn’t have a printable recipe. Plus, your homemade jelly will have no high fructose corn syrup in it (this is actually the reason I first looked into making my own).

12 Ways To Use hydrogen peroxide – The Frugal Way

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Hydrogen peroxide has many uses for hygiene and beauty, and it is something we all have in our home… I would clean my brand new earrings with it, or clean my non brand new earrings. my grandma said that hydrogen peroxide has many amazing uses.

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WowApp Messenger : A Way to make money Texting – Review

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Originally developed in Romania, that is a popular App with some local celebrities that most of the world by now uses. s This is an awesome App that you can chat AND make money! Making Paid Calls. why not make money and chat? What Is WowApp?

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How to Make Buttermilk

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It’s easy to make a substitute without having to purchase a quart of buttermilk, which is the only size I can find in my area. A quart is fine if you’ll use it up, but when a recipe calls for a smaller amount, it’s quite possible the rest will go to waste.

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Make Money Your Hobby

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To make money management something you enjoy and to successfully incorporate it into your daily life, you have to get excited about it. Those small and steady contributions are what make the big things happen. Not long after college, a friend of mine gave me a list of recommended books.

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Used Furniture – Re-purpose, Recycle, Re-use.

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Whether you are just starting out; wanting to freshen up your own older items; or furnishing a second home, furniture buying can make a big dent in your budget. But there are ways to save – consider used furniture. You can also find older, quality items at used furniture stores.

Why I Use Cash

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If you travel, you no longer need to get travelers checks to make sure you can handle emergencies. Here is why I use cash in certain situations. Using cash forces you to understand the cash you have available to spend. Do you use cash?

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20 Uses For Lavender Oil

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Each oil has so many different uses but I wanted to let you know of a few uses for lavender oil. There are many wonderful ways to use Lavender Oil and I have listed some of my favorites. I hope you find a way below to use yours. 20 Uses For Lavender Oil.

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Don’t Make These 12 Couponing Mistakes

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Avoid making these common mistakes , by reading these top 10 coupon mistakes people make: 1. I got creative with making different meals with pasta and eventually my kids hated pasta. Make sure to check the coupons carefully. You coupon. And mistakes happe.

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What Makes a Saver?

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If we truly be either saver or spender, what makes us one or the other? What is it that makes a person a saver? In its simplest form, the thing that makes a person a saver is the act of saving. For some, having an unmet need is enough to make a saver. Those experiences – be they positive or negative – make us the person we are, at any given point in our lives. But, in college, I spent my summer earnings – on clothes, on a used car and on school activities.

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how to make cadbury creme egg 2015 – Super Easy Recipe

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How to make Cadbury Easter Eggs – well almost Cadbury- these recipes , written below are better than Cadbury and slightly healthier (actually the recipe is called ‘Gemma Eggs’ but it is the same thing) ! Use the back of the spoon to spread the chocolate in a mould.

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16 Beauty Hacks Using Tea – DIY Tips with Amazing Benefits

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Here is a list of 16 amazing beauty tips when using black tea : TEA FOR TIRED/ PUFFY EYES: Place black tea bags under your eyes to get rid of puffiness, dark areas and a general tired appearance. HAIR COLOR: Tea has been used to dye hair for many centuries. Clean a make-up mirror.

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8 Quick Magic Eraser Uses

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I love using the Magic Eraser ! Did you know you can use for almost any stain that you can think of, besides in the kitchen and bathroom? now, I use it and it makes cleaning the spills/splatters easily! you never know when you need to use one!)

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Making Money Trading Penny Stocks

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When trying to make money in the stock market, whether it be via an online brokerage account or your Roth IRA , you might think the best way is to find established and reputable companies, research them and make long-term investments in their business. There is plenty of legitimate opportunity to make money from penny stocks, since they are pretty volatile. Day traders make their money by buying and selling spiking stocks at the right time each day.

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Save Money – Make Shoes Last

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If you can make your shoes last longer, you can tuck away the savings in that rainy day fund. Don’t use a hair dryer to dry them out as this can damage the leather. Following that, use your brush with soap and water to scrub all parts of the shoe. Shoes are expensive.

Using Nature’s Bounty

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I loved the idea of learning how to churn butter, weave, make candles, and use the bounty of nature as our forefathers and mothers did. To this day, I love to experiment with using alternative methods and products – and nature’s bounty, to help supply our needs.

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5 Festive Crafts Using Fall Leaves

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These leaves are carefully dipped in wax, producing a beautiful product you can use to decorate your home all season long. Your kids might enjoy making crafts from leaves, too, which is why we’ve included this adorable project on the list.

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How to Make a Coupon Shopping List

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A lot of people who want to coupon never even get started because they don’t know how to make their coupon stack make sense with their real grocery needs. Make the most of your coupons while still buying things you actually want and need. Make a Menu Plan.

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Things We No Longer Use

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Here are things that I remember using that we no longer need to keep around the house or community. They were used to protect clothing while cooking – to keep grease splatters and spills contained on the apron. Used oil pans. I never did get the hang of using mine!

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Two Ways to Make Homemade Chicken Stock

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I’ve been making homemade chicken stock for years. Back to chicken stock…Making your own chicken stock is a great way to stretch your grocery dollar, especially if you are inclined to buy organic chicken, which can be twice the price of non-organic.

Make Your Own Board Game

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I knew I wanted players to have to make certain decisions that would lead to the start up and growing of the business. He decides that he can make toothpaste much cheaper. Because just deciding to have a business, or buy a bunch of empty toothpaste tubes to fill (or whatever the decision might be), doesn’t mean that you will actually make any money, I knew that I needed the winner to have to meet a certain profit goal. Make or assemble the parts and pieces of the game.

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Tips for Making Money with Airbnb

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One of the biggest travel trends in recent memory is the use of Airbnb. You can also make money when you rent a room or your whole apartment or house using Airbnb. Think about what you can provide that would make a guest feel more comfortable in your home.

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How to Make Good Financial Decisions

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To get ahead in life, you need to make more good decisions than bad. Good decisions can result in your ability to get a better job, make more money, save more money, invest for gain and other steps that help you end up in financial plus land. Factors That Help You Make A Good Decision.

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How To Make Industrial Recycling Simple In Business

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With climate change targets set and companies pledging their strategy on how they will support these, consumers are also looking at what the companies they use are doing both short and long term. It sounds really simple, but there are still lots of companies that do not use recycling trash cans. Recycling trash cans can make an impact on your environmental footprint. Engagement of the workforce is key to making this work to ensure items are segregated out appropriately.

How to Make a Habit of Saving

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You don’t have to make yourself close a drawer when you open it for something; that’s another habit. So, I propose that you make a habit out of saving. This brings me to my next point: make a habit of reviewing your spending. Make a Habit of Transferring Money.

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How to Make Millions with Passive Income

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I often hear the phrase, “I believe in making an honest dollar”, which basically translates into, “I think you’re scheming to get rich without working for it.”. The majority of people make a living by working the typical 8am-5pm job (I don’t think the 9-5 job exists anymore).

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Daily Frugal Tip: Use Bread Crust To Make French Toast Sticks

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After a couple of lunches, I have enough crusts to make french toast ‘sticks’ for breakfast. ” What other creative ways do you use up leftover crust? I personally like to make croutons from dried-out bread.

Make Your Own Beauty Products

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Have a go at making your own beauty treatments! You can make some quick and easy beauty treats using ingredients that you’ve already got at home. What Kind of Things Can I Use? Plain yogurt : This can be used as a quick and easy face mask for all skin types.

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How to Make Simple Syrup

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To sweeten our tea, I make a simple syrup. The herbal syrup makes iced tea incredibly flavorful and it''s so easy to make. Use 1-3 teaspoons of the basic recipe or the herbal version per single serving. How to Make Simple Syrup (Basic Recipe) 1/2 cup sugar.

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How To Re-use Common Items

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If something is useful and I might personally use it later, it gets saved and used again. Common Items to Re-Use and How to Re-Use Them. Zip lock bags are routinely washed and used again for food (or other) storage. 5 Products That You Should Avoid Using.

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Kentucky Spoon Bread Recipe – Easy to Make

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Since I am missing my family and my grandma making this wonderful dish, here is the famous recipe : This is great for a rainy day, cold day or you just want some Kentucky yummy food! I am making some tonight! Then beat thoroughly for 10 minutes using a wooden spoon.

Do You Use Skills Learned in Childhood?

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As I was clipping the grass around the trees with hand clippers just now, it occurred to me that this was a task I used to have as a child. Although my parents didn’t seem to make specific efforts to teach me financial lessons, their behavior modeled several.

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Using One Natural Cleaner To Clean Everything

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Most households in this country probably have about 10 different bottles of cleaning products designed for different purposes – the toilet, the shower, the kitchen, the furniture – you name it and some company out there is making a product that they want you to buy.

Save Money: Buy These 7 Items Used

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If you want to save money, one of the best options is to buy used. Not only can buying something second-hand help you save money, but it also reduces the amount of resources that you use. Buying used is one way to increase the sustainability of your life.

How to Make Your Own Clothes

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Learning how to make your own clothes is a pastime that will not only save you some money, it is skill that can evolve into a hobby that you love. With some practice, patience, and some sewing know-how, you’ll be on your way to making your own clothing before you know it.

10 Father’s Day Recipes to Make With Your Kids

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We have to make sure that we show appreciation towards dad just as we did towards mom last month. Avoid the crowded, overpriced restaurants this year by making a special treat for dad at home. Here are 10 easy recipes to make with your kids for Father’s Day.

10 DIY Pet Toys You Can Make Today

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Encourage your pet to use its problem-solving skills with this treat feeder made from a PVC pipe. Looking for a good use for your empty toilet paper rolls? DIY Cat Tree Using a Real Tree via By Brittany Goldwyn.

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Klip’em New Cashback Site – Save money and make money

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Use 30% Off – Diet Coke Packages, Target Cartwheel Offer (exp 10/15) – ( There is another cash back website to tell you about!!! It is called Klip’ and they offer unique savings on many brands. Also, new users will also receive a $2.00

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