How to Save Electricity While You’re Working at Home

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Working professionals find it difficult to lower their electricity usage even after consulting an electrician. Listed below are the 5 best measures you can take in order to conserve energy and save on monthly electricity bills. Perhaps the best way to save electricity is to cut down “on-screen time” when you’re not actually working. Apply this principle to all your electrical appliances and you’ll save considerably on electricity usage.

Got any frugal electricity tips?

The Frugal Girl

Dear Kristen, I am teaching my younger children about electricity right now. We went outside and looked at the electric meter, and I told them about how the power company charges for every bit of electricity we use. The post Got any frugal electricity tips?

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How to Buy an Eco-Friendly Home If You Can’t Afford to Build One

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

This one doesn’t relate to insulation but it’s as important when saving electricity. But windows can allow energy to get sucked out at a rate that can cripple your electric and gas budgets as well as any effort on your part to maintain an environmentally responsible home. We’d all love to live in environmentally-friendly housing.

Daily Frugal Tip: Heat-Free Curls

Couponing 101

So I consider this frugal because it could save you from having to buy hair products, save electricity, and save time! Want gorgeous curls in under 5 minutes? Check out these Three No-Heat Hair Curling Methods ! In case you’re wondering how this is considered a frugal tip, since I have stumbled across these methods I haven’t had to use any heat styling methods whatsoever (blow dryer, curling iron, etc.) or any hair products like gel or hair spray.

9 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill This Summer

Saving With Shellie

I’ve got some simple ideas for how to lower your electric bill this summer. ” During the hottest days of August I can’t bear to turn up the thermostat to save electricity. These are just easy tips you can try to save electricity without sacrificing your sanity. This isn’t going to yield a huge savings, but it’s enough to make a difference. This can help you save a little more.

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