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Ten Ways to Protect Your Family from Identity Theft

For the Mommas

Ten Ways to Protect Your Family from Identity Theft. Identity theft is increasingly a concern for families. With hackers tapping into major businessesí credit card information, and credit card companies issuing offers to your toddler, you never know where or how your information can fall into the wrong hands.

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Spring Clean.Your Home Office

Family Balance Sheet

What does your home office look like right now? As of Wednesday afternoon, my home office looked exactly like the above picture. As soon as I finished the project that was causing much of my mess, I decided that my office needed a good spring clean up. Six Tips to a more Manageable Home Office : 1. once again.

Office 147

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How Long Should You Keep Financial Documents

Family Balance Sheet

Are your financial documents piled up in the corner of your office or under your desk? Credit Card Statements - These can also be found online, so I'm not sure a paper copy is necessary, unless you need it for documentation for tax deductions, then see Taxes below. This will help you avoid possible identity theft.

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How to Freeze Your Credit

Savings Corner

If you have a credit freeze and are considering adding a credit monitoring service, you will likely have to contact each credit bureau to lift the freeze. Once you add the monitoring service, you’ll need to refreeze your credit. Credit freeze or credit lock?

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