Why I Don’t Use Credit Card Rewards Programs

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Credit card rewards programs are no different. The rewards encourage you to charge things on their card. Many people today seem to prefer paying by credit card. To me, credit card reward programs are very similar to coupon clipping.

What Money Advice Would You Give Yourself If You Could Go Back in Time

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Or put yet another trip to Las Vegas on the credit card. My rewards credit cards were feeble, and I didn’t have a plan for using them. Why I Don’t Use Credit Card Rewards Programs.

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How to Freezer Your Credit and Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

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In addition to stealing credit card numbers , Target now admits that thieves were able to also get people’s names, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. What Does It Mean to Freeze Your Credit. How Do You Freeze Your Credit? How to Thaw Your Credit.

Reasons to Avoid Debt in 2014

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Between credit card offers in the mail promising great rewards and the ability to borrow money for next to nothing, debt can be enticing. When I was 18, I got my first credit card. I’m sure you’ve heard: household debt is on the rise and consumerism is everywhere.

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6 Tricks to Save More Money in 2015

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If you use credit cards, another great source of free money is credit card rewards. One blogger paid for a $600 Christmas thanks to the rewards she had accrued all year. Would you like to end 2015 with a bigger bank account than you currently have?

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Why I Don’t Use Cash Back Credit Cards

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Have you ever had to listen to a dinner companion brag about the ‘free’ trip they took with their cash back reward cards, or watched as the person in front of you pondered which of the dozens of cards in their wallet they should use for this particular purchase? I don’t use cash back credit cards. I have one credit card. One credit card with no annual fee, which I use only occasionally and which is paid off every single month.

Are Credit Cards From Grocery Stores Worth It?

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Guest Post Author Bio: Michael is the founder of CreditCardForum.com, a website for card offers, reviews and discussion. On my site CreditCardForum.com, I’ve seen more people posting about grocery store credit cards than ever before… but are their savings actually worthwhile?