Being Intentional With My Time, Finances, and Food – My Goals for 2012

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I find it pretty funny that I’m writing this post about my desire to be intentional about 2 weeks past it’s due date……I’m a work in progress. I have a lot few specific areas I want to work on: 1. So far, the schedule is working!

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How to Recharge When You Work from Home

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Working from home. Those of us who don’t work from home often romanticize the notion of working from home. People who work from home get to set their own schedule. If they don’t want to start work until 5 p.m.,

Take Control of Your Money in 2015

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My husband and I make some financial goals at the start of every year. Although it will take hard work and sacrifice on our part. 15 Ways to Stay Organised at Work During 2015 | Elizabeth Harrin @ A Girl’s Guide to Project Management. New year. Fresh start.

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10 Ways to Find Cash for your Summer Vacation

Family Balance Sheet

Vacations can be costly, but my husband and I are firm believers that everyone needs to recharge by getting away from work, and/or school. Every summer we take a week to focus on our girls, fitness, good food and spending time with our extended family that we vacation with.

Frugal Travel Tips

Couponing 101

The following is a guest post by Rachel at Surviving The Stores. Hopefully the traveling will calm down soon… we are very ready to be at home for several weeks in a row! Can you believe how much a bottle of water costs at the convenience stores?

Stock Up on Your Favorite Beauty Products at Kroger

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I’ve shopped at Kroger for as long as I can remember. After spending a lot of money on products that don’t work, I’ve learned to stick with what does. My go-to beauty products at Kroger!