Supermarket fuel bargains from 24th July 2014

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Travel cheap fuel cheap petrol fuel bargains fuel prices petrol bargains petrol prices Are you travelling somewhere by car for your holidays or a short break? If so there’s great news on the horizon, with savings of as much as 20p per litre on petrol from supermarket forecourts. Apparently the UK’s supermarkets have revealed a new wave of money-off petrol deals in a move that could start a. read more.

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4 reasons to choose electric driving

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If you are a frequent driver, then changing a fossil fuel car for an electric one can have huge benefits. Aside from no longer having to buy petrol (a great bonus considering the skyrocketing fuel prices), an electric car emits an average of 60% less CO2 than a petrol-powered car with an exhaust. Electrically powered vehicles emit less CO2 and do not require fossil fuel to charge. Electric cars accelerate much more quickly than fossil fuel powered cars.


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What’s the Most Energy Efficient Form of Transportation

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Due to the recent high gas prices, he has been focused on researching gas credit card offers, most recently writing reviews of the 76 credit card and the Chase BP gas card. During the “great recession” when oil prices dipped, fuel efficiency took a backseat to other issues. But due to the improving economy and chaos in the Middle East, the price of oil is quickly climbing back up. But to make it even more confusing, remember that jet fuel is extremely high octane.

5 Eco-Friendly Tips for the Workplace

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fuel prices rose 1.9 It goes without saying that taking the most direct route to work is most cost-effective, fuel-wise… but planning your commute to enable timely stops to the market or to pay bills on your way to or from work can save money as well. Following a pre-planned route not only saves money and fuel – it also reduces your carbon footprint while trekking to and fro to run errands.

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