10 Ways to Reduce Utility Bills

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Reducing utility bills is an easy and effective way of savings money around the house. Reducing your water not only helps with your bills, it also helps with making sure you’re not wasting water for no reason! What are some of your tips to save money on utility bills?

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How to Negotiate Your Bills

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For years, I had a phone bill that cost me almost $100/month, without any extras or add-ons. It was incredibly expensive for the privilege of being able to talk on the phone, but I accepted it because I thought that everybody had a high phone bill. Have you ever negotiated a bill?

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Is Automatic Bill Pay Right for You?

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This includes financial chores like paying bills. Automatic bill pay can be a great help to many consumers who want to make sure that their payments are made on time and in full. If you travel, having automatic bill pay can relieve your mind while you are on the road.

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Create a Personal Escrow Account for Your Quarterly & Yearly Bills

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I have built a monthly system to set aside money specifically for our yearly bills and while I still dread this month, I am no longer paralyzed by it. If you struggle paying quarterly or yearly bills on time, then keep reading! sewer/trash bill – due quarterly.

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Daily Frugal Tip: Read Your Bills to Save Money

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I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve just read the total of my bills and paid them without reading anything else on the paper. Well, this week I read my bills and saved $35! I pay my bills online so it was easy to enter the wrong amounts in the fields.

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Frugal Tips to Stay Warm This Winter and Cut Down on Your Electric Bill

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Frugal Tips to Stay Warm This Winter and Cut Down on Your Electric Bill By Tim Smith via Modernize Just because the winter sets in, it doesn’t mean your energy bills have to rise exponentially.

Competing With Yourself To Save On Utility Bills

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Unlike most people, I actually look forward to receiving my utility bills each month. For natural gas, I track how many cubic feet I burned (it is billed in units of 100 cubic feet at a time). I note the date of each bill along with the total (before taxes) for each month.

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Swag Bucks Holiday Collector’s Bills!

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Starting today (12/19), Swag Bucks has released four Holiday-themed Collector’s Bills. Then on 12/26, a 5th New Year’s themed Collector’s Bill will be released. Collect all FIVE holiday bills before January 1st, and you’ll get a BONUS 13 swag bucks!

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7 Easy Ways to Save Money on your Cell Phone Bill

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Now-a-days, everyone has a cellphone and when you have kids, the bill can get high. Or when you travel, the bill can get high (for example, I was in Lesotho, South Africa in November for the opening of the Mamohato Children’s Centre.

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How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

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Use these simple strategies to save big on your bills throughout the colder months: Lower Your Thermostat. Lowering your thermostat is one of the easiest ways to save money on your heating bill. Not only can this shave some money off your heating bill, but it can also feel super cozy.

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Saturday Night Sweeps 03/28/20: Win $1,000 to Help Pay Your Bills & More

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Saturday Night Sweeps 03/28/20: Win $1,000 to Help Pay Your Bills & More. Win $1,000 to Help Pay Your Bills. Continue reading Saturday Night Sweeps 03/28/20: Win $1,000 to Help Pay Your Bills & More at FTM.

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Great Ways To Save Money On Energy Bills At Home

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Did you know you can compare energy prices and save on your energy bills online! The cost of running a home has become much more expensive and most people are finding more and more of their income going towards household bills, particularly their energy bills.

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6 Ways To Save on Heating Costs in 2016

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And you should be able to lower your heating bills, in fact, here are 6 ways to lower your heating bill each month and how achieve this : 1. I have done that and my bill has not been high in the last two years. I did this in my old house and I could tell a difference in my bill.

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How to Save Money on Household Bills


on how to save on household bills. Many homeowners are frequently looking for ways to save money on their household bills. From utilities to groceries, bills can really pile up by the end of the month. After your bill is calculated, this average becomes your set monthly payment.

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Grocery Chopping: Cut Down Your Grocery Bill Without Using Coupons and $500 Giveaway

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What tactics, other than coupons, do you use to lower your grocery bill? Millions of Americans and Canadians are experiencing what the emptiness feels like…the emptiness of their savings accounts, the emptiness of their wallets, and the emptiness of their kitchen cupboards.

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5 Ways to Lower Your Monthly Bills

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I myself struggled for many years paying my own bills, but have since found numerous ways to save money. Start cutting back and shopping around for ways you can reduce your monthly bills so you can join me on the road to financial freedom.

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16 Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bill This Summer

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You can save 1 – 3 percent on your utility bill for each degree the thermostat is set above 72 degrees. They aren’t that expensive, they are easy to operate, and they can cut your energy bills by quite a bit, both summer and winter. Ah, summer.

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Manilla: Manage & Organize Your Bills Online for FREE

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Try Manilla for FREE , where you can manage and orgainze your bills all in one place! Get your bills, statements and balances instantly organized in one secure place online. Finally, one easy way to manage all of your accounts, subscriptions and loyalty programs.

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Resolve To Lower Your Grocery Bill

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Here at Family Balance Sheet, we are always trying to find ways to trim the grocery bill without sacrificing quality and nutrition. Did you resolve to find ways to reduce your spending for 2011? Your grocery budget might be a good place to start. There are tons of ways to reduce your spending in your kitchen.

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How to Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year on Your Water Bill

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Along with all these warm weather favorites come dramatically increased water bills and usage, as all that green requires a constant flow of our most precious resource to thrive.

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How to Ditch Your Expensive Cable Bill Without Losing All of Your TV Shows

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You might have even thought about cutting out your expensive cable or satellite bill. For example, if you watch television two hours a day (fourteen hours a week), and your cable bill is $100 per month, then you are paying about $1.75 Related posts: 10 Ways to Slash Your Electric Bill.

Free App for Android: Bills Reminder

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Today (3/12) only, you can download the Bills Reminder Android App for FREE (regularly $2.99) on Amazon! App features: Receive notifications of upcoming and overdue bills. Get reminders for one-time and recurring bills. Take photos of bills and invoices.

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Save cash on your water bill with assessed charges

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Discounts & Tips assessed charge water bills save on water billsOnce upon a time we all paid the same Water Rates, set by the water company in each region.

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Paying Your Bills – There is a Method to the Madness

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Paying Your Bills – There is a Method to the Madness. There is nothing worse than having to sit down with your checkbook or at your computer and pay bills, yet it is something that has to be done every month whether we like it or not.

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Want Your Electric Bill Paid?

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This is a great shot at getting your electric bill paid FREE up to $250! It doesn’t matter what electric company you use – they’ll just send you a check to cover the electric bill. Giveaway Want Your Electric Bill Paid

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10 Ways to Lower your Electric Bill Throughout the Year

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Have you ever received an electric bill that was a lot more than you expected? Here are a few ways to save energy and help avoid those high electric bills! These will use less energy in a variety of ways and over time will save you a lot of money on that electricity bill.

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9 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill This Summer

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I’ve got some simple ideas for how to lower your electric bill this summer. Not only will this help with your electric bill, it’ll help keep the air a bit cleaner, too. There are also lots of ways to lower your winter utility bills.

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Watch Bill Nye & Ken Ham debate at Creation Museum Tuesday via free live stream

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Watch science educator Bill Nye and creation apologist Ken Ham debate tomorrow night at the Creation Museum via this free live stream link. cat:Bargains Deals

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How to save on Electricty bills

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Smart Hours from OG&E The only smart thing to do is sign up! You don''t need to have your thermostat replaced, but if you do, you can save even more

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Take 20% Off Your Bill at Olive Garden!

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Head on over to Olive Garden’s Facebook page and grab your coupon for 20% off your entire bill when you dine before 4pm. Retail Deals Take 20% Off Your Bill at Olive Garden

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FREE Android App: Bills Reminder

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Amazon offers a free Android App everyday and today’s free App is Bills Reminder. Here’s the Description: Need a better way to manage your bills? Tired of stacks of bills around the house or constantly paying late fees for overdue bills?

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Manilla – Organize Your Accounts and Bills Online for FREE!

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Under a single password, Manilla provides customers with an automated, organized view of all of their account information, text and/or email reminders to pay bills and unlimited storage of account documents that Manilla has seamlessly retrieved for the consumer. What is Manilla ?

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Swagbucks New Collector Bills Series 4/22 - 4/30 ~ I Enjoy Earning Free CVS Gift Cards thru Swagbucks!

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Their newest promotion is another set of Collector''s Bills to celebrate their Spring Into Action Promotion! It''s a set of six specially-designed bills that commemorate different ways you can earn matching bucks. Swagbucks is always finding fun ways to promote their site activities and reward their members. I am so glad they offer CVS gift cards as rewards--makes shopping CVS all the sweeter.

Bill Cosby 50% off Ticket Deal via The Super Deal

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Here's a deal on Bill Cosby tickets. Bargains Deals

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Denny’s Printable Coupon | 20% off Entire Bill

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Denny’s Printable Coupon | 20% off Entire Bill. Save on breakfast at Denny’s with this 20% off Printable Coupon to save on your entire bill! Be sure to check out the other available Restaurant Printable Coupons. 2009-11 Saving Cents with Sense ™, a website of Saving Sense Media LLC.

FREE United States Bill of Rights eBook!

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Today, you can get the United States Bill of Rights eBook for FREE! The post FREE United States Bill of Rights eBook! FREE eBooks for the history or government student!

Outback Steakhouse Coupon | Save 20% On Entire Bill

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You’ll save 20% off your entire bill through May 20, 2014. I’ve got a brand new Outback Steakhouse coupon for you! Use it at lunch, dinner, or even curbside pick-up, so you can bring dinner home! I could go for a steak right now.

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T.G.I. Fridays Coupon: 25% Off Entire Bill

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Click HERE to print a coupon for 25% off your entire bill at T.G.I. Fridays valid through 3/21/11. This has been added to the Restaurant Coupons Page. Share or Print This! Coupons Printable Coupons Restaurant Coupons Restaurant Coupon

Amazon: Men Are Like Waffles – Women Are Like Spaghetti eBook Only $2.99!

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With 150,000 copies sold, bestselling authors Bill and Pam Farrel have a fun new cover on their biblical wisdom, solid insight, and humorous anecdotes—all served up in just the right combination so that readers can feast on enticing ways to: keep communication cooking.

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Free Bill Nye the Science Guy app

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Check out this free app. cat:Bargains Deals

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Olive Garden Lunch Coupon | Save 20% off Entire Lunch Bill

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Olive Garden has a new printable coupon to save 20% off your Entire Lunch Bill. The post Olive Garden Lunch Coupon | Save 20% off Entire Lunch Bill appeared first on Saving Cents With Sense.

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Win a Paid Electric Bill in the Save on Energy Sweepstakes

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This is a great shot at getting your electric bill paid FREE up to $250! It doesn’t matter what electric company you use – they’ll just send you a check to cover the electric bill. Reviews Win a Paid Electric Bill in the Save on Energy Sweepstakes

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Cut Your Cable Bill | HDTV Indoor Antenna Just $19.99

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About 3 Months ago, we cut our cable bill and started using the HDTV Indoor Antenna. The post Cut Your Cable Bill | HDTV Indoor Antenna Just $19.99 That has saved us so at least $60 per month! You can order one of these HDTV Indoor Antennas for only $19.99 with FREE Shipping.

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