My Coffee Pot Ate My Money: A Tale of Product Failure and Liability

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The most recent medical product liability case involves the birth control drug called Yaz. In this case , the drug maker, Bayer was made to pay $110 million to women who’ve experienced severe side effects while taking the supposedly safe birth control pill. The world has come a long way since houses were made of dung and sticks, and people used rocks and turtle shells as kitchen utensils.

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3 Real Ways in Which Stress Affects Your Body

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Those who do not feel comfortable with taking birth control or other hormone medication can consider alternative treatments like seed cycling or a controlled diet as suggested by a naturopath. Stress is bad for you. That’s old news. However, what we aren’t always aware of is how many of our health problems that are affecting our everyday lives are rooted in chronic stress.

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Are You Financially Ready For Kids?

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Therefore, consider taking out a year to knock-out debt before getting off of the birth control. Children. They are miracles, they are blessings and something else that they are is very expensive. According to an article that was published on Investment News last June, it costs approximately $235,000 to raise a child and that’s not even counting their college tuition !