How to Limit Distractions When You Work From Home

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There are times when I just can’t seem to focus on work. Working from home doesn’t really help the situation, since the line between work and other things can be blurred very easily. While I normally manage pretty well working from home, there are times that I need to make a real effort to limit distractions so that I can meet deadlines and stay on top of what needs to be done. If you have the room, create a work-only space.

Are You Cut Out For Working From Home?

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

For many people, working from home is a dream. Others, though, don’t really enjoy working from home. I enjoy working from home, and am glad that I have a career that allows me to do that. My husband, on the other hand, doesn’t enjoy working from home nearly as much. He’d rather go in to work than stay at home and work. When you work from home, your tasks are in the next room.


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How to Recharge When You Work from Home

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Working from home. Those of us who don’t work from home often romanticize the notion of working from home. People who work from home get to set their own schedule. If they don’t want to start work until 5 p.m., If they want to work in their pajamas, they can. Plus, they can do the laundry while they’re working. Sure, all of the above are benefits of working from home.

How to Save Electricity While You’re Working at Home

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It’s not novel news that working from home has become quite the norm these days. labour force now work from home full-time! It’s a complex situation, employees get to stay in the comfort of their homes but are pushed to ensure their productivity still meets the required standards. Many people are starting to like this new normal , however, there is an issue that people working from home are beginning to face every month.

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5 Eco-Friendly Tips for the Workplace

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Whether by bus, trolley, train or auto, the need to get to work hits everyone hard in a depressed economy. Join us in exploring ways to implement eco-friendly work from home tips, or to become more cost-effective working outside the home. Many people make attempts to save money on workday lunches and coffee stops, but fail miserably due to pressure from their workmates, and on-the-job stress. Eco-Friendly Ways to Work.

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Want Better Productivity? Stop Multi-Tasking!

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Multi-Tasking Doesn’t Work. According to the research that’s out there, multi-tasking doesn’t work. Those that multi-task have a harder time switching from one task to another, keeping out irrelevant images, and even have a hard time retrieving needed information. I find this is true in my own work environment. I turn off the TV and I avoid other distractions that pull me away from the task at hand. What works for you?

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Fun with your clothes on: 5 ways to get more out of your vacation

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Some people get so stressed that they wish for a vacation from their vacation. If you’re that far gone from having real fun, you can use these vacation tips to get yourself back on the fast track to travel bliss. I wanted to buy a ticket back home. Why are you taking your ipad, laptop and all the other electronic gizmos with you? Leave them at home! I absolutely love traveling.

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Work With What You've Got

Since we don’t work, we stay home. Lately, Nathan has been doing some consulting work from home, which means that I have not really had an access to the laptop. Hey there. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed reading your blogs. And OH how I’ve missed getting dressed. It’s been a rough time for me. As you know, I got laid off in November. My husband got laid off in December. It was, it IS rough.

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