Our 2019 Financial Goal

Family Balance Sheet

In previous years, I would create a long list of financial goals, only to have little accomplished by the end of the December. I almost stopped writing goals down altogether. Our 2018 Financial Goals: Finish our Will. I’m very motivated to focus on one goal this year.

My Personal Goals for 2018

Family Balance Sheet

2017 was a great year, but for some reason I did not create personal goals for myself last January. Everyone who rocks goals talks about accountability, so this year I’m sharing a few top personal goals that I made for myself and I’ll update you throughout the year on my progress. My goals are completely attainable, but they will still stretch me t o be more intentional with my time. These are just my personal goals. My 2018 Personal Goals

2018 100

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Our 2018 Financial Goals

Family Balance Sheet

Did you make 2018 financial goals ? My husband and I discussed some ideas over our holiday break and we decided on 2 solid must-achieve financial goals for the year. If we complete them early, we’ll move on to 2 additional goals that are on our radar. Our 2 Main Financial Goals for 2018: 1 – Finish the will. 2 Additional Goals: If we save the $10k early, we’d like to work on the following 2 goals. Apply any Found Money to our Goals.

My 2020 Financial Goals & A Recap of 2019

Family Balance Sheet

ALSO our 2019 Financial Goal!). This is a work in progress and I feel it will always by my goal. This will always be a work in progress and you’ll understand why it will be more crucial for me when you read my 2020 goals below!

2020 130

I Achieved at Least One 2012 Goal

Family Balance Sheet

Back in January of this year, I made a bold list of personal goals. Today, I'm happy to report that this past weekend, I achieved one of those goals. won't get into the status of the other goals, that is not important at this time. Actually I think it was my only goal for 2011.

Goals 180

6 Tips for Setting Better Goals

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Goal setting seems to be one of the Things That We Do in our society. Reaching for goals can be a good thing. Unfortunately, setting goals effectively can trip you up. Your first step when setting a goal is to choose something that matters. Focus On One Goal At A Time.

Goals 242

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals (tips from the achievers)

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Wonder what sets you apart from the people that seem to crush their financial goals? with their goals. These folks didn’t corner the market on goal success either, instead they just got the task DONE. His 2017 goal is to make $100,000 in online income.

How to Make your Life Better by Setting Goals

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Much has been written about the importance of setting goals to achieve success but I think it is also an important strategy when wondering how to make life better for yourself. Establishing goals will be a major step in achieving what you want in life.

Goals 245

Our Big Financial Goal for 2016

Family Balance Sheet

It has been my obsession goal since we found ourselves in a dicey situation back in August 2013. Fortunately, I’ve never met a goal I couldn’t handle. The goal is to reduce our monthly spending where we can to find extra money to apply to our debt.

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

Family Balance Sheet

At my age, my parents had 20 years of kid-free living ahead of them to focus on their own career goals and to save for their retirement. We have a long way to go before we accomplish our goals and reach debt freedom, but my husband and I are starting to see momentum and progress.

Goals 236

For Better Savings: Use Sub Accounts to Differentiate Your Goals

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

It’s fun to watch your account grow, but at the same time, if you have different goals for the money, having everything in one account can be problematic, since you aren’t able to identify which money is earmarked for a specific goal.

Goals 223

2012 Goals: Personal & Family

Family Balance Sheet

Recently, we were discussing that when the two of us write down our joint goals, we nail them every time. So on this looooong drive, we talked through our family goals and our own personal goals. My Personal Goals. Our Family Goals. Household Goals. Have you made some goals and plans for the new year? Happy New Year! My husband and I had a four hour drive on Christmas day to visit his family.

Goals 125

Setting Financial Goals: Make Them Smart and Simple

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

You’ve heard the saying that nothing worthwhile is achieved without a goal? Setting financial goals is an important part of planning to achieve financial security and have enough money in your retirement years to live the way you want. You may have heard that all goals should be SMART.

A Better Way to Achieve Your Goals This Year

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How are you doing with your goals? But for all good intentions, only a tiny fraction of us keep our resolutions; University of Scranton research suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals” ( Forbes ). She’s met her goal, but she hasn’t changed her habits.

Goals 179

5 Things the Marathon Taught Me About Goals

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

When we set new goals, we attack them with frenzied fervor, then burn out in a matter of days, or weeks if we’re lucky. miles, I began to apply a similar strategy to my other goals. For instance, I set myself a goal of learning to code this year.

Goals 239

2012 Financial Goals

Family Balance Sheet

We talked through some issues and opportunities for our business and our personal, family, and financial goals. Our 2012 Financial Goals. We have set a goal date of July 2015 to pay off all of our debt. These goals are epic for us. These goals will not be achieved by just reducing our spending; we will have to increase our income as well. What financial goals did you make for 2012?

5 Steps to Crush Debt in 2016 + FREE Debt Payoff Goal Tracker

Family Balance Sheet

We need to find/earn even more money each month to throw at the debt to make our goal by December 31, 2016. It’s a crazy goal, but I like a challenge and I’m looking forward to our reward when everything is paid off. What are you willing to give up to reach your goal?

Debt 204

Best Planners for Meeting Your Goals in 2020

Couponing 101

As a professional, you might want a planner to keep track of your meetings, tasks, and goals. For parents, we like planners that leave enough room for all the important activities and goals while leaving enough space for a little personal pep talk. Life is a juggling act.

2020 60

What to Do When You and Your Spouse Have Differing Financial Goals

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

We knew that we would at least partially combine our finances when we were officially married, but when we were making our combined budget before going to the bank and officially combining, we hit a bit of a road block when we realized that we have a huge disparity in our financial goals.

8 Ways to Reach Your Goals

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

We often approach goals as a chance to change. Setting a goal is our chance to finally save that money, lose that weight, or exercise more. But what happens a few weeks or months later after setting that goal? This year, why not take a different approach to your goals.

Goals 151

Goal Zero – Light-A-Life LED Lantern $19.99 {Reg $40}

For the Mommas

Goal Zero – Light-A-Life LED Lantern $19.99 {Reg $40}. Only for today, Best Buy has Goal Zero – Light-A-Life LED Lantern for $19.99 {Reg $40}. Make your campsite a brighter place with this 350-lumen Goal Zero Light-a-Life LED light.

Goals 56

10 Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions and Goals

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

If you are like the majority of us, then you spent the last couple of days in 2010 coming up with your goals for 2011. Coming up with our list of goals is not usually an issue… it’s sticking to them. Choose realistic goals. Don’t make too many goals.

Goals 186

Goal-setting for penny pinchers

Discount Coder UK

Goal setting’ is big in business. Discounts & Tips money saving goals setting goalsIf you’ve ever attended a training or coaching session you’ll know Trainers and Coaches are pretty keen on it too. And rightly so.

Goals 60

5 Steps to Succeeding Your Goals

Family Balance Sheet

As I planned my goals for 2012, I realized that I made only one goal for myself in 2011. I was racing to beat my personal goal of a 10 minute mile pace. Over the course of 2011, I learned some lessons about myself and how I respond to goals. I learned so much that I hope to apply these lessons to my personal and financial goals for 2012. 5 Steps to Succeeding Your Goals. Set a Specific Goal. Again, the fall race was a perfect fit for my goal.

Goals 118

What are YOUR Financial Goals? | 31 Days to Organize Your Finances

Family Balance Sheet

By the end of the month, my goal is to help you have a detailed financial plan for your family. Today’s assignment: List your SMART financial goals. Earlier this year, my husband and I wrote a specific list of financial goals and named it Our Debt Freedom Plan. goals.

Goals for 2012

Saving SAHM Sanity

I still enjoy setting goals, but knowing I'll be in school full time from the end of January-May, then again from September-December, I'm keeping my goals simple-ish. I've had the goal to purge all the unwanted crap from my home many times, but after a month or two I have no steam left and never seem to get rid of as much stuff as I'd like to. I've set 12 small goals I'd like to achieve over the next year that will hopefully put me in better shape. My 2012 Goals

Goals 40

How Yoga Helped Me Reach My Goals and Be a Better Person

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

How many of us have set goals and found it hard to reach them? Well today I want to share with you how yoga can help you in reaching your goals. However, these factors can all be overcome by working toward your goal on a daily basis, and taking life one-step-at- a-time.

Goals 213

Why One of My Goals in 2014 is to Limit Time with Technology

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

I, like many humans, am a creature of habit, and tend to settle right in to routine and the daily tick, tick, tick that consistency creates. In 2013, one of my favourite habits that I fell into was my Saturday morning productivity storm. Saturday mornings were mine alone.

2014 192

a 2020 summer bucket list (such as it is!)

The Frugal Girl

GoalsThis summer is probably not going to be quite like any of us had anticipated. Pandemics have a way of interrupting plans a bit. In fact, I hadn’t even though about my annual summer bucket list until a reader emailed to remind me.

2020 184

Free 2011 Goals & Priorities Diary Download

For the Mommas

Head over to Facebook to download a free copy of 2011 Goals & Priorities Diary. Read more about Free 2011 Goals & Priorities Diary Download. Don't miss the newest deals.

2011 82

Frugal Tip Monday-2010 Goals

Fashion Without Guilt

So I don't want to call anything a "resolution" let's call them GOALS. Here are some of my "GOALS" that I have for Fashion Without Guilt and personally. So now that I have shared with you some GOALS for the NEW YEAR, what are some things you would like to accomplish this year?

2010 56

My 2011 Goals Part 1

Saving SAHM Sanity

New Year, new goals! I love setting goals. I purposely set myself a lot of goals. This year I broke my goals down into four categories: Health, Personal, Money/Financial, and Household. Here are my goals for Health and Personal. I do have a ultimate goal of what I'd like to weigh, but my goal right now is to just start loosing anything in a healthy manor. ~ I really liked this goal from 2010, so I'm doing it again this year. My 2011 Goals

Goals 40

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Couponing 101

But as the year progresses, you may leave all your well-intentioned goals scattered by the wayside. Set Realistic Goals. But setting overly ambitious goals could be crippling since they are so hard to achieve. Set Specific Goals. Vague goals are hard to achieve.

2020 67

Franklin Sports Indoor 2-in-1 Goal Set $23.99 (Reg $38.99)

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Franklin Sports Indoor 2-in-1 Goal Set $23.99 (Reg $38.99). Well, if he is then you can get him this Franklin Sports Indoor 2-in-1 Goal Set for only $23.99 (Reg $38.99) from Amazon! Set includes 2 Insta-Set® Goals size 22″X17.5″

Goals 52

My #SavingsPledge Goal

Saving With Shellie

My goal is to save as much money as I can this fall. That’s my goal. I don’t know if it’s attainable in a few short months but having this lofty goal has me determined to save. But remember, little goals are a great start.

Goals 60

About setting goals – The fine art of getting your financial act together

Discount Coder UK

According to a load of self-help gurus and business experts, setting goals gives your life direction, boosts motivation and improves self-confidence. So can effective goal-setting help keep your finances in order? Here are five simple steps to setting goals. Discounts & Tips goal setting setting goals There’s no reason why not. Plus, afterwards, some inspiration about what to do if you really. read more.

Goals 43

#SavingsPledge: Setting Smart Financial Goals

Saving With Shellie

Today I thought I’d take a minute to go over some ideas to set smart financial goals. If you have ever taken a business class, you’ve learned about setting goals that follow the SMART acronym. I’d say my goal is very specific. My goal is time based.

End of Year Wrap Up and 2012 Goals

Finally Frugal

My goal at the beginning of this year was to double my income, and while that didn't happen, I am pleased with what I've managed to achieve. Now, going forward, what are my goals for 2012 ? goals financial independence income debtHello, and Happy Holidays, folks!

Goals 56

Being Intentional With My Time, Finances, and Food – My Goals for 2012

Couponing 101

I shared on the Couponing 101 Facebook page recently that my word for 2012 is “intentional” Despite making lots of goals, I tend to struggle with controlling my day-to-day actions to reach my desired goals. I really love making goals.

2012 93

Free Home Depot Kids Workshop – Goal Post Football Game

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This month’s project is a free Goal Post Football Game. The post Free Home Depot Kids Workshop – Goal Post Football Game appeared first on For the Mommas.

NY Giants NFL Inflatable Field Kiddie Pool w/Goal Posts for Only $29.99!

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Goals 56

My CVS Shopping Goals for 2011 ~ Save More & Spend More

Simply CVS

I am looking forward to another year of saving money shopping the weekly CVS deals. I am beginning the year with $15.29 in extra bucks (the lowest I have had in years) and on the card I do for my mom there is $5. As I have shared, in 2010 I "saved" $3635 total, according to my CVS receipts, and I want to do at least. that or more in 2011. But I also hope to spend more. Sounds ironic, doesn't. my shopping bag cvs deals cvs

2011 120

Huntsville MaggieMoo's $5 off Coupon after "like" goal is reached

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Go here to get in on this coupon if they reach their goal you'll get a $5 off coupon. Bargains Deals

Goals 40