Bring on the Affordable Green Family Cars

Saving Cents With Sense

To drive “green," you don’t necessarily need to own a hybrid or an electric vehicle. While the latter options certainly boost your green lifestyle and save you additional dollars at the pump, a bevy of the other vehicle options are out there today that can get you more miles per gallon without the hybrid and electric sticker prices. The post Bring on the Affordable Green Family Cars appeared first on Saving Cents With Sense. Frugal green living

Homemade Finger Paint

The Frugal Girl

This post is part of a series of easy, frugal, green crafts for kids. The post Homemade Finger Paint appeared first on The Frugal Girl. I’m reprinting this in case you need an indoor activity with your kids in the middle of July!

Cool Things I Read This Week

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

RT @ Green_Panda Handling Your Finances – What is Being Frugal? Green Panda Treehouse [link] I am frugal and I am proud to be #. Tweet. 0 saves Save. Cool Things I Read This Week [link] #. 6 Ways to Save Money On a Gym Membership [link] #. RT @ wisebread Houses You Can Build Yourself | Wise Bread [link] Going to consider this if we decide to change residence. #.

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