10 ways to jumpstart your emergency fund this month

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If you read my post about the importance of an emergency fund , you might have felt inspired to start one. To get you started, here are a few ways you could find some extra money to put into your fund this month. And put the savings in your fund!

Is Your Emergency Fund in Good Shape?

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Having an emergency fund is imperative to any family’s financial health. When you’re slapped with an unexpected car repair bill, for instance, your fund absorbs the blow. Personal Finance Saving Money emergency fund money savings

How to Build your Emergency Fund

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You see, we learned a valuable lesson many years prior about the importance of an emergency fund. Our saving grace was the money we had saved in our emergency account. If not for that fund, we would most likely have used credit cards to survive. What is an Emergency Fund?

25 Ways to Find Money for Your Emergency Fund

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Emergencies happen when you least expect it. Our emergency fund has saved us countless times and it will save us once again with the truck. If you can’t answer with the word, CASH , then please, set yourself up for success and build your emergency fund.

So You’ve Maxed Out Your Emergency Fund – Now What?

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Personal financiers will frequently advise that you have an emergency fund of 3-6 months of expenses in your bank account at all times. I remember a few months ago when I hit my $10,000 emergency fund target. Why not pay it down when you’ve maxed out your emergency fund?

Over 40 and Worried about Money? Start here!

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Start Saving for your Emergency Fund TODAY! If you are part of 70% of Generation X that has less than $1000 in personal savings account, start saving today for your emergency fund, whether it is the starter $1000 emergency fund that Dave Ramsey promotes, or it is 3-6 months of expenses.

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For Better Savings: Use Sub Accounts to Differentiate Your Goals

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You might be saving up for a vacation, while at the same time building up your emergency fund and creating a fund for car maintenance and repairs. I do this with my emergency fund.

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How to Prevent Three Common Disastrous Personal Financial Mistakes

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Lack of An Emergency Fund . One of the most common disastrous finance mistakes is not having any sort of financial back-up for emergencies. Experts recommend an emergency fund of at least six month’s salary as essential, especially if you are struggling to make ends meet.

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Meet Doug & Laura. They Paid off $23,000 in 16 Months. | Debt Free Stories

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Because we wanted to get out of debt as fast as possible, we stopped saving money after we had an emergency fund in place. I focus more on the big picture (saving for a house, vacations, emergency fund, etc.) An emergency fund with 6-8 months’ worth of expenses it.

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6 Tricks to Save More Money in 2015

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Earmark this money for an emergency fund, a new car fund, a vacation fund, whatever you would like. Then, you’re continually building a slush fund in your checking account. Put your emergency fund in an inconvenient bank.

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Intentional Spending – Being Ready For An Emergency

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“Being intentional with our money turns emergencies into inconveniences.&#. As a part of my Back to Basics series , I am writing a post on how to start an emergency fund. Amy’s emergency fund saved her — when her heater went out on New Years Eve.

What to Do When You and Your Spouse Have Differing Financial Goals

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My fiancé’s financial goal is to save up money for incidentals and emergencies (over and above our current fully-funded emergency funds), and then buy a really good truck and perhaps a boat with anything extra that hasn’t gone toward retirement or the emergency funds.

Short on Cash? | 31 Days to Organize Your Finances

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So if you could use some extra cash for your emergency fund , or save for Christmas presents or any other activity or need, then you must read 31 Days to Find $1000. Welcome to 31 Days to Organize Your Finances.

Our 2018 Financial Goals

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We blew through our health savings account, and now need to save another $10k so we’re not caught off guard if another emergency were to happen. However, we could use a year of extra thriftiness to find any extra funds to accelerate the $10k. Save a starter Home Emergency Fund. Dave Ramsey suggests to have a starter emergency fund of $1000 while focusing on paying off non-mortgage debt. Increase business emergency savings.

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9 Tricks to Help You Save for a House Down Payment

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You should also have an emergency fund set up to cover any emergencies. So, you’ve decided that you’re ready to buy a house , and have figured out how much money you should spend on a house. Congratulations!

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The Danger In Assuming

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I keep a healthily funded emergency account at all times. Assumption #4: You’ll never have an emergency. Emergencies happen…to everyone. When it comes to emergencies, it’s not so much a question of if, but rather, when.

Friday Links – Too Swamped Edition

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Working to build your emergency fund? Read up on emergency fund basics at Money Smart Guides. Hi everyone. This week has been crazy for me. I literally feel spun.

Easy Ways to Build Up Your Savings

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With just one emergency such as a car breaking down or, in the US, a medical bill, many could be in a very precarious position. Combined with my extra income, this $600/year (give or take $25) really helped boost my savings and therefor my emergency fund.

Best Way to Spend Tax Refund

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Add to Your Emergency Fund. An emergency fund can never have too much money in it. If you have an emergency fund to add to, then add to it. The sooner you begin contributing to your retirement fund, the longer it has time to grow.

Update #2 | 31 Days to Organize Your Finances

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Day 3: I took 4 days off due to an unexpected family emergency. Day 10: Create a Personal Escrow Fund. Day 13: Create an Emergency Fund. Day 14: Create a Gift Giving Fund. Welcome to 31 Days to Organize Your Finances.

My Life Plan

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At the time, I wasn’t sure how we were going to pay our monthly bills, so future plans like funding our retirement , our daughters’ college education, or a lavish vacation were not on my mind. Increase our emergency fund to 6 months of expenses.

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How to Avoid Financial Disaster

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Start an Emergency Fund One of the biggest things you can do to help avoid disasters is to create an emergency fund. This is a reserve of money for emergencies; leave it alone and don’t go dipping into it for general spending.

Making the First Post-Graduation Pay Check Count

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Another important aspect of your budget should be an emergency fund. Research has shown that most people these days only have enough funds to maintain their current lifestyle for about 30 days if they were unable to work. You made it!

How to Get into the Stock Market

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Those of us who had stocks , bonds, and mutual funds saw our net worth rise, but many (perhaps as many as 50% of us, according to CNN Money article M illions see no benefit from soaring stock prices ) missed out. The market has soared in the past year.

Three Expensive Sources of Quick Cash

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What happens if you are hit with an expense that you can’t afford, and your emergency fund just isn’t up to scratch yet? Unfortunately, these sources of quick cash are among the worst possible ways to fund your emergency.

Petty Cash

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It is not an emergency fund or our monthly cash allowance and there isn't a lot of cash in the envelope. Do you have a petty cash fund? We have an envelope, in an undisclosed location, where we keep cash.

Small Money Mistakes That Have Big Consequences

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Not Having an Emergency Fund It is dangerous to spend every cent you earn and not to have buffer against illness, injury, job loss or hard economic times. Make establishing an emergency fund a priority. Don’t forget to enter to win an iPad 3 here at PET.

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Are You Prepared For An Emergency?

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You never know when an emergency will arise. This emergency might be one related to a natural disaster, or it might be a financial emergency, such as a job loss. In some cases, you might experience a financial emergency at the same time that you experience a natural disaster.

So here’s what I got.

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This all goes back to having an emergency fund and paying yourself first. My family would not have survived without that emergency fund. That's a great start on an emergency fund.

The Spending Plan Mentality

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My retirement account contribution, emergency fund contribution, car payments, utility bills, and mortgage are all set up so that they are paid automatically each month. We want an emergency fund. I’m not much into budgeting.

Is Now The Time to Buy a Home?

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If you don’t have an emergency fund in order to make at least the approximate payment of your anticipated mortgage and expenses, you are not ready to make the leap into home ownership. Maintenance fund.

The Final Day of 31 Days to Organize Your Finances

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Day 3: I took 4 days off due to an unexpected family emergency. Day 10: Create a Personal Escrow Fund. Day 13: Create an Emergency Fund. Day 14: Create a Gift Giving Fund. On October 1, I embarked on a month long series, 31 Days to Organize Your Finances.

*HOT* Earn $100 in FREE Cash

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We have quite a few: Checking, Savings, Vacation Account, Stan’s Business Account, Emergency Fund. HOT DEAL ALERT. Capital One 360 (formerly ING) brought back their FREE cash offer for new customers. Who doesn’t need free cash this time of year!

Update #1: Our Debt Freedom Plan

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Today I am proud to say that we have completed our second step : Increase business emergency savings to a specific number. Our current savings is not at a true emergency fund level of 3-6 months, but further down our plan, we will save up to that level.

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Our Debt Freedom Plan | Marriage & Money

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Save $$$ Home Emergency Fund – Dave suggests to start at $1000, but being self-employed, ours is much higher, but it is not quite 3-6 months of expenses. Increase business emergency savings to $$$. | Should be done in another month or two.

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Financial Success: It’s Not Always About Your Income

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This means that after we take care of retirement and emergency fund contributions, and after everything else is taken care of, we have enough to do what we like. When I was younger, I used to think that a higher income was the solution to most of my financial issues.

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How to Achieve Your Financial Goals (tips from the achievers)

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Look at your budget to determine if there are extra funds to apply to the smallest debt each month. They took it one step at a time though, first by building up emergency funds as quickly as possible, then by paying off the credit cards and committing to no new debt.

Are You Heading for Financial Disaster?

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Also include an emergency fund and contributions to a retirement account, even if just small amounts at first. Don’t forget to enter to win an iPad 3 here at PET. Do you know if you are heading for financial disaster? I knew I had problems but thought I would be OK.

4 Tips To Starting Your Financial Plan

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Income should include all funds from paychecks, government assistance, annuity payments and so forth. Build a Budget & Emergency Fund. Cut out unnecessary spending and use that money to build an emergency fund.

Money Anxiety. Let It Go.

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I keep expenses low by living below my means and when windfalls of cash come in from bigger contracts, the money goes into replenishing savings and retirement funding. There’s a lot of anxiety around money- not having enough, worrying it will run out, keeping it safe, etc.

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