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How to Save Electricity While You’re Working at Home

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Listed below are the 5 best measures you can take in order to conserve energy and save on monthly electricity bills. Perhaps the best way to save electricity is to cut down “on-screen time” when you’re not actually working. Conduct Electricity Audits. Your savings account will thank you. So, what to do?

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Daily Frugal Tip: Heat-Free Curls

Couponing 101

So I consider this frugal because it could save you from having to buy hair products, save electricity, and save time! or any hair products like gel or hair spray. I also spend less than 5 minutes doing my hair. By the way, the third method works best for my hair but didn’t work for my daughter’s hair.

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How to Buy an Eco-Friendly Home If You Can’t Afford to Build One

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

This one doesn’t relate to insulation but it’s as important when saving electricity. Durability aside, you can count on a brick home to be more welcoming in the event of a future eco-friendly interior overhaul if you ever choose to commit to one.

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9 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill This Summer

Saving With Shellie

” During the hottest days of August I can’t bear to turn up the thermostat to save electricity. These are just easy tips you can try to save electricity without sacrificing your sanity. These tips go beyond the typical “turn off the lights” and “turn up the thermostat.”

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