How To Re-use Common Items

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If something is useful and I might personally use it later, it gets saved and used again. Common Items to Re-Use and How to Re-Use Them. Zip lock bags are routinely washed and used again for food (or other) storage.

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Used Furniture – Re-purpose, Recycle, Re-use.

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But there are ways to save – consider used furniture. While most folks consider wood and metal used furniture to be quite restorable, many turn their noses up at re-using fabric covered items. You can also find older, quality items at used furniture stores.

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Homespun Alchemy ™: Creative Re~Use and Garden Magic.Sort of.

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Using the canning~jar~lid~insert as a pattern.I traced circles atop the new fry~screen and then cut them out using the scissors. Use it liberally. HomeSpun Alchemy ™;Creative Re~Use; Garden Magic Sprouting" We're sprouting new ideas all the time."

5 reasons your homemade pizza is terrible (or meh)

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If you’re happy with your homemade pizzas, then just ignore this post. Then I can use a pizza peel (an overturned cookie sheet works too) to slide the pizza (on parchment paper) onto the hot stone. (I I just use a basic pizza stone, like this one.

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Christie's Broccoli & Feta casserole alternative

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Nice alternative to the high calorie broccoli casserole versions we''re used too. cat:Bargains Deals

SavingStar: New deals on Starbucks, Nutella & more

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If you''re using SavingStar there are some new deals for you. cat:Bargains Deals

7 Ways to Reduce Household Waste

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From food waste to packaging to disposable items, there are a lot of resources being used by humans. A meal plan can be one of the best ways to avoid last-minute takeout runs, as well as ensure that you have a way to use the food you buy. Find Ways to Re-Use as Much As You Can.

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Free Printable Mason Jar Labels

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These go perfectly with the 10 different uses for mason jars , especially if you’re using your jars to store various foods. Aren’t these Printable Mason Jar Labels just adorable?

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Wood Watches by JORD Product Review

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Consideration of best use and added benefit are central to their decision making process. Their methods ensure that their watches are not just worn, they’re used. This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content, read our Disclosure Policy.

Do You Know a Millionaire Garage Sale-er?

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Millionaires like to use their time efficiently. To Practice Re-use. Garage sales afford an optimal way to get access products to be re-used. Some millionaires buy and re-sell goods. This post was written by Marie. A lot of us frequent garage sales.

Silicone Baking Mats 2-Pack Set $13.36

For the Mommas

I love using my silicone baking mats when baking cookies. The cookies never stick, and I love that I can re-use them over and over again. Right now on Amazon you can get these Artisan Metal Works Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mats 2-Pack Set for $13.36 (Reg. 27.99).

Ten Paper Products To Cross Off Your Grocery List | Kitchen Economics Link Up

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Try replacing some paper products on your list with cloth and re-usable products that you probably have around the house and you will not only reduce your grocery spending, but you will also reduce your waste. I use flannel hankies during sniffle season. Use them for your garbage.

Interview with a Self-Made Millionaire

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For so long, we plodded along with next to nothing while our neighbors were running up their charge cards and using home equity loans to take vacations. I remember that we re-used our coffee grounds. Me: What do you mean, re-used your coffee grounds?

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Save Money on Hair Care

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Now, if you’re not blonde, you may not know what naturally blonde hair entails. I’ve since washed my hair every second day, which I found saves me a surprising amount of money on shampoo and conditioner, as you are using half as much in a month.

Day 4 of 31 Days to Slash your Grocery Budget: Pantry Challenge

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Today, we’re going to plan meals using those inventories of foods you found in your pantry, fridge, and freezer. And hopefully, your next shopping trip won’t be as expensive, because you’re using food already in your kitchen.

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How to Save Money on Water Costs

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Cutting back on how much water you use doesn’t just do your wallet a favour – it’s also better for the environment. Using less water reduces the strain on bodies of water and conserves. If you’re spending too much time in the shower, why not use a shower timer to help you cut back?

How to Save Money by Greening your Wardrobe

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If you’re like me, you are always looking for ways to save money, even if it’s only a little bit each week or month. Whatever you choose, you will be de-cluttering your home, recycling, re-using and maybe making a bit of money as well.

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Are You Letting Your Luxuries Become Needs?

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It allows loved ones to contact us, and it can be useful when you are in an emergency situation. Just because you’re used to having something in your life doesn’t mean that it’s a true need.

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Thor – Movie Review

Not sure why, maybe cos we’re using Netflix to save on our entertainment costs but I decided that Thor was a movie that required the full movie experience. I’ve just been to the movies with my family for the first time in about 6 months.

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Kohl’s: T-Fal Inspirations Red 20-pc. Nonstick Aluminum Cookware Set As Low As $38 + FREE Shipping! *Super Hot*

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If you enjoy cooking, you're in for a nice treat. This is a HOT deal that you can get after use of discount code, Kohl's charge, Kohl's Cash reward, rebates and cashback, which turns this into a great savings. with FREE Shipping (use code SHIPFREE ) at Kohl’s.

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Save Money and Time with Once a Month Cooking

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We used to love eating out, but as our family grew, so did the expense of eating out. One strategy I used to make dinner time more bearable was to begin making freezer meals. If you’re not sure which recipes would work, there are plenty of places you can look to find recipes.

Redbox Buys Blockbuster Express | Use Any Groupons

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Until the transaction is completed (we anticipate in the third quarter of 2012), you will continue to enjoy the convenience, choice, and value you’re used to from BLOCKBUSTER Express. If you have any Blockbuster Express Groupons, I would use them up!

10 Upcycled Storage Solutions

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After my “tidying up” adventures , I was inspired to find other ways of using everyday items to organize my life, otherwise known as my upcycled storage solutions! I like the idea of transforming items that I usually throw away into something useful.

Friday Links – Week Three of Chaos

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If you’re in the market for new insurance, make sure to read Deanne’s post about how much life insurance you need at Brighter Life. 10 reasons you’re broke. How to re-use common items. Hi everyone. This week has been as hectic as the last two.

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Stay on track with bringing your lunch to work

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We get used to that and if we don’t have to go get food we often feel like we didn’t have a break. Don’t let brown bagging your lunch cramp your breaks; eat your lunch but make sure to get out and about, if that is what you’re used to. I started a new job last month.

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Simple But Effective Steps of Waste Management

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If you are looking to improve how you handle waste management, you should be using ways that help you keep the amount of waste at a low level. Getting products that you can use and re-use is also another great way of generating less waste. There are numerous products both at your home and office that can be easily recycled and used for something else. Prevention is better than having to deal with a problem due to negligence.

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Gardening on the cheap – 11 cool tips

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Or you can re-use, re-purpose and recycle everyday bits and bobs and trim the cost right back. You can spend a fortune on gardening. Here’s my top 11 tips for saving money on the green stuff. grow seeds in cardboard egg boxes. Because they retain moisture they do a great job forget weed killers. read more. Home & Garden cheap gardening tips save money on gardening

Friday Links – Whirlwind Edition

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If you’re contemplating switching jobs and have an HSA with your current employer, don’t miss Michael’s post about what to do with your HSA when you leave a job at Financial Ramblings. How to Re-use Common Items.

The fine art of haggling – They can only say no!

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I live in Brighton and we’re used to it, with the city’s countless independent shops, boot fairs, vintage outlets, boot fairs and junk emporia. We’re often. Have you ever haggled? And bargaining can cut the cost of buying second hand (and occasionally new) stuff by a handy amount. Being British, it doesn’t always come naturally. read more. Discounts & Tips getting the best price learn to haggle

How Your House or Business Can Invest in a Greener Planet

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By doing this you don’t only help everybody on the globe by using green energy , you also help yourself. Fossil fuels continue to ruin our environment, and as they are also running out it is time for us to understand how we can use renewable energy for all of our business and home needs.

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Fit a programmable thermostat and save 10-20% on heating bills

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We’ve just switched our heating on and I’m very aware of the amount of energy we’re using this year. Prices keep going up but they very rarely go back down. It’s getting more and more expensive to keep warm, but there’s a clever little gadget that might be just the thing. I’ve been investigating programmable. read more. Seasonal programmable thermostats save money on heating

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Your Car Insurance Rates Can Be Lower If…

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The worse the rap sheet, the higher the premium, so don’t speed, don’t drink and drive, and if you feel you’re channeling the inner spirit of the lead from that action movie you just saw, just don’t. If you use all the safety gadgets.

How We’re Saving Money On Water Even Though We Live in the Desert

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Even though we live in the desert, we’re finding ways to conserve water and keep our monthly water bill low. Strategies We’re Using to Conserve Water. We use our rice cooker almost every day. Strategies We Plan to Use in the Future.

10 Ways to Reduce Utility Bills

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Reducing your water not only helps with your bills, it also helps with making sure you’re not wasting water for no reason! Use CFL or LED bulbs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs. Use a smart power strip.

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Avoid Toxic Skincare Products In Minutes Flat

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Whether it’s because “green” is in or because summer is coming to an end, lately I have been asked by almost everyone I know about the safety of the skincare products they have been using. Then, it’s time to get educated about the products you purchase and use every day on your body.

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How to Build a Bird Feeder from Recycled Materials

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Use the craft knife to cut the first cross and then make it a small circle, to fit the handle of the wooden spoon. If you have used a large soda bottle, repeat this process on the other side of the bottle. So, do have any junk laying around you can put to use and feed the birds with?

Affordable Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

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If you’re using sprinklers to water your lawn anyway, you and your family might as well use the water to cool off before it soaks into the ground. After all, if you’re showering in cold water, you can save the money it would ordinarily cost to heat that water.

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6 Reasons to Meal Plan

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If you’re used to being spontaneous with your choice of meals, the idea of planning your meals for the week in advance might seem tedious and unappealing, but there are some definite advantages involved.

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Saving Money by Taking Your Own Lunches to Work

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If you work out how much you’re spending on work lunches in the average work week, you might be surprised to know just how much money is being frittered away. This doesn’t require much more effort than what you were already doing and is perfect if you’re always pushed for time in the mornings!

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Should Parents Pay For Good Grades?

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Parents who pay for grades believe that if used as part of a fully supportive in-family system with the right expectations and intermediate recognition of successes, it works.

15 Ways to Reduce Energy Costs

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If you know exactly how much energy you’re using, you can take appropriate measures to cut back. Switch off appliances when they’re not in use. Turn off lights and electric appliances when you’re not using them, and this includes leaving them on standby.

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Don’t Recycle, Reuse

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When you can reuse or re-purpose an item, you are not only saving it from the landfills, but you are also saving the expense and energy which would have been expended when you recycle. To keep our kitchen trash can clean, we use either a heavy paper bag or a small plastic bag.

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Put Your Budget on a Diet: Saving Money by Living Medium

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Megamarts like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Aldi’s, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and even franchised grocery stores carry the same quality of goods that you’re used to buying, but they don’t carry the overhead costs that come with the big names. Used Doesn’t Mean Abused.