8 Great Things that You Can Find at Thrift Stores

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Most people think clothes when they think about what a thrift shop sells, but these shops often sell a number of other things that people can use in their day to day lives. Larger thrift stores like the Salvation Army and Goodwill, often have a little bit of everything in their stores.

Choosing Thrift First: Thinking Ahead

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I am having a lot of luck with thrifting this spring. We found summer jammies and shorts at our favorite thrift store a few weeks ago. Are you thinking ahead when you are thrifting? Thrifting

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How to Shop at Thrift Stores for Clothes To Save Money

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If you are looking for a way to save some money or if you are looking for a place to find good deals, you should check out your local thrift. Thrift stores are great places to find all sorts of things, but they are especially good places to find clothing.

5 Ways College Students Can Stretch a Dollar

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Thrift Store Style. Thrift stores, on the other hand, offer affordable, stylish clothing. You can find cool vintage threads as well to mix and match. Many shoppers are now turning to thrift stores to find fashionable items.

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Save Money: Buy These 7 Items Used

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As long as we buy them from an authorized source, we can get a guarantee as well. We were able to get a great deal on older couches that were very well-built. We’ve bought used video games as well. If you want to save money, one of the best options is to buy used.

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Thrifty Finds: Brand Names, Dirt Cheap

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I stopped by my two favorite thrift stores last week: Salvation Army & Community Aid, a local store. Finally, spring has arrived in central PA, so I carved out some time last Wednesday to hit the thrift stores. So mom made out well! Do you shop at thrift stores?

DIY Gift Idea: Easy Tea Cup Snow Globe

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We were able to find the cup and saucer at our local thrift store for just a quarter each. Mini ornaments and glitter can be found at most dollar stores and crafting stores rather inexpensively as well.

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Five Home Renovation Savings Tips

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Know what you want to do and plan it out well ahead of time. Thrift shops. I found wood frames for my national park posters and a wildlife themed shower curtain at the local thrift stores. Home renovations are a necessary process when you own your home.

Frugal Fall DIY: Easy Pillowcase Pumpkin

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Not only is it easy (which I love), but it is so inexpensive as well. You can peruse your local thrift stores for one as we did, or find them for just a few dollars at your local retail store. Frugal Fall DIY: Easy Pillowcase Pumpkin.

One Month of Spending Zero

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What we’re NOT paying for: • Groceries • Household Items • Clothing • Meals Out • Entertainment How we’ll manage: Eat from the Pantry/Freezer We have a very well-stocked freezer and pantry, of which we’ll be taking advantage.

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Apply Minimalist Principles to Your Life, and Reap the Financial Benefits

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Automatic savings and investments, as well as automatic withdrawals, can help you stay on top of your finances without too much trouble. This saves us money, as well as allows us to create an environment that feels more open.

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Basic Home Decorating Tips That Will Make Your Home Look Great

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Many people overlook the power of using textures in a home to add points of interest as well as space and a homey feel. What home decorating basics have you found work well? My mom has a great eye for decorating a home.

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7 Ways to Reduce Household Waste

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A meal plan can be one of the best ways to avoid last-minute takeout runs, as well as ensure that you have a way to use the food you buy. Before you get rid of items that are still in usable condition, consider trying to sell them, or give them to a thrift store.

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How To Haggle For A Bargain

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Hopefully this advice can help you save some money as well and turn the art of haggling into a habit. This works really well in clothing stores, as well as home improvement warehouses like The Home Depot and Lowe’s.

5 Fun Crafts to Do with Leaves

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Well they are still super easy and fun. You can find plenty of frames at your local dollar store or thrift store. Everyone knows that the autumn season brings an abundance of leaves with it.

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How to Make Your Own Clothes

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Not only can you recycle fabrics that you find around your home, you can also browse secondhand stores, thrift shops, flea markets, yard sales, and more to find old clothing or materials that you can take apart and transform into something new and fun. Dress Well On The Frugal.

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Grocery Chopping: Cut Down Your Grocery Bill Without Using Coupons and $500 Giveaway

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Well, after purchasing the ingredients needed to make your own laundry detergent, you’ll see the price difference.

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My Best Garage Sale Finds

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If you are in more of a hurry, find a thrift store instead. Expect to pay a bit more in a thrift store, but if it is run by a charitable organization, you can feel good about paying a few bucks more because you are helping out the cause. I love a bargain.

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How to Simplify Your Life to Make it Better

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Have a big box ready to take the throw-away items and another for anything that is good enough to go to the local thrift store. I found I had more spare time to spend with the family as well. Modern life is so frantic.

Halloween Spending Through the Years

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My favorite thrift store has a section dedicated to seasonal items. The number and variety of Halloween items in this thrift store surprised me. A couple of days ago on one of my visits, I noticed 2 entire clothing racks filled with Halloween costumes and/or clothing items.

Christmas Gifts on a Budget: Up-cycling is the Answer

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Never toss china or tile into the garbage bin; these little well used and cracked porcelain treasures are up-cycling at its best. Cover thrift store finds such as boxes and crates with dish shards for an awesome magazine rack.

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5 Easy Budget Categories to Reduce

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Water – Unless you have a well, you probably pay for your water. Thrift : I regularly stop by my favorite local thrift store and find crazy bargains. All of which I regularly find at the thrift store. Need to cut your spending?

10 Steps To A Successful Garage Sale

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First, you can consider donating the items to a local shelter or thrift store. By following these easy tips, you will be well prepared for your garage sale. Garage Sale Results Well, the last two weekends of ours have been busy to say the least.

What Makes a Saver?

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Those affected by our recent Great Recession have had the benefits of saving reinforced as well. As a young mom, I saved like mad – going to garage sales, thrift stores and accepting hand me downs on toys and clothing. As a well salaried professional, I started spending again – on home remodeling, on college expenses for the kids and on travel. If we truly be either saver or spender, what makes us one or the other?

Do You Save Wrapping? – Thrifty Ways to Wrap Christmas Gifts

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Use those as well. Shop garage sales and thrift stores and estate sales. Christmas decorations, wrap, bows and ribbon all are continuous offerings at pretty much every garage sale, thrift store or estate sale I’ve ever shopped.

Living a Frugal Life: Exploring Staycations

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You can often find board games that are inexpensive at thrift s tores , although it is a good idea to check them to make sure all the pieces are there before you buy one. Ask your friends for ideas as well; maybe they know about local activities that you don’t.

Our Big Financial Goal for 2016

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Choose Thrift First. I have made a pact with myself that if I don’t already own something that I need, I will either: make do with what I have, find said item at a thrift store, borrow, or forget about it. 2016 will be THE year.

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Used Furniture – Re-purpose, Recycle, Re-use.

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In spite of the expense, some of the newer furniture is much less well made than older pieces. Garage sale and thrift store furniture bargains abound. I used several boxes of baking soda to help sanitize and deodorize them as well. Furniture is expensive, no doubt about it.

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10 Ways to Repurpose Picture Frames

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Whether you are browsing at a local thrift shop, flea market, garage sale, or just perusing your own garage or basement, we all seem to have an abundance of them! 10 Ways to Repurpose Picture Frames. Picture frames are one of those household items you can find anywhere.

Budget Friendly Camping for the Whole Family

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Old 1-liter Gatorade bottles are light, sturdy and do the job extremely well. If not, go to a local thrift store or go online on eBay/Craigslist and get yourself one.

5 Frugal DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

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Well this Halloween season, you don’t need to fall for this trap! Buy a colorful red, orange, or gold runner at your local dollar store as well as a few faux pumpkins or gourds. Find inexpensive knick knacks at your local dollar store or thrift store that fall into the Halloween theme.

Wait, Don’t Buy That Yet!

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Sometimes, as we shop we see things we would like to own and decide to treat ourselves with a gift or two as well. So, hey, I guess I can take the tax reduction next year as well as this! For many, the end of the year holiday shopping frenzy can override our saner, more thrifty selves.

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Get Rid of Fleas Without Chemicals

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I sprinkle it around the foundation every month or so as well as put it in the back of my kitchen cabinets and under the sink. It seems to work well, and it works for killing fleas, too. Chances are that if you have a pet, your pet has had fleas at least a few times.

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10 Tips to Save on Halloween

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Thrift and craft stores can also inspire your creative spirit, as well as offer great low cost accessories for your new costume. Halloween is a week away, and I know many of you are dreading the drain on your wallet.

Meet Aja. She & her husband Paid Off $110,000 in Debt

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Be willing to sacrifice- there are things we had to do that made us look weird: home school, skip eating out as much with family, doing my own hair & nails, getting a wardrobe from the thrift store and forgoing paper towels. We still look for bargains and shop at thrift stores.

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Don’t be a Buy-It-New Snob

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I also occasionally get to encourage young entrepreneurs by purchasing their wares (usually soda or lemonade but sometimes more ambitions products as well). Here is a short list of some of my favorite finds at garage, estate and thrift store sales.

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How We Saved in April 2017

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I’m constantly trying to optimize our spending to find ways to save money, but still live quite comfortably and well. In April, we saved quite a bit of money by comparison shopping, and choosing thrift first. April’s Thrift Store Finds. Did you save BIG in April?

Our 2018 Financial Goals

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Choose Thrift First. While I love thrift stores, I can be easily swayed to run into Target, TJ Maxx, and/or Kohl’s when I feel like I need something. I’m curious to see how much we can save and also how creative we can get by making do with what we already own or looking for things at a thrift store. What We Won’t Give Up: My motto has always been “living well on less” and now it will be “living well on (even) less”. Did you make 2018 financial goals ?

Stuff – Full Circle

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We leave the nest – move out of Mom and Dad’s well stocked home. Some get stuff from stores, the less financially favored head for thrift stores, garage sales, Mom’s house or the trash pickup routes.

Working Moms on a Budget: 5 Tips for Thrifty Business Fashion

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Thrift Shopping. With your wardrobe in mind, start with thrift stores. Thrift stores are not the dusty, smelly places of the past. Never shop online without finding coupons online as well. You can create a monthly budget for yourself as well.