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Nicoles Nickels

Pennie''s Perspective Grandkids' This sibling rivalry will pass and they will become fast friends, just as I did with my little brother. Related Stories Love of Music You Know that Feeling… Jinxed!

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Grandparenthood Can Be Expensive!

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

In Huffington Post article Boomers Give New Meaning To Spoiling The Grandkids author Linda Stern reported: “Roughly 36 percent of the grandparents surveyed by AARP said “spoiling (grand)children by buying them too much” was a part of a grandparent’s financial role.”. It’s my grandkid!”.


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Benefits of Having Your Parents Watch Your Kids

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Although I live 200+ miles away from my two grandkids, I try to get them for a week or so during the summer. There are many documented benefits to utilizing grandparents to watch grandkids. I’m one of them. On special occassions, now that I’m retired, I go to their house to watch them.

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Affordable Activity: Explore Your Town’s Playgrounds

Couponing 101

If you’re looking for a place to take the kids or grandkids, the playground is always an easy answer and free of charge in most cases. Head to different playgrounds and see which ones your kids/grandkids want to go to. Even if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast, exploring local playgrounds can be quite fun and suitable for all ages.

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Baby Week: Resources for Grandparents + Free 100 Things To Do With Grandchildren Manual

Birmingham Bargain Mom

Grandparents always say 'If I had known how much fun grandkids would be I would have had them first" -- I say, "Being a grandkid is the sweet life." {Why Why is it that grandparents let grandkids get by with so much stuff?} Check out these resources for grannie and granddaddy.

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Shutterfly | FREE Photo Book (Just Pay Shipping)!

Saving With Shellie

Every parent and grandparent loves having pictures of their kids and grandkids! Get a head start on some sweet gifts for family by visiting Shutterfly and creating a FREE 20-page 8×8 Photo Book from Shutterfly when you use coupon code BOOK4SPRING at checkout. I love when this deal comes around! This offer is good from now until 3/11.

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Roth IRA Conversions? Better Wait and See.

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

First, if I had managed to convert everything to a Roth, the grandkids would be swamped with hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Your heirs will have to take all of that out within 5 years. You do the math, but my calculator shows that is $400K a year. There are two problems with that in my mind.

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