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Free 101 Quick & Easy Cookie Recipes Kindle Edition

For the Mommas

Free 101 Quick & Easy Cookie Recipes Kindle Edition What’s better than the smell of freshly baked, homemade cookies? Amazon has 101 Quick & Easy Cookie Recipes Kindle Edition for Free. Eating them of course.

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How to Organize a Cookie Swap

Family Balance Sheet

Then each participant should place their packaged cookies in the other participants baskets. Really it is that easy and everyone goes home with homemade cookies… and a full belly from the cookies they’ve munched on at the party. What’s your favorite holiday cookie?

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Protecting the Planet During the Holidays

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Believe me, everyone likes a good meal or a box of their favorite cookies. Homemade cookies and other deserts are always a sure-fire hit, and although they won’t last till the next day they carry a lot of meaning.

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Measuring Cups & Spoons Set for $6.95

Saving With Shellie

You could include a jar of homemade cookie mix too. The set gets great reviews and it’s far cheaper than even a set of stainless steel measuring cups at Walmart. Pair these with a super cute apron for a fun little hostess gift idea! It might also make a nice teacher gift for the Holidays. Or get free two day shipping with Amazon Prime.

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My #1 Tip for Trimming Grocery Spending

Family Balance Sheet

Homemade cookies ( Healthier Coconut Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies ). Yes, this does require time, but if you have more time than money, this works well. Our favorites are: Popcorn (air popped or made on the stove top are the most frugal). Muffins & other baked goods. Fruit (fresh, canned, frozen, or smoothies).

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How to Host a Bridal Shower on a Budget

Couponing 101

In fact, many guests may be more impressed with something you made yourself, like homemade cookies or a cute craft. Avoid Expensive Favors. You don’t need to buy expensive party favors to hand out. Have you ever hosted a bridal shower? What did you do to make sure the event stayed within your budget?

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Faux Recipes from Family Fun Magazine

Nicoles Nickels

FamilyFun ’s “faux cookie dough dip” has the texture and flavor of homemade cookie dough, but it’s actually a dip in disguise. Also be sure to try the “tease cheese platter” where cookies and candy chews stand in for the traditional savory snack. Faux cookie dough dip.

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