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Book Nook - Pericles and Aspasia

Motherhood Moments

A tale of courtesans, philosophers, cunning political statesmen during a period in Greece when democracy bloomed and of architectural wonders, Pericles and Aspasia is a literary feat, with a love story to rival Anthony and Cleopatra's. Her blog, "Let's Talk Off-Broadway," focuses on art and theater.

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Complete List of Stores at Disney Springs + Free Guide

Saving Everyday

The closest parking is Lime Garage, which brings you out near The Polite Pig restaurant, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Under Armour Brand House, and UNIQLO To get to the Marketplace side of Disney Springs, veer to the right as you come out of the Lime Garage. Pass the LEGO Store and Starbucks, and you’re in the Marketplace.

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Hot Magazine Deals: Prevention and Arts & Crafts Home for less than $0.60 (per isssue)

For the Mommas

Today only, subscribe to Arts & Crafts Homes Magazine for only $6.99 This offer expires at Tuesday 09/02/14 11:59 PM EST. Each issue of Arts & Crafts Homes is a portfolio of the best work in new construction, restoration, and interpretive design, presented through intelligent writing and beautiful photographs.

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Free TIME Magazine 1 Year Subscription

Inspiring You To Save

TIME reveals what today's headlines mean to you and your family -- from politics, to science, to human achievement, arts, business, and society. You can score a FREE 1 year subscription to TIME magazine and the Daily News 24/7 eNewsletter. Not everyone will qualify.

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12 Kid’s Books to Celebrate International Women’s Day

Couponing 101

To this day, women make remarkable strides in science, medicine, politics, the arts, and other fields, but they do not always receive the same attention as their male counterparts. This book covers women from a wide variety of fields, including the arts, sciences, and more.

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Free Kindle & Nook Books 7/16

For the Mommas

Today’s free Kindle and Nook books are political thrillers, enjoy! ” Download “ Messages ” ( Suspense, Political Thriller). ’ Download “ Side Road & Dandelions ” (Political thriller). Free Cookbook – How to Bake- The Art & Science of Baking. Be the first to comment.

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How To Haggle For A Bargain

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Hopefully this advice can help you save some money as well and turn the art of haggling into a habit. If they tell me it is not currently on sale, I will politely ask to speak with a manager and ask them the same questions. Again, you want to always be polite when asking for a discount. Assume It’s Negotiable.

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