What is Green Energy?

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During the course of the last elections both in Canada and the USA, there was a substantial amount of talk surrounding energy: renewable energy, green energy, and fossil fuel emissions. It’s pretty obvious that energy involves the way that things are powered, however a lot of people may be unsure as to what green energy is. Today, I will look define green energy and outline the importance of it to our future. Go Green

Alternative and Sustainable Energy Sources: Solar Power

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Solar power uses the heat of the sun to produce energy in a sustainable, clean and eco-friendly manner. This is where solar energy differs from other forms of sustainable power, such as hydro and wind power, which are really only viable on a large scale. The power of the sun is free, making this form of alternative green energy cost-effective once a system is established. Alternatively, the energy can be stored in batteries for later use. What is Green Energy?

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More Drilling is Not The Solution We Need for Our Energy Future

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We cannot drill our way out of our pending oil and energy situation. There is no way we can actually drill enough holes in the earth to meet all of our current (never mind future) energy needs. So how can more drilling be the future of energy production? Shortsighted as ever, many of our elected officials are ok with allowing oil companies to drill anywhere and everywhere – mainly because some of those profits end up in campaign coffers come election years.

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