Learning to Save & Pay Off Debt | Guest Post

Saving Cents With Sense

I was raised with frugal parents that tried to install in me proper money management and even though I always paid off everything on time, I never managed to save money. I’m currently taking care of my debt one month at a time. However, I know now that paying off debt is more important.

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Remember, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

The hare got off to a speedy pace and seemed to be a sure win, but in the end he didn’t, did he? Ask yourself : Do you start saving or paying off debt with a superhuman resolve- determined to avoid all temptation- only to fall off the wagon and give up hope in a matter of a few days?

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Find Out How Olivia & Her Husband Paid off Their Mortgage in 33 Months

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Olivia. We are both planners and despise wasting money on debt/interest, which is what led us to pay off our mortgage as soon as we could! How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it?

2015 242

Find out how Charissa and Her Husband Paid Off $7665 of Debt and Cash Flowed College

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Charissa. I am a free-lance sign language interpreter, putting my husband through engineering school by paying cash. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? What inspired you to become debt free?

Debt 191

2019 Debt Freedom Plan Update

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Our Debt Freedom Plan has been a long winding road. The journey started in 2012 when we bought an office building for our business and then found ourselves with a lot of debt and not enough cash flow. From what we learned in the course, we wrote our Debt Freedom Plan.

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Meet Doug & Laura. They Paid off $23,000 in 16 Months. | Debt Free Stories

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Welcome to Debt Free Stories. Together they paid off $23,000 in 16 months. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? We paid off just over $23,000 in one year and four months. The debt consisted of my student loans and a car loan.

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Find out how Lydia & her Husband Paid off $36,000 in Debt in 2 Years

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Lydia. She blogs about living a limitless life on a limited budget at Frugal Debt Free Life. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? What inspired you to get debt free? To pay off our home early.

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How Angela & Jeff paid off $58,000 of Debt in 2 Years

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I watched her and her husband’s debt free scream on The Dave Ramsey Show. You can find Angela at her You Tube channel, Our Life…on a Budget , where she vlogs about getting out of debt and staying there! Angela & Jeff’s Debt Free Story. worth of debt.

Debt 278

Friday Links – Win an iPad Mini Edition

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

My friend Jackie over at The Debt Myth has created a Pay Off Debt App which I think is very cool. She has lived the journey of being sunken in debt and then freeing herself and now she is trying to help others do the same with her new app.

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Cool Things I Read This Week

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Reader Asks About Selling Home to Pay Off Debt – [link] I agree. Paying Debt vs. Saving Money [link] I say pay off debt. Tweet. 0 saves Save. Cool Things I Read This Week [link] #. 6 Ways to Save Money On a Gym Membership [link] #. RT @ wisebread Houses You Can Build Yourself | Wise Bread [link] Going to consider this if we decide to change residence. #.

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Find out how Richard paid off $40,000 of debt

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Richard of Frugality Magazine , where he shares frugal living tips for financial freedom. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? I left university, as so many do, with a fair chunk of debt.

Debt 206

5 Steps to Crush Debt in 2016 + FREE Debt Payoff Goal Tracker

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Are you ready to crush debt this year? We’re going to give it everything we’ve got and hopefully pay off the last of our non-mortgage debt by the end of this year. So I concocted an idea to pay them off early and wrote our Debt Freedom Plan.

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Find out how Jessica & Her Husband Paid off $175,000 of Debt

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Jessica. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? Total, we paid off $175K in 2 years!! 130K in mortgage debt. 10K in car payments, $35K in credit card debt. Debt Free Stories

Debt 254

5 Essential Money Tips for Newlyweds

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Whether you want to pay off debt or save for retirement or get a new TV, you have to be in agreement on the big stuff. Being wary of debt (and paying it down if you have it). When you first contemplate marrying the love of your life, everything seems just right.

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Friday Links – Fridays Are Just Another Day

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Paying off debt is hard to do. Read John’s post about his stumbles on the way to paying off his debt at The Money Principle. Happy Friday Everyone! I wish I could say that with my usual vigour but lately the weeks have been running into the weekends.

What are YOUR Financial Goals? | 31 Days to Organize Your Finances

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We’ll talk about cash flow, budgets, debts, and all of the nitty gritty of our finances that might not be fun to talk about, but are so important to discuss. Earlier this year, my husband and I wrote a specific list of financial goals and named it Our Debt Freedom Plan.

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals (tips from the achievers)

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They pay off mountains of debt and scream about debt freedom, or maybe they save gobs of money in a record amount of time, or they have considerable success with their new small business. Meet The Achievers: Deacon and his wife paid off $52,000 in debt in 18 months.

Meet Amanda & Daniel. They Paid Off $68,000 in Debt in 8 Months.

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Amanda & Daniel. Together they blog about becoming debt free and location independence in order to serve the world at Life with a Mission. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it?

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Why You Should Be Skeptical of Financial “Rules of Thumb”

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

The rule of thumb that states that it makes sense to spend 30% of your income each month on a housing payment doesn’t take into account the fact that you might have other debts, and that taking on more might over-leverage you.

2013 228

Are You Making These Five Retirement Planning Mistakes?

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

You might pay taxes on the money now, but you avoid taxes on the earnings later. And plan to pay more in taxes than you expect. Yes, you might pay off debt and have fewer of those types of obligations. We all make mistakes.

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Find out How Acadia & Her Husband Paid off $97,000 in Student Loans

Family Balance Sheet

Today’s Debt Free Story is from Acadia. Louis neighborhood is within walking distance to the zoo and a couple of parks, so I enjoy walking with the kids each day to let them run off some energy and I get a little workout in too. How much debt did you pay off?

Meet Stacy. She and her husband paid off $20,000 in 8 Months.

Family Balance Sheet

Today’s debt free story is from Stacy. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? We paid off $20,000 in about 8 months. We were debt free before I was 30 , including our home. What inspired you to get debt free?

2015 262

Over 40 and Worried about Money? Start here!

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” Her comment was echoed by another (in real life) conversation I was having with a different friend who is sending a child off to college this fall. The cost of college education is crushing and many parents feel compelled to assist or pay for the entire tuition.

2016 204

Ways to Beat Lifestyle Inflation

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

On top of that, now, I don’t have to pay tuition. I still have debt to pay off and want to buy a house, so all of that inflation money could go toward saving or paying down debt more quickly. Are you so far in debt that you think you'll never get out?

2012 207

Find out how Jessica paid off $56,000 of student loans, credit cards, and a car loan.

Family Balance Sheet

Today’s Debt Free Story is from Jessica. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? I had $56,000 of debt when I decided to become debt free. I had planned to pay it all off in 2.5 What inspired you to get debt free?

The Prairie Eco-Thrifter Giveaway Extravaganza Winners

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Pay Off Debt App (sponsored by The Debt Myth ) Lisa K. $20 Many thanks to all who entered my two year blogiversary giveaway ! There were nearly 4,000 entries. A hearty thanks also goes to our generous sponsors who made it possible to host such a large giveaway. Here is the list of prizes as well as the winners: iPad (sponsored by Prairie Eco Thrifter and Sustainable Personal Finance ) Nicole D. $25 25 PayPay Gift Card (sponsored by My Broken Coin ) Nikki H. $25

Meet Carrie. She Paid Off $14,000 in Debt in 14 Months.

Family Balance Sheet

Today’s Debt Free Story is from Carrie. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? After my first marriage fell apart, I ended up with over $14,000 of consumer debt, made up of a car loan and credit cards. Who initiated the debt free goal?

Debt 240

Secret tips to creating an online savings budget – Is this the way to financial freedom?


Check out this guest post by Angela from Debt Consolidation Care: It needs no mention that budgets and savings play a pivotal role in assisting consumers in paying off debt. Pay with cash instead of credit: Carry cash wherever you go so that you don’t have to use credit.

Budget 156

Spending Your Tax Refund on Smart Splurges

Nicoles Nickels

While good budgetary moves are to save or pay off debt, spending that money on something pleasurable and financially worthwhile for the future can be just as wise. If there’s one thing that people hate doing the most, it’s their taxes.

Taxes 77

It Really Does Get Better

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Are you so far in debt that you think you’ll never get out? Do you believe that what you are doing will never pay off – that you will always be financially insecure? Getting there is not just about executing a debt reduction plan or earning passive income.

2011 192

Meet Krista & Jon Who Paid Off $36,000 | Debt Free Stories

Family Balance Sheet

Welcome to Debt Free Stories! They paid off $36,000 in debt and cash flowed graduate school. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? After graduating with our bachelor’s degrees Jon and I had about $36,000 in debt between us.

Debt 254

Saving Tips & Free Crediting Monitoring

For the Mommas

Saving more (52%), spending less (19%) and paying off debt (19%). One of the easiest and most overlooked ways to spend less is by re-evaluating your debt and improving your credit score. Paying Off Debt.

Emergency Funds: Emergencies Happen When You Least Expect It

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We reduced our spending where we could, but the money to pay any shortfall each month came from our emergency fund. Which comes first: saving for an emergency OR paying off debt? Once that debt is paid off then start building up you emergency fund to your desired number.

How to Start a Budget (and be successful at it!)

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Many years ago, our cash flow sucked, we put Christmas on a credit card, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for a large tax bill. I came up with strategies to help us pay for yearly bills, large expenses, and we were able to pay off debts. If they are, you can consider putting the extra funds into an emergency fund, pay off a credit card, or save for another financial goal. Do you feel like you have more month than money?

Budget 122

Carnival of Personal Finance #316- Family Edition

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Philip from Deliver Away Debt shares his story: How I Delivered Away My Debt. mbhunter from Mighty Bargain Hunter asks Are you contributing to this debt clock? Some people find themselves buried under student loan debt with little chance of ever paying it off.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Debt

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Are you currently in debt? Are you feeing overwhelmed with the number of bills or creditors you have to pay off? Like many of us who have previously been in debt, I know how difficult financial management can be. It will also help you manage any additional debt.

Debt 141

How to Save Money in 2016

Saving Cents With Sense

I know many of you are in similar situations of needed to save, but wanting to pay off debt, and eventually be able to put money in savings. Through lay offs, new jobs, new schools, illness, and everything else involved with a family, we have had our ups and downs.

2016 52

How to Recognize the Hidden Costs of Christmas & Trim the Fat

Saving Cents With Sense

Start the New Year off right by making a commitment to save money and pay off debt. Look for sources of cash that you can tap into and pay down debt.

DIY 83

Yakezie Carnival October 16, 2011- Growth Edition

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Refinance Your Mortgage and Pay the Same Amount? Yeah, There’s a Calculator for That Refinancing your mortgage to a lower rate and paying the same amount is an interesting sound-byte from Personal Finance Bloggers – but has anyone really run the numbers?

2011 217

How Krystal and Josh paid off $80k in 4 years!

Family Balance Sheet

I love her passion for helping others along their debt free journey. Krystal & Josh’s Debt Free Story. How much debt did you pay off? What kind of debt was it? It took us four years, but we paid off over $80,000 of debt! We are debt.

2017 141

20 Tips for Frugal Living

For the Mommas

You can use the difference in income to pay off debt, save or invest. And if you’re not paying your bill in full every month, you’re paying a lot of extra money in interest. 20 Tips for Frugal Living.

How Are You Doing On Those Resolutions?

Saving Cents With Sense

Pay off Debt? I know we are half way through January, and many of you may already be giving up on your New Year’s Resolutions, but I wanted to encourage you to keep reaching for those goals you set. Did you want to save more money this year? Lose Weight? Give up Caffeine (gasp!)?

Goals 65