Unintended Consequences

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The intention was to get some extra money and get the real estate taxes paid. This caused the home to be condemned as unfit for human habitation and the real estate taxes not to be paid. Passive Income With Real Estate Want to Impress Your New Boss?

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Benefit from My Financial Mistakes

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I ended up with a BA in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial Psychology – and couldn’t get a good paying job of any sort after graduating! Consequently, I overpaid for cars and real estate my entire life and I let others underpay me for my services.

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The Worst Financial Decisions I’ve Seen

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Not paying your real estate taxes. Eventually he could not pay the real estate taxes and the home was put on the county’s tax lien sale auction. We all know people who can’t seem to make any good financial decisions – ever. We all make bad ones occasionally.

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Seven Retirement Lessons Learned

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We didn’t count on the psychological effect on me though. Hubby continued to work hard around the estate (ok, I’m being a bit grandiose – but you could call 6 acres an estate – right?) This post was written by Marie. . Do you dream of retiring some day?

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7 Steps To Homelessness And What To Do If You Get There

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She stopped paying income tax on the rare occasions when she did have income and did not pay county real estate taxes. Find services providing psychological counseling to help get your life back on track.

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Yakezie Carnival October 16, 2011- Growth Edition

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Live Real, Now: Make Extra Money, Part 6: Setting Up a Site In this installment of the Make Extra Money series, LRN is going to show you how to set up a WordPress site. 20′s Finances: Hiring a Property Manager: What it Offers You Real Estate Investments can be time consuming.

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