Saving Money on Renovations

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One of the biggest questions in our minds when we are considering a house that needs renovations is “how much?”, so I’ve taken it upon myself to cost out the renovations for a new kitchen, new flooring, bathroom upgrades and painting. I don’t know if you’ve checked recently, but renovations are EXPENSIVE! There are frequently sales on cabinetry, flooring, and other material needed for a renovation if you know where to look. Which Home Renovations Really Pay Off?

Home Renovation Techniques

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Every homeowner knows that renovations and home repairs are necessary to keep the home in tiptop shape. While this reality is an accepted fact, some people do not want to have large expenses when it comes to home maintenance and renovation. It is true that you definitely need money to renovate a home but spending more than you can afford is something that you can avoid. Here are techniques you can use to minimize your spending but still renovate your home.


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Five Home Renovation Savings Tips

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Home renovations are a necessary process when you own your home. Not only will renovations provide pleasure and function to you, but they could increase the sale value of your home a bit. Here are a few tips on saving money while doing renovations. Save over time to build the funds you will need for the renovations you want. Here is a link to my guest post at the Saved Quarter describing my latest renovation project – DIY Travertine Tile Floor.

Cheap Ways To Renovate Your Home

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After years of wear and tear, there comes a point when your home needs a renovation whether for maintenance or to maintain its aesthetic value. Here are some tips on how to renovate your home cheaply. What are some cheap renovating techniques that you can think of? Home is where the heart is, but there are times when home is where the cost is.

Should You Invest In Renovations Or Purchase A New Home?

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At one point or another, every homeowner eventually decides they want to either add something to their home, or renovate it one way or another. But if your family might very well move out in five to ten years anyway, then the question becomes a different one altogether: should you renovate or simply get a new home right off the bat? Assess The Renovation Size. Also, consider the degree to which you’ll have to renovate if you remain in your current home.

Bessemer's The Bright Star restaurant closed this week for renovations

Birmingham Bargain Mom

Renovations at The Bright Star, first time in 46 years they've closed their doors for a week. cat:Bargains Deals

Bruce's Foodland Plus in Section reopening today after renovations

Birmingham Bargain Mom

Section shoppers, Bruce's reopened today. cat:Bargains Deals

How to Prioritize Home Improvement Projects

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Since we moved into our home in late 2012, my husband and I have been go, go, go with all of the improvements, renovations and small projects we have been taking on. She asked me how we manage to prioritize our projects and renovations. If you have a limited renovation budget and an inkling that you may have a mould problem, unfortunately the priority absolutely has to be the mould problem.

10 Awesome Free Kindle Books for 3/18 – Free is the best

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DIY Kitchen Renovation on a Budget. Here is your Kindle Books list for today – 3/18 : Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on our facebook page to see more freebies, cheapies, moneymakers, weekly ads with coupon matchups, and more ! Check out our Kindle Section. FREE Kindle Books 3/18. What Laurel Sees. The Art of Frugal Simplicity. For Animal Lovers. Wheat Belly Diet. The Screaming. Second-Hand Jane. Not Just For Breakfast Anymore. Homemade Frosting Recipes.

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Ace Hardware Store Coupon – Save 30% Off or $15 Off Purchase

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Ace Hardware Store Coupon – Save 30% Off or $15 Off Purchase Planning on some renovations this summer? Ace Hardware stores has a RARE coupon available to print. You can save 30% off any one regular-priced item under $50 or get $15 off any one regular-priced item over $50. Coupon is valid in store only […]. The post Ace Hardware Store Coupon – Save 30% Off or $15 Off Purchase appeared first on FTM. Coupons Printable Coupons

Why You Need a Home Ownership Binder

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We have lived in our home for almost 15 years and have done many improvements, renovations, and repairs over the years. 5 – Living Areas Make a tab for each room or category in your home to store any receipts, notes, renovation plans, warranties, installations information, user manuals, etc. You will not regret it when your next emergency or renovation happens. . This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

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My One Goal for 2022

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Our original plan was to purge our junk to get ready for the renovation, but when our contractor had a cancelation, we jumped at the chance of not waiting 8 weeks to have our project started.

Goals 130

Meet a Reader | Kaitlin, Minnesota medical mama

The Frugal Girl

doors with ornate doorknobs, a fireplace with what we believe is original tiling on the hearth) of the house as we renovate. When Kaitlin sent in her responses and I saw that she included pictures of herself, I was all, “Woohoo!”

Family Budget Spreadsheets 2021

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Special Purchases – Have some fun with this spreadsheet and use it to plan for upcoming large expenses, such as vacations, home renovations, equipment, replacement, etc. Are you ready for a fresh start? After the year we’ve had, I think we all are!

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

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The building offered so much potential, but needed a lot of work and we set out to renovate our dream office. The business softened, renovations were more costly than expected, and we were now the owners of two mortgages, our home and our business. We paid off our first renovation loan in December 2014 and the next loan should be paid off by the end of this summer.

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Inexpensive Ways to Modernize Your Home

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We saw brand new homes, newly renovated homes, and ones that were old (and looked their age). Bathroom Remodeling On A Budget 5 Low Cost and Simple Home Upgrades Saving Money on Renovations Inexpensive Home Improvement Ideas For The New Year Which Home Renovations Really Pay Off? When we were house hunting for our home a few months ago, before we landed where we are, we saw a whole bunch of houses.

{HOT} Amazon: Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse Only $81.49 (Reg. $185)!

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Right now Amazon has the popular Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse on sale for only $81.49 (reg. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime or any order over $35.

Introducing: Family Budget Spreadsheets

Family Balance Sheet

Special Purchases – Have some fun with this spreadsheet and use it to plan for upcoming large expenses, such as vacations, home renovations, equipment, replacement, etc. Summer Planning – Use this spreadsheet to plan for your summer fun, such as vacations, day trips, pool memberships, home/landscaping renovations, etc. I’ve been working behind the scenes on a tool that I personally use to track and organize our finances: Family Budget Spreadsheets.

Good Modern Home Design is Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

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Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building certification tool to measure and evaluate sustainable design, and requires all facilities owned by the federal government to be built or renovated to LEED Gold standard, the highest level of certification.

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Magazine Deals: Spring Savings Event + Martha Stewart Living

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Each issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine allows you to celebrate the simple things of everyday life, such as gardening, entertaining, renovating, cooking, and decorating. Check out the Spring Savings Event , where you can get Magazines for just $4.80! Many popular magazines to choose from. Deal ends Sunday 3/30/14 at 11:59 PM EST. Martha Stewart Living Magazine was created by the famous television hostess who has become the popular advisor on all things for the home and garden.

Start Planning and Budgeting for Summer TODAY!

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Include everything from weekend trips to longer vacations, yard/garden projects, home renovations, kids’ camps, gear and clothing, and any other summer expense you might have. After a long winter, are you dreaming of blue skies and sunny days? We are!

Trend Alert: Nate Berkus x Target

Cheap Chica's Guide To Style

A new year can mean home renovations for a lot of us, and whether you’re moving, doing a serious overhaul, or just want to freshen up your living space, Nate’s newest collection has plenty of amazing pieces to get you started. The Nate Berkus for Target collection is finally here and we couldn’t be MORE excited.

Front Yard Landscaping: Take 3

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We have done a lot of renovations around our home in the last ten years. The DIY project that we are most proud of is the landscaping in our front yard. I wrote about the process 2 years ago and it is still my most popular post. Read more about our Front Yard Landscaping: We Did It Ourselves. Before May 2009: After May 2009: Moving on to 2010, we needed to replace 3 of our new shrubs that didn't make it through that winter. Read more about Front Yard Landscaping: Take 2.

*HOT* $25 Marcs Gift Card Giveaway

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Marcs is doing a fabulous job of renovating their stores and making them way more customer friendly. Everybody I know seems to have a love/hate relationship with Marcs. The prices are great, they always have cool stuff on clearance, and they have a ton of convenient locations. However, the stores are always small, cramped, you never know what you're going to find, and it takes forever to check out. However, I'm hear to tell you that all that is changing.

Friday Links – Day Off Edition

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Staring a home renovation? Happy Friday everyone. I hope you are all managing to keep sane during this crazy time of year. Today I am enjoying a day off with my husband. I have been traveling a lot for work lately and have not been home much in weeks. We are overdue to have some time together and get some things done around the house. It is really nice to not have to go to work today and have a day where I can concentrate on the home life.

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5 Lessons Learned When Our Finances Went Awry

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But in August 2013, our business softened, renovations to our new building were more costly than planned, and we were now the owners of two mortgages, our home and our business. August 2013 was a month that I’d like to wipe from my memory. Prior to that, we thought we were golden. We carried no credit card debt and we contributed to our retirement. Our small business was going well and we said so long to renting office space and purchased a commercial property. Yep, life was good.

How We Paid off Six Figures of Debt

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Aside from the mortgage, we also added equipment and renovation loans with the purchase, and we had a student loan. This side hustle income was mainly used for the fun stuff, such as camping, home renovations & repairs, and needs for our kids.

Debt 130

Prairie Eco-Thrifter Was Included in Seven Carnivals This Week

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Canadian Finance Blog hosted the Canadian Finance Carnival #73 and included Marie’s post Five Home Renovation Savings Tips. Many thanks to The Jenny Pincher for including my post, Learn How to Eat Sustainably in the Carnival of Personal Finance #346. The Amateur Financier included my post, What Buddhism Teaches Us about Personal Finance in the Yakezie Carnival as well as the Carnival of Financial Planning – Edition #221.

Magazine Sale: $5.00 Subscriptions + Architectural Digest Offer

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This magazine subscription will inspire your next design idea or home renovation. Check out the $5.00 Magazines Sale! Many popular magazine subscriptions to choose from! Lifestyle Category. Tech Category. Fitness Category. Cooking Category. Business Category. Sports & Rec Category. Travel Category. Auto Category. News & Local Category. Deal ends Sunday 1/26/14 11:59pm! Architectural Digest explores the homes of talented designers and architects.

Friday Links – Win an iPad Mini Edition

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Saving Money on Renovations. Greetings and happy Friday. Summer has arrived here and I have to say that I am loving it. I thrive in the heat and sunshine. It really makes me happy. This week I wanted to share a giveaway with you. My friend Jackie over at The Debt Myth has created a Pay Off Debt App which I think is very cool. I don’t know the first thing about creating apps.

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Making A List, Checking It Twice | Planning for Christmas

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I don't remember why we waited so long, but we took on a house renovation project in December and planning for that threw me for a loop. Christmas is now less than 6 WEEKS away. Can you believe it? Back in June I wished you all a Merry 6 Months Until Christmas and now we are down to 6 weeks. YIKES! I am more prepared now than I was at this point last year when I waited until the last minute to shop. And by last minute I mean mid-December.

Making 118

Staying Organized With A Big Wardrobe And a Small Closet

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If you are renting, doing a big closet renovation isn’t usually possible, and they can sometimes get pretty expensive if you own a home. I try to keep my closet organized without any renovations or major changes to it. I love having a big wardrobe; I have a lot of fun with fashion and having a lot to choose from in the morning is nice.

Magazine Deals: Print + Digital Magazine Sale {Starting at $4.99}

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This magazine subscription will inspire your next design idea or home renovation. Check out the Print + Digital Magazine Sale, where you can get a subscription starting as low as $4.99! Many popular magazines to choose from! Lifestyle & Fashion Category. Home & Cooking Category. News & Tech Category. Health & Fitness Category. Sports & Auto Category. Pets Category. Deal ends Sunday 12/09/13 11:59pm!

Free Kindle Books 6/11 | Hearts That Survive & Restorations

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‘In a small Oregon community, Sara Andersen finds herself in possession of an old farmhouse in desperate need of renovations. The only problem is that Sara doesn’t believe Brian has undergone any soulful renovations of his own.’ Amazon is offering these books free for a limited time. “On April 15, 1912, Lydia Beaumont is on her way to a new life with a boundless hope in love and faith.

Friday Links – Long Weekend Edition

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Home Renovation Techniques. Happy Friday everyone and cheers to everyone who has a long weekend. It has been a week of curveballs for my husband and I. We aren’t stressed per say but there have been numerous detours and extras to deal with this week at work and personally. Not to mention, one of our cars died twice so which was not helpful. We are definitely looking forward to a long weekend. Apart from getting some rest we are hoping to get some yard work done.

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Update #1: Our Debt Freedom Plan

Family Balance Sheet

We also have some renovations and equipment that cannot wait and we need to cash flow. Back in March I wrote about my family’s Debt Freedom Plan. We adapted Dave Ramsey’s 7 baby steps to reflect our lifestyle as self-employed small business owners. I added a few steps (our total is 12) to cash flow some upcoming business expenses and to celebrate the huge milestones along the way.

Debt 100

I LOVE Grocery Store Grand Re-Openings

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A local Weis grocery store was renovated recently and their grand re-opening is this week. I don't shop at this store, but the loss leaders and sales for that one store were worth the 4 mile drive, vs the half mile drive to the Weis right around the corner from my house. They also had a $8 off $50 coupon specific for the new store in the paper. That sealed the deal as to where I was going to shop this week. I came home with: 99/lb asparagus.99/lb grapes.99/lb green beans.99

Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse 46% off with FREE Shipping | Lowest Price!

Saving Cents With Sense

The Barbie Dream Townhouse is the ultimate luxury home, and now its newly renovated. New renovations include fab pink columns with glamorous photo-real wallpaper design. This is the lowest price I have seen for this Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse ! Right now you can get this Barbie 3-Story Dream Townhouse for only $99.99 with FREE Shipping! Price is down from $184.99!). I expect that this deal will not last long so be sure to head over and check it out while you can.

Free Kindle & Nook Book – Love Me If You Must

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“A run-down Victorian to renovate, a past to leave behind–who has time for romance…or murder? She’s renovating an old, rambling Victorian house in a small town outside of Detroit, and the fixer-upper should net her a big profit when she resells. These books are available for free for a limited time. Please note that I am not personally recommending the books, just letting you know they are free.

How to Start a Budget (and be successful at it!)

Family Balance Sheet

Special Purchases – Have some fun with this spreadsheet and use it to plan for upcoming large expenses, such as vacations, home renovations, equipment, replacement, etc. Summer Planning – Use this spreadsheet to plan for your summer fun, such as vacations, day trips, pool memberships, home/landscaping renovations, etc.Cash – This spreadsheet can be used to keep track of high value gift cards and any cash that you have tucked away. Do you feel like you have more month than money?

How To Make The House Hunting Process Easier

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5 Home Buying Fundamentals to Remember Which Home Renovations Really Pay Off? There is no doubt about it. House hunting is not an easy process. Not only is it time consuming, but it’s also financially and emotionally draining.

Hunts 197

Do You Track Your Cash Flow?

Family Balance Sheet

Our "Household" category could be anything from light bulbs to major home renovations. Do you know how much cash comes in each month? Do you know how much cash leaves every month? Do you know much you spend on groceries, gas for your car or even your mortgage? I have used Quicken software since the mid-90's when I bought my first computer. Quicken lets me assign every transaction that I enter to a category.

Family 131

3 Tips for Getting Rid of Clutter and Organizing Your Home

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Sell Your Home Faster With These Cheap Ideas How to Simplify Your Life to Make it Better Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Revamp Your Home for the… Cheap Ways To Renovate Your Home Three Reasons I Prefer Experiences to Things. We love decorating for the holidays at our house. I like putting out the autumn decor, and as soon as school starts, up goes the garlands with colored leaves, and the Halloween decorations.