How Long Should You Keep Financial Documents

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Bank Statements - One nice thing (among many) about the electronic age is that banks keep statements online up to a couple of years. Our personal bank has statements online all the way back to 2006. This will help you avoid possible identity theft.

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Carnival of Financial Planning – Money Management Edition #236 – May 11, 2012

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After all it was not the people who caused the problem so why should they suffer while the banks get off scot-free? Larry presents Identity theft protection posted at Objective Financial Planner , saying, “As a threat to your financial security, you should take the potential for identity theft very seriously. Identity theft sometimes entails a loss of your money, but whether or not you lose money, it can take a very large amount of your time to rectify.”

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Carnival of Financial Planning – Money Management Edition #231

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Anisha Sekar presents Data Breaches and Identity Theft: How Much You Could Lose posted at NerdWallet , saying, “Thankfully, in the case of a data breach like Global Payments, your bank or credit union will shoulder most of the burden of keeping you safe, letting you know if your account is compromised and issuing a new card if necessary. Well break down some of the ways to keep your data safe, and tell you what your liability is if your identity is stolen.

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