6 non-grocery-store food ideas for you

The Frugal Girl

So, this is a great time to consider a produce delivery service. This service is a lot like Hungry Harvest, but it’s available across more of the country. Consider a meal kit service. Life has gotten considerably crazier here in the U.S.

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FFT | 2 hat tips to Mr. FG!

The Frugal Girl

It was not an empty threat; Mr. FG had some other services he was looking at if Verizon didn’t bend a little.). Because credit is due where credit is due! Mr. FG cut our internet bill in half. Verizon had bumped our rate up to over $100/month because our previous negotiation had expired.

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WIS, WWA | Mainly bowls!

The Frugal Girl

P.S. Washington’s Green Grocer , a DelMarVa produce/meal kit delivery service, reminded me they’d sent me a coupon code for you guys. What I Spent. I tried four recipes from the ATK Bowls cookbook that I patiently waited for at the library.

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Pharmacies Offering Free Prescription Delivery

For the Mommas

Pharmacies Offering Free Prescription Delivery. Here is the list of pharmacies offering Free Prescription Delivery across the country in response to COVID-19: Amazon Pharmacy. Amazon offers free delivery services—you only pay for the medication.

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10 Ways to Earn Money If You’ve Been Laid Off Due to COVID-19

Couponing 101

Tasks may include stocking items, checking out customers, and working in customer service. Warehouses supply grocery stores, medical facilities, and other essential services. Delivery services like Instacart and Grubhub are taking applications.

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