Insuring Your Car: Online Car Insurance vs. Insurance Agent

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Getting insurance for your car, whether it is a hybrid, diesel, electric, or gas powered is the same process for everyone. Vehicle owners face a variety of insurance options with many companies competing for their business. But which is the cheapest way to buy insurance?


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Insurance plans are a vital part of every person’s life for it acts as a safety net for when an individual is in need of monetary assistance due to certain circumstances. In the finance industry, there is a large assortment of insurance plans ranging from health, home, vehicle, travel and even life insurance that an individual can opt for to protect his assets better and be equipped to handle any unfortunate incident that were to occur concerning the particular insurance policy.

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5 Insurance Issues for Entrepreneurs

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One of the items that many entrepreneurs overlook when they get started is insurance. When you’re starting a business, it doesn’t seem important to worry overmuch about insurance. Here are 5 insurance issues to watch out for: 1. Life Insurance.

Stop Paying Too Much for Insurance

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Are you paying too much for insurance? Remember, a Canadian house insurance quote is free , so there’s no reason just assume your current premium level is as low as it could be. Whether you’re currently without any life insurance or want to investigate lower rates, keep in mind that you can usually get discounts if you are in excellent health and don’t participate in risky activities like hang gliding or rock climbing.

Which Insurance Policies Should You Absolutely Have?

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Even though many of us grumble about paying insurance premiums, the reality is that insurance is necessary for many of us. Insurance is designed to help us cover the costs associated with replacing expensive assets. Insurance helps you manage your finances.

Who Needs Umbrella Liability Insurance?

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Have you ever felt like buying insurance was the biggest ripoff ever? What is umbrella liability insurance? Typically, you are required to have a basic policy with liability coverage before you can buy umbrella insurance. How much does umbrella liability insurance cost?

Gerber Life Insurance

Get the grow-up plan for your baby with Gerber Life Insurance. Apply Now and receive a FREE Child Safety ID Card ! Freebies & Free Samples

Why We Left Traditional Health Insurance

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Health insurance is a touchy subject. Instead I’m writing about my family’s experience with traditional health insurance and how it has affected OUR finances. Health insurance prior to October 2003 for me and my husband was pretty standard for that time.

Protect Your Home – Don’t Go Without Home Insurance

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When the house burned down, the community learned that the owners of the home didn’t have insurance on it. I believe that home insurance should be mandatory for every home owner. Importance of Home Insurance. Don’t be stranded without insurance when your house is flooding.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

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The most essential priority after buying a new vehicle is to get it covered by insurance. Though it is not very difficult now to get an estimate for the car insurance, you may need help understanding the terms and benefits that one is likely to get out of the insurance.

Earthquake Insurance

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Oklahoma residents, be sure your home owners or renters insurance covers earthquakes. Like flood insurance, it''s not always automatic coverage

Your Car Insurance Rates Can Be Lower If…

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I’ve found that one of the most annoying aspects of being a car owner is the insurance. Don’t get me wrong, I still think school is evil, but I’ve grown to realize that it was a necessary evil, and the same applies for insurance, as tedious as it is, it’s very, very important.

Adequate Insurance Equals Peace of Mind

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You might remember an earlier article of mine, explaining the importance of home insurance. I wrote a little snippet about a neighbor’s vacation home that burnt to the ground, and sadly, the homeowners weren’t adequately insured. In this day and age, it’s pretty uncommon for homeowners to lack insurance as most lenders and mortgagers required a pretty stringent policy. However, there are those that have insurance and it’s just simply not adequate enough.

Free Amazon Echo Auto for Nationwide Insurance Policy Holders

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Free Amazon Echo Auto for Nationwide Insurance Policy Holders. Select Nationwide Insurance Policy Holders can score a free Amazon Echo Auto ! Continue reading Free Amazon Echo Auto for Nationwide Insurance Policy Holders at FTM.

Why We Chose Medi-Share, an affordable solution to traditional health insurance

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Health insurance is a touchy subject and everyone has a different point of view depending on their own life experience. For us, health insurance became a thorn in our side many years ago when I left a corporate job with benefits for a life of self-employment.

Is It Worth It To Purchase Insurance For Your Smartphone?

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And, being that it’s not the cheapest cell phone in the world, it’s also understandable why you may be contemplating if you should get insurance for it. Also, you might want to double-check with your homeowner’s insurance company as well.

Is it Time to Switch Auto Insurance Companies?

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Many auto insurance policyholders pay far more than they ought to for their insurance coverage. There are plenty of ways drivers can work to save money on their premiums and reduce the cost of being insured. Compare Top Insurance Providers. Consider Specialty Insurers.

Buying a Home With the Help of Mortgage Insurance

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If you’re one of the many people who can’t afford to put down the preferred 20% down payment, then you will be required by the lender to get mortgage insurance. The Definition of Mortgage Insurance. Mortgage Insurance Financial Benefits. Additional Benefits to Mortgage Insurance.

5 Tips on Buying Employee Liability Insurance

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This makes it important to find suitable public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance which covers any of your employee’s mistakes. Therefore is it important to take out employers liability insurance. Related posts: How to Save Money on Car Insurance.

Save money on home insurance – Get the right sum insured!

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Our home insurance policy comes with a blanket sum insured covering the buildings and contents. I imagine it’s a really economical way to provide insurance for the insurance company itself, because they don’t have to underwrite each risk individually, just bung a bunch of bog-standard risks into a basic policy. Finance buildings insurance home insurance

Dental insurance – Save cash on your gnashers

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Health & Beauty dental insurance dentist insurance Here I sit, tapping away at my keyboard, half way through a course of antibiotics with a fierce toothache still raging. A very badly fitted crown, done twenty years ago at great expense, is finally making itself felt. It’s the worst crown my current dentist has ever seen, and right now I’m feeling like my. read more.

Cheaper car and life insurance for women

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Finance cheap car insurance for women cheap life assurance for womenHappy New Year! It’s 2013 and today’s the first real day we all get back to normal. Back to work, back to the old routine, it’s an excellent time to start new habits and ditch old ones.

Tips for speeding up insurance claims after tornado & storm damage

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From the vault of Bargain Mom posts, this one could help speed up insurance claims. cat:Bargains Deals

Meditec- 15% Off Insurance Career Training Programs w/ BUSINESS

15% Off Insurance Career Training Programs w/ BUSINESS at

Pay as you drive insurance – will it save you money?

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Car insurance can cost a bomb, especially if you’re under twenty five and drive something expensive or powerful. Have you heard of ‘pay as you drive’ motor insurance? If you want to cut the cost of car insurance, it might be just the thing. Travel car insurance Here’s how it works You fit a gadget called a smartbox. read more.

The future of insurance, cheaper and better: Peer to peer protection

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I spent fifteen years working in insurance direct marketing which, loosely translated, means I sent out millions of pieces of direct mail to people. As a result I know exactly how much people dislike insurance and how little they enjoy buying it!

LearnInsurance- Insurance Prelicensing + Exam Prep for $49.77 w/ code: PL

Insurance Prelicensing + Exam Prep for $49.77 w/ code: PL [Exp 12/31/14

Save money with gap insurance… and get the best deal, guaranteed

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If you haven’t heard of Gap Insurance it’s pretty useful stuff, especially if you’ve bought a vehicle on finance. And Ala Insurance’s guarantee that you’ll get the lowest possible price for gap cover with our discount codes is pretty damn useful too. discount codes cheap gap insurance gap insurance discount codesSave money with what?!

10 Tickets that raise your car insurance rates via MSN Money

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Check out 10 tickets that will raise your insurance rate. Bargains Deals automotive

Save On Car Insurance With eSurance!

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One of biggest tips for reducing your budget is to go over your monthly bills every six months and believe it or not, some of my biggest savings has been on car insurance.

Office Depot Offering “Pen Insurance” for the “World’s Most Stolen Pen”

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Everyone knows what it’s like to be a victim of pen theft, and now Office Depot is the first retailer to allow consumers to take out an “insurance policy” on this most stolen item. Printable Coupons Office Depot Offering "Pen Insurance" for the "World's Most Stolen Pen

Get Your Flu Shot @ CVS ~ If You Don't Have Insurance Receive a $5 Gift Card

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They accept many insurance plans but if you are not covered and choose to get your shot at CVS you will receive a $5 gift card. CVS offers flu shots at the pharmacy--so if you plan on getting one this year you may want to while you do your CVS deal shopping. Last year they were $29.95, I have not seen a price listed for this year. You can call and make an appointment or schedule one online--. cvs flu shots

Tips for speeding up insurance claims after Monday's straight line wind damage

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Here are some tips for getting your insurance claims moving: cat:Bargains DealsMost victims of yesterday's tornadoes or straight line winds will not have access the internet so if you could share these tips with them I'm sure they would appreciate it.

Safeway Ad California 3/2 – 3/8 – awesome deals

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This is Safeway ad 3/2 – 3/ 8 with coupon matchups for the California people. There are awesome deals this week. Safeway does take coupons, however, be sure to read about their coupon policy. Safeway California locations. Share this list via email. Mar 2 - 8. Multi-Item Deals. Friday Only.

Safeway Ad California 3/2 – 3/8 – awesome deals

Coupons Do Work

This is Safeway ad 3/2 – 3/ 8 with coupon matchups for the California people. There are awesome deals this week. Safeway does take coupons, however, be sure to read about their coupon policy. Safeway California locations. Share this list via email. Mar 2 - 8. Multi-Item Deals. Friday Only.

Get the Best Rate On Auto Insurance | Quick Online Quote

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When was the last time you compared rates on your auto insurance? The post Get the Best Rate On Auto Insurance | Quick Online Quote appeared first on Saving Everyday. If you want to know if you are getting the best rate, check this out! It’s super easy and convenient!

Good Sam Club – Discounts, Products & Services for RVers – Save up to 70% on life insurance

Save up to 70% on life insurance with Good Sam Term Life! Related coupons. Good Sam Club – Discounts, Products & Services for RVers – 24/7 Unlimited Distance Towing for all vehicles. Coupon Codes | Coupons and Deals from MeFindCoupon

Tips for speeding up insurance claims for Alabama January Tornado Victims

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Most victims of yesterday's tornadoes will not have internet access so if you could share these tips with them I'm sure they would appreciate it. It can be hard to know where to start. Bargains Deals

Marnie's Coupon-a-ram-a: Do a Budget Check Up

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Can you save on insurance costs? This year, we found a company that offered us a drastically reduced bill on our various insurance coverages if we did them all thru them. Marnies Coupon-a-ram-a. Saving money by smart shopping and using frugal ideas. Pages. Starting Out.

Where CAN We Travel?

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Travelers must also have health insurance covering COVID-19 or sign a declaration agreeing to cover the costs of treatment and isolation. Do you need travel insurance? Can you get insurance that covers COVID?

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Get your car in good order in time for winter…

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… and save cash on repairs, maintenance and insurance. And anything you can do to avoid an insurance claim is worth doing, to keep your premiums as low as. Travel safe driving saves money save on car insuranceAs a general rule it costs less to fix something before it goes horribly wrong than wait for the worst to happen. Cars are no exception. read more.

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Keeping your finger firmly on the money pulse

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Finance HMRC home insurance mortgages tax disc There’s a constant stream of news that affects our finances, either directly or indirectly.

Five Frugal Things | shorts, period undies, and more

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I tried to get a car insurance discount. However, I did find out that a credit is being issued to us in May, since the insurer’s costs are so low right now. And a second credit will come at the end of the year, based on the insurer’s expenses at year’s end.

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