How to Save Money on Transport Costs

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Ditching your car in favour of using public transport more often is great for the environment and by not having your car on the road as much, you can do your bit for the planet. Here’s how to save money on getting around. Saving on Train Tickets. You can make good savings by booking tickets early but there may also be savings available on last minute buys. If you’re travelling by train most days, you can save with a season ticket.

Cutting Down on the Transportation Costs

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We started by categorizing our bills and spending into groups, such as housing and transportation. We wanted to see where we were spending most of our money, and whether there is any opportunity for us to cut down on any of those bills as a result of the combination of our finances. Other than housing, our biggest budget buster is transportation. We save $30/week, or $120/month on his end by carpooling. Money Tips


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How to Save Money on Food Costs

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If your finances are tight and you already have several credit cards with high balances, it is time to change your shopping behavior to save as much as possible. We do this every month and it has saved us a ton of work and money. If the household does not use it, you have to discard it, and with it the money you spent on it. Do what you can to save as much as you can on your monthly food bill. Related posts: How to Save Money on Water Costs.

Six Eco-friendly Ways to Save Money for You and Your Family

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Transportation. From a money-saving and environment-friendly perspective, this may be the most obvious solution to making room in your budget in an eco-conscious manner. Heading into the summer, gas prices will continue to go up, so transportation alternatives can really help. Carpooling, public transportation, and biking are all terrific ways to cut down trips to the gas pump while decreasing your own personal carbon footprint left on the environment.

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Forget the Small Stuff; Save Money on Bigger Costs

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In the personal finance world, it’s common to focus on all the small ways you can save money each day. The idea is that small savings add up over time. Cut out that $5 premium coffee from your weekday routine, and you could save $100 per month, $1,200 per year, and $12,000 after 10 years. Cut that out, and you could see big savings each month. I save $300 a month as a result of the decision to refinance. Rethink Your Transportation.

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What Are You Giving Up to Save Money?

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This lady has been blowing up, from The Today Show to The View, she is inspiring folks all over the country to save money by eating in! I’m all for saving money and inspiring people to cook their own food, but I worry about the trade offs. When your produce comes exclusively from freezers and cans and your meals are overly carb heavy and processed all for the sake of saving a few bucks, what kind of health cost are you incurring? Money Tips

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Saving Money on Food While On the Road

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I have averaged 2-3 trips per year within North America, each one bringing different money saving (and splurging) opportunities and challenges. Alcohol was dirt cheap in New Orleans, and transportation was a very small line on our budget in New York City. Even so, after spending hundreds of dollars on food on my trip to NYC, I began to look more into saving some serious money on dining for my next trip. How have you saved money on food while travelling?

4 Little Habits to Save Money On Your Daily Commute

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It costs a lot of money to make money. Try to adopt these four simple habits to save money on your daily commute. Driving less can be an easy way to save money. You might consider carpooling, using public transportation, walking, or biking to work to cut costs. Changing your driving to conserve fuel also saves money. Driving at moderate speeds and avoiding rapid acceleration and braking can save gas.

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Simple Things You Can Do to Be Environmentally Friendly and Save Money

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So often, being environmentally friendly and saving money go hand in hand. Here are some simple things our family does to be more environmentally friendly and to save money: 1. Implementing this policy saves on running the washing machine unnecessarily and our clothes last longer. My husband takes public transportation to work every day. Not only do we save money this way, but we help the environment by having a slower turnover with our electronics.

4 Ways to Save Money and the Planet While Traveling

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Your home may still be consuming a lot of energy (and therefore costing you money) even when you’re not there. Preparing your home for your departure can reduce its energy consumption, thereby saving you money. It doesn’t need to be a perfect temperature when you’re gone, so you might save money by making adjustments before you leave. Bringing a refillable water bottle on your journeys can save you money and reduce unnecessary waste.

What’s the Most Energy Efficient Form of Transportation

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However he kindly reminds everyone that reducing your driving is the best way to save money on gas, as well as save the environment! I thought this would be an appropriate time to compare the efficiency of various modes of transportation. Department of Transportation,, and my trusty calculator. Department of Transportation but it could be considered a bit misleading, because it assumes there are an average of 1.57

5 Steps to Saving Money at a Major Sporting Event

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Here are five tips to help you save money when attending a major sporting event. Furthermore, many public transit systems offer transportation to these venues. Put the extra money aside for the next event that you want to attend. What tips do you have for saving money at major sporting events? Editor's Note: Another way to save money is to go to the minor league games. The following is a guest post. Sporting events are huge in our family.

Reader Question: How Single People Can Limit Waste and Save Money at the Supermarket

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This makes me feel bad for not only wasting food, but wasting money. Do you have any ideas for how to get my money’s worth from the grocery store, one serving at a time? When I lived on my own, I developed a few tricks for eating healthy and saving money on food which worked really well. These are just a few things that I have found helped me save money and waste and still eat healthy when I was single. Money Tips Reader Questions

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10 MORE Free (but Thoughtful) Christmas Gift Ideas

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For the people on your list that might rely on public transportation or have unreliable transportation, consider offering to run their errands or chauffeur them for their errands for an afternoon or two. Saving Money - During the Holidays Last week’s post, 10 FREE (but Thoughtful) Christmas Gift Ideas was so successful that I have dreamed up 10 more ideas. Seriously, the possibilities are ENDLESS when thinking outside the (gift) box.

How to save money on your next car

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How can you save money on your next car? If there’s decent public transport round your way, you could save a fortune on car loan repayments, road tax, car insurance, repairs, MOT charges, read more. Travel cheap new car save cash on cars Can you live without a car, full stop? Have you tried it? For a start, do you really, honestly need a car?

102 Stores Nationwide that Give A Teacher Discount

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Lakeshore Learning : Teacher’s Club members at Lakeshore Learning can save 15% off on hundreds of classroom items daily. FedEx Office : Offering a National Educators Discount Program, FedEx Office gives teachers 15% on most of the products and services they offer nationwide with no limit on the savings, plus special offers for educators. Jill : With your valid teacher’s ID in stores, you can save 15% off full priced styles at J.

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6 money-saving tips for bus and train travel in 2013

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Travel cheap bus fares cheap train travel save money on public transportI never learned to drive. Living in Brighton, a car is more of a liability than an advantage – we have excellent bus and train connections – and I’ve always been too ‘green’ to get behind the wheel. As such I’m a huge bus and train fan and have discovered all manner of ways to. read more.

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Save At Disney | Tips From Our Readers

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Welcome to the first in our Saving Money At Disney series! Here are some GREAT tips I’ve received from fellow Saving Everyday’ers: Stephanie M. For me I saved by purchasing a ticket to the Halloween party. I also go on book and get their deals, sometimes $35 a night with free transportation to the parks. saves the $15 parking a day. We save all our silver coins for the year! We save all our $5 bills for the year.

Meet a Reader | Kaisa, from Finland

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How did you get interested in saving money? However, I didn’t think about money too much until I went to university and started living on my own. What’s the “why” behind your money-saving efforts? Hey everyone!

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Meet a German reader | Lea

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What’s the why behind your desire to save money? Owning as little as possible and keeping things as simple as possible saves me time and energy and worry and money. Public transport is very good here and as I live downtown I usually walk.

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5 Tips for Having a Night Out Without Going Broke

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Happy hours specials are the crowning glory, the saving grace, of otherwise expensive bars and clubs. Sure, cover fees exist for a reason—to deter those who are less likely to want to spend a lot of money. The point of cover fees is to enhance the club’s “reputation&# by way of exclusivity, as well as an easy way for establishment to make a lot of money for nothing. These are just a few ways to save on your weekend entertainment.

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Frugal Tip Ask What’s Your NEW American Dream

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Round-trip air transportation for two (2) persons to St. Frugal Tip Monday Frugal Tips Fashion Without Guilt featured featured2 frugal tip monday frugal tips contest rentdotcom saving money on paying rent whats your new american dream contestFashion Without Guilt and have teamed up to bring you a contest with some very EXCELLENT PRIZES. is asking- WHAT IS YOUR NEW AMERICAN DREAM ?

Meet a New York Reader | Stephanie

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I’ve had a couple of short stints at actual Wall Street firms, but mostly I work with economists who act as expert witnesses in lawsuits related to finance – corporate disputes about money. How did you get interested in saving money?

Affordable International Travel Destinations

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There are many places that are very affordable to where you may even be able to stay under $40/day for basic accommodation, transportation and 3 meals (airfare not included). Try to stay within one or two regions or use local transportation to cut costs. Food, accommodation, and transport are all inexpensive if you use local options. Save money by renting a house instead of staying in a hotel. I’m sure most people are like me and would like to travel a lot more.

How Downsizing to an Apartment Has Saved Us Money

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While the cost of living in our new town in Pennsylvania is higher than we experienced in Utah, we are actually saving money each month due to downsizing. When you have a larger property, you have to spend more time and money on yard care, as well as on general maintenance and on making repairs. Now that we don’t have to pay extra for repairs or for maintenance, we are saving a bit each month. Public Transportation and Other Amenities. Money Tips

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Prairie Eco-Thrifter Was Included in Seven Carnivals This Week

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Canadian Finance Blog included my post, How to Save Money on Transport Costs in the Canadian Finance Carnival #66 as did My University Money in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #11 and Broke Professionals in the Yakezie Carnival Thank you! Lastly, thanks to Help Me to Save for including Jana’s guest post, How To Become a Vegetarian in the Totally Money Carnival #46: Countdown to Christmas.

Saving Your Pennies For A Rainy Day

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We have all heard that age old adage “save your pennies for a rainy day,” but many of us never do it. Saving money can be a bit of a difficult challenge, especially if you are in a household that lives paycheck to paycheck like so many do. However, even if you find yourself tight on money, you can still manage to put a little away each month. How To Save. Many people think that it is too hard to put money away. Save Those Pennies.

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Having a Hard Time Getting By? 3 Budget Leaks You May Be Experiencing.

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Do you make enough money to cover your mortgage or rent, groceries, transportation, and other essential expenses, but find yourself on a treadmill of not being able to save? Money is only as taboo as the person who is holding back from talking about it dictates, and because I have no fear when it comes to bringing finances up, people with whom I speak about money tend to be more open. Another huge money suck is when we feel compelled live beyond our means.

Minimize Your Impact on the Environment with Your Finances

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Saving Money. Have you ever considered saving money to be more “Green”? The simplest way to save money, and to help the environment is not purchase items that you don’t need. By avoiding to pay for even little things like plastic bags at the grocery store or recycling and returning your empty glasses, not only do you save money, but you help the planet as well. These help to save money and energy especially in cold weather seasons.

Yakezie Blog Swap

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Different members from the network paired up to post on each other’s blogs and discuss the topic of how to save money on everyday activities. Here’s a list of all of the participants so you too can read some of the great day-to-day money saving tips that were shared on Friday! Jacob from My Personal Finance Journey shares tips about how he saves big money on food and beverages at Saving Money On Food & Drinks at Happy Simple Living.

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Could Your Commute Be Costing You More Than You Think?

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Many people choose to buy more efficient cars, take public transportation, and carpool in order to reduce these costs. You can alleviate some of those costs with the help of public transportation and carpooling. But, no matter how many ways you find to save money, you still have the time factor. Don’t forget that your commute costs you in more than just money. Cutting Down on the Transportation Costs Eco-Friendly Commuting: What Are Some Options?

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A Green and Frugal Funeral

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Most people don’t know that, in most states, you can bury your family member on your own land, even transporting the body yourself to the burial spot. For those who don’t know, burial customs in most American cities involve a person dying in a hospital, being transported to a morgue to await being sent to the mortician for burial preparation. The body may be transported to a church for a service or a service may be held in the funeral parlor.

Thrifty Ways to Save on Travel

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The date of the travel is important since rates for accommodations and transportation vary depending on the season. This is so to keep the amount spent on transportation at a minimum. Some websites offer discounted airline, tour and hotel bundles that can actually save some money. You can also compare which kind of transportation is better, to drive, ride the bus or airplane, if the destination in mind is accessible by more than one kind of transportation.

Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

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I do try to get good value for my money, and I do try to get the best possible price for what I want, but I don’t always subscribe to the idea that cheaper is better. I know people who are perfectly happy flying a red-eye, and glad to save the money. No matter how cheap it is, if it isn’t a planned purchase, you are still spending money — not saving it. Go Frugal Money Tips I’ve never been much of a frugalista.

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DIY Car Maintenance For Cash Savings

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I was successful in doing that and have ever since looked for ways to save money on care repairs and maintenance by finding things I could do for myself. There are, of course, certain things that should never be done without a professional, but there are quite a few things that you can do yourself to your car to save money. I’ve found that my oil changes were costing upward of $60 every few months, so to save money I either have my boyfriend do them, or I help him.

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10 Money-Saving Tips For Your Wedding

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Here are ten ways that you save money while planning a wedding. Buying local is cheaper because the transportation costs are lower. You can save as much as 50-60% off when you buy these deals. In what ways were you able to save some money while planning for your wedding? 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding DIY Wedding Ideas Six Ways to Plan a Wedding on a Budget Planning Your Wedding: When To Splurge And When To Save How to Have a Small Budget Wedding.

Ways to Make Do With What You Have

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Use the life out of all your appliances, but save up enough money to replace them quickly if they are nearing the end of their lifespan. If you can’t afford a car, use public transportation. 3 Ways To Save Money On The Kids’ Back To School Wardrobe How to Save Money by Greening your Wardrobe 8 Easy Ways to Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse Cutting Costs and Buying Used Clothes Repair, Don’t Replace.

Ways To Ensure A Stress Free Holiday Season

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This not only saves money, but also removes the stress and puts the fun back into it. The holidays are the most high-traffic travelling time, so flight, bus, and transport tickets sell out quickly. 3 Ways To Save Money On The Kids’ Back To School Wardrobe Back to school clothes shopping can be very expensive even if you only have one child. 8 Ways to Save on Christmas.

5 Ways I Make My Travel Easier On Me

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Pack Less When travelling 4 Ways to Improve Your Travel Experience How to Save Money on Transport Costs How To Prepare for Affordable Travel Saving Money on Food While On the Road. I’ve done a lot of traveling lately. My recent good times included driving across the country to move from Utah to Pennsylvania, a trip to New Orleans for FinCon, a day trip to New York City, and an overnight business trip to Kansas City.

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How to Go Green Witout Going Broke

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Most people are aware that going green not only saves the environment, it also saves money. For example, in-floor radiant heating can save you money on your heating bills and reduce greenhouse emissions, but it can be extremely expensive to install because you have to tear up the existing flooring, install the heating elements, then either replace the old flooring or install all new flooring. In fact, some methods require little to no money at all.

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How to Learn Frugal Tricks in a New Town

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My husband took public transportation every day, and I drove our vehicle only a few times a week. We learned how to stretch our money in Chicago, and we were fairly good at it. Frugal blogs can be an excellent way to learn about how to save in your new locale. You can still read the archives and learn new ways to save. The locals can be full of information about how to save money. My husband and I lived in the suburbs of Chicago for the past 14 years.

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The 5 Steps to Living Money-Stress Free

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Many people look instantly at their income as the source of their problems as soon as they are tight on money. Avoiding the unnecessary things like extra trips to the store can help you save on gas or transportation expenses, and limiting the times that you eat out can actually do a lot for your finances. The best way to save is to avoid wasting anything. Save For The Future. Keep in mind that saving is a big step towards financial independence.

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Festival of Frugality #271- 10 Movies, 10 Lessons Edition

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This week I have included some movie clips of the 10 best movies about money and what they taught us. Neal Frankle presents How to Get A Full Tax Deduction For Your 529 Contributions posted at Wealth Pilgrim: Money Management Advice, Financial Stess Management, Addiction Recovery Plan & Resources , saying, “The very last thing you want to do is start borrowing money for your child’s education.You’re much better off if you start funding your child’s education now.

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