Photo Opportunities at Walt Disney World

Stockpiling Moms

I wanted to share with you the best Photo Opportunities at Walt Disney World. This is one of my favorite places to take pictures so here are some of my tops choices! Photo Opportunities at Walt. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Five Frugal Things | Starting with a veggie bowl

The Frugal Girl

I made a use-it-up lunch bowl. I cut the bad spots out of two peppers and sautéed them with the last of a red onion. Then I added a sweet potato from Hungry Harvest and some black beans (the beans were free because there were extras at the food pantry).

Frugal 207

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Book Nook: Not All Who Wander Need Be Lost - Stories of Hope for Families Facing Alzheimer's and Dementia

Motherhood Moments

Did you know that 1 in 3 seniors die each year as a result of Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia related illness? According to the Alzheimer’s Association, it’s estimated that more than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s in 2021.

Family 207

Where I found money in February

Family Balance Sheet

Finding extra money has become a game for me. Over the years, I have found money through rebates, refunds, online sales, and even the ground. Yep, I found a $20 bill on a morning run at the beach! I have used the extra money to pay off debt, fund family trips, or build up our Christmas savings.

Stay Dry & Comfortable with WAMA Underwear

Shereen Travels Cheap

When you travel, you probably do a lot more walking and sweating than usual. I know we do. Having appropriate undergarments are important and the difference between feeling sticky and miserable or happy and comfortable.

Travel 181

Top 3 Reasons To Compare Personal Loans Online

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

When faced with a financial emergency it can seem like an impossible task to better your finances, especially when it comes to paying off bills and other important surprise payments. However, it is not impossible. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into some of the top three reasons why you should compare personal loans before deciding upon one. You Can Find Competitive Rates.

ShopRite Weekly Ad Preview For 8/1/21 Thru 8/7/21 Is Here!

For the Mommas

ShopRite Weekly Ad Preview. Early ShopRite Weekly Ads Preview. Your NEW ShopRite Weekly Ad Preview Scan for the sales running 8/1/21 Thru 8/7/21. Preview the Early ShopRite Ad Scan Preview For 8/1/21 – 8/7/21 HERE. Check out the Current ShopRite Ad Scan for 7/25/21 – 7/31/21 HERE.

May 83

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Motherhood Moments

Degree Dry Spray This material comes from Motherhood Moment. Thanks for reading! freebies

Enriching Education: Kidx Classbox

Motherhood Moments

PlayKidx is building a product that was inspired during the pandemic. The pandemic shifted the education from offline to online, which dramatically affected young children. Their young and developing minds require active interaction and offline play with their hands.

Book Nook: Financial Planning Revolutionized - Money Doesn't Exist Until You Spend It

Motherhood Moments

James LaHam recently released " Financial Planning Revolutionized: Money Doesn’t Exist Until You Spend It," an entertaining and insightful personal finance guide for the contemporary adult interested in saving for retirement while satisfying a modest epicurean appetite.

Meet a Reader | Sonal, from India

The Frugal Girl

I was delighted when Sonal emailed, offering to answer the reader interview questions. I just think it’s so fun to know that the community here is made up of people around the globe! The internet is a grand thing. Here’s Sonal: 1. Tell us a little about yourself.

Reuse 204

Wistfulness over kids growing up

The Frugal Girl

Reader Rose ( we met her, remember? send me this question: How do you deal with wistfulness about time passing with your children? My son turned 27 (!!!!!)

Shopping Savings: The Best Summer Games Freebies and Deals

Motherhood Moments

By: Shannon Dwyer from The Real Deal Auntie Anne’s In celebration of the upcoming Summer Games, Auntie Anne’s has teamed up with Coca-Cola and Soccer Star Abby Dahlkemper to create the ultimate (and most delicious) fan bundle: “Coca-Cola’s Olympic Games Snack Pack, Powered by Abby Dahlkemper.”

Games 207

How to Budget (and Pay) for Yearly Bills + a FREE Speadsheet

Family Balance Sheet

Not sure how to budget for your once-a-year bills? They can cause a panic, especially when just one bill is into the four figures, like our property taxes or auto insurance! But let me show you how to budget (and pay) for yearly bills with a strategy I’ve used for years.

Bills 130

All Your Travel Info Organized

Shereen Travels Cheap

When you’re planning for vacation, do you end up with endless pieces of paper for hotels, car rentals and other stuff you’re doing?

Travel 130

The Different Types Of Business Loans

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

When searching for an appropriate business loan, it is essential that you find a loan appropriate for your individual requirements. A business loan allows a lender to temporarily loan you some money so you can pay for things like property or tooling. From time to time, there are costs associated with loans such as completion fees or arrangement fees, depending on your lender.

Bank 100

Giant: FREE MiO, Crystal Light Drink Enhancers & More Starting 7/30!

For the Mommas

Giant: FREE MiO, Crystal Light Drink Enhancers & More Starting 7/30! Great offer on MiO, Crystal Light Drink Enhancers & More at Giant. Starting 7/30, MiO, Crystal Light, Arizona or Kool Aid Drink Enhancers are priced at $2.50 Plus you will earn $12.50

Best Peach Recipes

Stockpiling Moms

It is Peach Season! I am sharing with you some of our best peach recipes so that you can enjoy your peaches this year in a variety of ways. Hands down our most popular peach recipe is the the. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Book Nook: From Politics to Picture Books

Motherhood Moments

Creating the World of NORMAN THE INTERESTED CAT By author Cheryl Cage Although I’ve been politically active my entire life, in 2005 I began to work exclusively as a political consultant.

Healthy Habits: Can you Pass the Tick Test?

Motherhood Moments

Common Misconceptions Help Spread Tick Diseases Between global warming and the post-pandemic push to move to the suburbs, it is the perfect storm for an uptick in the number of tick-borne illnesses.

Mice 207

Caring Causes: Paws of War

Motherhood Moments

When soldiers stationed overseas bond with the dogs they find they can’t bear the thought of leaving them behind. soldiers stationed in the Middle East found two families of dogs, which included six puppies.

Dog 207

Book Nook: Gigi Rowe Wishes

Motherhood Moments

A child’s individualism can be seen through their dreams and imagination. In “ Gigi Rowe Wishes ,” by Gigi Rowe , her goal is to inspire children to pursue their passions and goals.

Goals 207

On aging

The Frugal Girl

I recently read Justine Bateman’s new book, Face (from the library, naturally). It’s a collection of essays about aging, and the premise is that our faces are not something that needs to be fixed.

Beauty 204

Five Frugal Things | haircut and birdhouse coupons

The Frugal Girl

I used a haircut coupon. Haircuttery sent me a coupon code, so I scheduled a haircut for myself. Since I’ve been doing my hair wavy/curly, I’d been wanting to get more layers cut in anyway, so this was the perfect time. I looked up a Michael’s coupon for the girls.

Frugal 207

Where I found EXTRA Money in May 2021

Family Balance Sheet

Finding extra money is a game for me. Over the years, I have found money through rebates, refunds, online sales, and even the ground. Yep, I found a $20 bill while running on the beach! I have used the extra money to pay off debt, fund family trips, or build up our Christmas savings.

May 130

Things to Splurge On In Vegas

Shereen Travels Cheap

As you know, I'll be heading back to Vegas in September after two years of absence and I'm looking forward to not just visiting family, but doing some new things that I've been waiting to travel for and trying some new food places.

Topic: 5 Frugal Living Tips To Saving Money

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Living within your means isn’t easy with modern life, with many essential items we need to purchase just to get by. From slowly paying off a mortgage, to paying for train travel or a car purchase, borrowing money for these types of items can be expensive. However, whilst we all have essential bills or borrowing we need to take on and maintain, some people are able to live as frugally as possible to help keep costs down and make their money go further.

ShopRite: Breyers Ice Cream & More JUST $1.38 Each Starting 8/1!

For the Mommas

ShopRite: Breyers Ice Cream & More JUST $1.38 Each Starting 8/1! Great offer on Breyers Ice Cream & More at ShopRite. Starting 8/1, Breyers Ice Cream 48 oz and Talenti, Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Bites are priced at $2.88 each Plus you will save $4.00

Smart Safety: Domestic Abuse - Warning Signs and Support

Motherhood Moments

Clare Alden is an educator, writer, visual artist, and mother.

Cycle 201

Thankful Thursday | Still got my free propane!

The Frugal Girl

This week, I am thankful: that my Propane Taxi credits are not lost forever. Propane Taxi rebranded to Cynch , and in the process of changing websites, all of my credits disappeared. (I

Thankful Thursday | Lisey got a scholarship!

The Frugal Girl

This week, I am thankful: that Lisey got a scholarship. Lisey has applied for a whole slew of scholarships, and last week, she heard that she won a scholarship from Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame.

WIS, WWA | 4th of July week

The Frugal Girl

What I Spent. $26 26 at BJ’s. 102 at Aldi. $35 35 at Weis. $20 20 at Harris Teeter. So, that’s $183 for the week. July Spending. Week 1: $157. Week 2: $183. What We Ate. Saturday.

An Orta Self-Watering Seed Starter Review (from a non-gardener!)

The Frugal Girl

This spring, I got a little seed starter pot as freebie from that gardening bundle I participated in. (I I just had to pay for shipping.). The free one is a factory-second, and that appeals to my waste-avoiding heart; I’m delighted to give a home to a less-than-perfect item at a discount.

7 Questions to Help You Make Decluttering Decisions

The Frugal Girl

I recently got this email from a reader: As a long-time reader/fan, I know that you declutter your home every summer. I wonder if you might be willing to do a post or series on decluttering that includes your thought process when you declutter.

Making 207

Vintage-Style Buydeem Toaster Review (with Sonia’s help!)

The Frugal Girl

I already own a toaster, which you’ve probably seen in the background of some of my photos; it’s a bright red number from Cuisinart, and we’ve been really happy with it. So when Buydeem reached out to ask if I would review one of their products, I almost said no.

5 Steps to CRUSH Debt + FREE Debt Payoff Goal Tracker

Family Balance Sheet

Did you make a goal to pay off debt this year? For many years, we made a yearly goal to chip away at our six figures of non-mortgage debt. It took us years to pay it all off, but we achieved it in 2019. I celebrated my 50th birthday month by sending in the very last payment.

Debt 130

WIS, WWA | a peachy week

The Frugal Girl

What I Spent. I didn’t do much shopping this week! $20 20 at Target. $5 5 at Harris Teeter. $11 11 at the liquor store for bourbon for a recipe. $8 8 at the produce stand for peaches. So, that’s a total of $44.