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Shop Easter Essentials at Dollar Tree

Couponing 101

You can also buy bulk packs of Easter-themed cellophane gift bags to put your goodies in ($1/25ct.) Dollar Tree also has classic Easter treats like Peeps marshmallow bunnies ($1/8ct.), solid chocolate bunnies ($1/each), and caramel easter eggs ($1/5oz.). and festive decorative mesh ribbon to wrap them with ($1/5yd.).

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Go Green This Halloween

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

My daughter-in-law came up with this idea, buying bulk pumpkins and bulk flowers. Re-purpose it into a bird-feeder by putting a dowel rod through the holes, hanging string on the dowels and filling it with birdseed. Decorate for the next fall holiday with it. Use pumpkins at your wedding as flower baskets.

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Summer Camp Activites for Kids for a Winter Business Opportunity

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

When I worked, I used to buy tins of popcorn from Topsy’s to treat the folks I managed. We will buy bulk popcorn (the kind we all used to use – not the kind you throw in the microwave) and pop it ourselves in a pan with some shortening. We all loved their caramel corn and cinnamon corn. Caramel corn recipe.

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Giveaway #6: $100 Whole Foods Gift Card

Saving Cents With Sense

Then you buy only 1 serving. Buying bulk also helps you save on the cost of packaging. If you are buying a lot, or just a little, buying in bulk is perfect because you pay for exactly the amount you want. Buy in season and local (if possible). How does this help you save? Only need 1 serving?

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I am confused by “restocking” videos

The Frugal Girl

I should add: obviously if you buy bulk foods from a packaging-free/low-packaging store, then it makes sense to put that food into containers. I know at Whole Foods, you used to dispense bulk food into a thin plastic bag, which was clearly not meant for long-term storage. No need to pay for a label.

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