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10 Smart Ways to Become Debt Free

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It’s no secret, I am fascinated, encouraged, and border-line obsessed with debt freedom. 10 Smart Ways to Become Debt Free. 1.

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Start Managing Your Debt (And Enter To Win $1000 Cash)

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Personal debt has unfortunately become a way of life in the 21 st century with levels reaching all time highs. Look Your Debt in the Eyes.

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Find out how Richard paid off $40,000 of debt

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Today’s Debt Free Story is from Richard of Frugality Magazine , where he shares frugal living tips for financial freedom. 1.

Do the Rich Use Debt Differently?

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It was nearly impossible to figure out exactly how the program would work for each query, because, as Bonnie Baker (the engaging and energetic DB2 speaker) used to put it “It depends” Likewise with understanding whether the rich use debt differently than the rest of us… it depends. It depends on how the debt is managed.

FREE David Bach Debt FREE For Life Book Download

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A FREE book download of David Bach’s Debt Free for Life is available today. Just click the link and a pdf with 200+ pages will come up for you.

Friday Links – Hate the Darkness Edition

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Here are some great articles from this week. Alexa from Defeat Our Debt has some great tips for those of you struggling to pay off your debt.

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The Five Money Traps People Often Fall For

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During that time of my life I built up a lot of debt.  In fact, it lead me to declare bankruptcy. Main Money Saving ArticlesAlmost.

The Prairie Eco-Thrifter Giveaway Extravaganza: 2nd Anniversary with an iPad 3 and over $200 Cash To Be Won Plus a Bonus Prize

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I am still in shock. cannot believe I started this blog just over two years ago. Thank you. This site, like life, has taken me on a journey. It

Friday Links – Keeping the Balance Edition

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In part of my downtime, I have been able to read some great articles this week. The ABC’s of Debt Reduction. Happy Friday Everyone.

Friday Links – Time is of the Essence Edition

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Grayson from Debt RoundUp wants to know Why is Prepaid Such a Dirty Word? Happy Friday everyone. Gosh, has this week flown by. P.E.P

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Friday Links – Out of Town Edition

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Here are some great articles from this week. Grayson from Debt Roundup recently took out an auto loan and shared the reasons why in his  When Opportunity Knocks post. Lily at Paying Debt Down knows that almost anyone can build a diversified portfolio and will teach you How to Invest like an Old Pro (even if you’re a Young Amateur).

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Christmas Reward – iPad 3 Giveaway

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See Debt Run. This article was written by Denise.  How better to finish off Christmas than by winning an iPad 3. Outlier Model. Join Us

Friday Links – Exhausted Edition

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If you are new to PET or haven’t gotten a chance to read all the articles in the past, here are few archives you might enjoy. PET Archives.

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Yakezie Carnival – Credit Cards Edition

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Debt consolidation loans help minimize the payment you have to pay, which was a huge help back when I was a broke college graduate. Penge Snak!:

Carnival of Personal Finance #384 – Time for a Laugh Edition

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hope you enjoy them and the great articles they support. ” Jacob from Dwindling Debt asks Do Overdraft Chargers Affect Your Credit.

Carnival of Personal Finance #316- Family Edition

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Philip from Deliver Away Debt shares his story:   How I Delivered Away My Debt. Families are our rock, our support system, and our fans.

How to Get into the Stock Market

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The market has soared in the past year. If you don’t have any stock market investments, how can you get in on the action? Money Tips

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Yakezie Carnival October 16, 2011- Growth Edition

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This was the first opportunity to highlight articles from the newly formed Yakezie network. Welcome to this week’s Yakezie Carnival.

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How To Teach Your Kids to Save Money

Couponing 101

Today, you can pick up pretty much any book, newspaper, or magazine and find an article about getting out of debt. source: [link] ).

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How to Conduct an Effective Family Financial Analysis

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View his latest articles on the  University of Phoenix Birmingham  and  how to obtain a graphic design degree  here. Get Out of Debt.

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5 Fuel Saving Tips (Guest Post)

Saving Cents With Sense

BIO: Tracie helped her family eradicate more than $37,000 in debt. And as you know, gasoline coupons just don’t appear out this air. Frugal

Totally Money Blog Carnival #18 – 6 Ways to Save Money Edition

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Read Kay’s article to find some alternate routes. She was still struggling with college credit card debt. Editor’s Picks.

How to Get By on One Income When Baby Arrives

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Eliminate debt. Credit card debt and high-interest loans are costing you money that you could use in the long-run.  Articles Instagram

Why I Don’t Use Credit Card Rewards Programs

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carries credit card debt of $15,325, although that figure is somewhat skewed by a small number of extraordinarily debt-stricken families and couples.”.

Revenge Spending and Other Married Money Tricks

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The author of Kiplinger article ‘How Money Is Used as a Weapon in Relationships ‘ says: “Money is among the most powerful weapons of control in a relationship.” ” Money and control in a relationship is a complex and powerful topic. Here are a couple to watch for and deal with. Revenge spending. Grabbing control.

Are You Middle Class?

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2014 Money article  What It Means to Be Middle Class Today reported that: “Jerry Love, who runs a certified public accountant firm in Abilene, Texas, and works with the middle class and the fabulously wealthy, says he has clients earning $300,000 to $400,000 annually who nonetheless consider themselves middle class.” census data.

Frugal doubt.

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Here's what I read in a recent US News article about who will continue to struggle in 2011: Homeowners. goals mortgage debt student loan

Best Way to Spend Tax Refund

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Get Rid of Debt. Articles Ask FTM News You Can UseBest Way to Spend Tax Refund. Add to Your Emergency Fund. Look Out for Your Future.

Credit Card Rules You Should Live By

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More purchases equals more spent money equals more credit card debt. If you do spend that much, can you pay off the debt? Just say no. 4.

Can You Cut Expenses by a Half Million Dollars?

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The $5.86 is based on a article – Dining on a budget. This post was written by Marie. . Do we still have that money?

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Passive Income With Real Estate

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What is Debt Leverage? This post was written by Derek. Have you ever thought about investing in real estate ? This post was written for you.

Festival of Frugality #271- 10 Movies, 10 Lessons Edition

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Submit your blog article using the  carnival submission form. It is amazing what insight we can gain from a night out at the theater.

Christmas Gifts on a Budget

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Using your store credit card to save on Christmas gifts doesn’t mean you have to throw yourself into massive debt. Start Shopping Early.

Carnival of Financial Planning – Money Management Edition #236 – May 11, 2012

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’ Financial Planning Ashley presents Should I Get Married with Debt? Jester presents The Importance of Vacations For Kids posted at The Ultimate Juggle , saying, “This article explains the reasons that we prefer to take destination oriented vacations for the kid’s sake. Enjoy! PPlan presents U.S. Can you blame them?

Prairie Eco-Thrifter has been Featured in the Totally Money Blog Carnival #12

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Many thanks to Debt Free Divas for including my post Anatomy of the Financially Savvy Brain-Part 2 in this week’s Totally Money Carnival. Please check out the carnival for all of the great articles included this week. Related posts: Prairie Eco-Thrifter has Been Featured in the Totally Money Blog Carnival #10. Appearances In

How to Drastically Reduce the Amount of Money You Spend Each Month

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Articles News You Can UseHow to Drastically Reduce the Amount of Money You Spend Each Month. Start Logging Your Purchases. Set Specific Goals.

Friday Links – Win an iPad Mini Edition

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She has lived the journey of being sunken in debt and then freeing herself and now she is trying to help others do the same with her new app.

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Should You Save Or Invest Your Money?

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In this article we will look at the pros and cons of saving and investing, as well as reducing debt, as a means of gaining financial security.

Why I Don’t Use Cash Back Credit Cards

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In Forbes article Are You a Sucker for Cash Back Credit Card Offers?  As article How Is Cashback Profitable For Credit Card Companies?  Not fun. I don’t use cash back credit cards. have one credit card. One credit card with no annual fee, which I use only occasionally and which is paid off every single month. The hassle factor.

Friday Links – Long Weekend Edition

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have been able to read some great articles this week. How to Get Out of Unemployment posted at Debt Free Blog. Think Again. PET Archives.