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How to Budget (and Pay) for Yearly Bills + a FREE Speadsheet

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Not sure how to budget for your once-a-year bills? They can cause a panic, especially when just one bill is into the four figures, like our property taxes or auto insurance! But let me show you how to budget (and pay) for yearly bills with a strategy I’ve used for years. Action Steps to Budget and Pay for Yearly Bills: 1.

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Is Automatic Bill Pay Right for You?

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

This includes financial chores like paying bills. Automatic bill pay can be a great help to many consumers who want to make sure that their payments are made on time and in full. If you travel, having automatic bill pay can relieve your mind while you are on the road. There are stories of billing errors with automatic payments.

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How to Negotiate Your Bills

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

For years, I had a phone bill that cost me almost $100/month, without any extras or add-ons. It was incredibly expensive for the privilege of being able to talk on the phone, but I accepted it because I thought that everybody had a high phone bill. Here is what I learned in negotiating my bills. Don’t Try Too Often.

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10 Ways to Reduce Utility Bills

Couponing 101

Reducing utility bills is an easy and effective way of savings money around the house. Reducing your water not only helps with your bills, it also helps with making sure you’re not wasting water for no reason! While the upfront cost tends to be higher, these can save you so much on your power bills. Upgrade your shower head.

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20 Ways To Conserve Water and Save On Your Utility Bills

For the Mommas

20 Ways To Conserve Water and Save On Your Utility Bills. Continue reading 20 Ways To Conserve Water and Save On Your Utility Bills at Save $$ | Hot Coupons & Deals | Weekly Ad Previews | Matchups. Did you know you can save 6 litres of water a minute by turning off your tap while you brush your teeth.

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Competing With Yourself To Save On Utility Bills

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Unlike most people, I actually look forward to receiving my utility bills each month. I view each month’s bill – whether it be from the water company, the electric utility, or the natural gas provider – as a way to gauge how well I am doing in my efforts to both conserve energy and save money. Hard to believe?

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Which Bill Payments to Prioritize When You’re Broke

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Even though the future may offer a brighter hope, one thing that is dim at the moment of crisis and that is, even if you do not have any money anymore, the bills will continue to come. Good money management technique is what you need to get the bills paid. You still have to spend wisely on the priority bills stated here.

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