Go Green This Halloween

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

We do put up decorations (ones I buy at garage sales or thrift stores and reuse each year). Buy one then sell, donate or exchange it. Don’t buy, make. My daughter-in-law came up with this idea, buying bulk pumpkins and bulk flowers. Like me, buy them used and then reuse them each year. Fall is once again upon us and with it the fun and festivities surrounding Halloween.

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Shop Easter Essentials at Dollar Tree

Couponing 101

You can also buy bulk packs of Easter-themed cellophane gift bags to put your goodies in ($1/25ct.) Easter is just a few weeks away and that means it’s time to start thinking about those Easter baskets! Whether you’re putting together simple goody bags for a classroom or an ultimate Easter basket for your child, you can get everything you need at Dollar Tree. Yes, Dollar Tree! Shop small basket-stuffers like Easter pencils ($1/12ct.), bunny erasers ($1/8ct.)


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Summer Camp Activites for Kids for a Winter Business Opportunity

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

When I worked, I used to buy tins of popcorn from Topsy’s to treat the folks I managed. We will buy bulk popcorn (the kind we all used to use – not the kind you throw in the microwave) and pop it ourselves in a pan with some shortening. Bulk popcorn is pretty reasonable. I’ve been inspired!

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Giveaway #6: $100 Whole Foods Gift Card

Saving Cents With Sense

Know your prices, understand sale cycles, shop with coupons (check the organic coupons and gluten-free coupons round up each week), check store specials, meal plan, and only buy what you know you will use. These really are basic principles that apply to anything you are buying, not just health food, but they are good reminders for all of us. Shop the bulk bins. If you haven’t checked out the bulk area at your Whole Foods yet, make sure you head there first next time you shop.