Relocating? Here’s How To Reduce Moving Costs

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Obviously I move quite often, be it for a job or just a change of scenery, so it’s important to me to able to reduce moving costs whenever possible. So it was on to figure something else out, leaving the full-service movers behind. Pack It Myself, Have Someone Else Drive It.

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20 Tips for Frugal Living

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It’s not as hard as you may think to still enjoy a great life while living more frugally. One where you spend time with your family, have great conversations, read and get outside to do things that are fun and healthy. Be comfortable, but don’t overdo it. Brown bag it to work.

Free Kindle eBooks: Minimalist Living, The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook and More

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Well, you’re right, they aren’t—but it’s not as crazy as it sounds. The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook goes beyond fried foods to give you creatively inspired meals that are baked, grilled, roasted and steamed. Home Remedies: Do It Yourself Alternative by Anna Mak.

Can You Cut Expenses by a Half Million Dollars?

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Do we still have that money? We couldn’t save it or spend it because it was money we did not have. 262,032 Food Preparation. Based on that, we saved $222 dollars a year on a $500 a month food budget for 40 years for a total of $8,880.

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Cheap and Free Kindle Books: Best Brunches and Breakfasts, The Atomic Sea And More

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Also included are easy breakfast casserole recipes that can be made ahead, finger food ideas for brunch appetizers, and brunch classics like baked ham and scalloped potatoes. Family holiday brunches are where memories are made!

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Free Kindle Books – Household DIY, Night Burger And More

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Download: Household DIY: Do It Yourself! Save Money And Build Pride By Taking On At Home Projects Yourself (DIY Household Hacks – Home Repair – DIY – Cleaning and Organizing) by Sanford Evans.

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10 Ways To Save at Amusement Parks

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It also means you can get right to the rides instead of searching for somewhere to eat. Instead, find a pretty backdrop and do it yourself. This way you still have a park momento but it cost you only the $.29 Amusement Parks are popular family destinations.

10 Steps for Frugal Apartment Living

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Whether it’s trading in the luxury gas guzzling sports utility vehicle (aka “SUV”) for a less expensive, less ostentatious hybrid, or choosing to cook more instead of eating out, everyone is doing what they can to spend less of their hard earned dollars. STEP #8: Do your own cleaning.

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Free eBooks: Delectable Desserts, Homemade Christmas, The Simple Joy of Christmas, and More!

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Do You See What I See?: I have worked hard to come up with fabulous recipes that don’t result in “It is ok, considering its gluten free.” It’s also great for beginners who want to. It shows you that preparing healthy meals does not have.

How to Save Money in 2016

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It has been difficult to do that with the expense of my schooling, on top of our children’s needs. In the same regard, don’t spend money on things you don’t need just because it is a great deal. before heading to the store and stick to it.

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Hottest Amazon Deals 11/30: Hasbro, Samsung, Polaroid & More!

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11:05 am EST: ALEX Toys Do-It-Yourself Wear Paint Enamel Charms Kit. 1 pm EST: Joseph Joseph 9-Piece 100 Collection Compact Nesting Mixing Bowl, Food Prep and Measuring Set. Hottest Amazon Deals 11/30: Hasbro, Samsung, Polaroid & More!

Amazon Top Cyber Monday 2015 Deals: Toys, Kindle, Books, Shoes and More!

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Some tips for shopping Amazon: If you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet, I highly recommend that you do that through the holidays. Lightning deals can go very fast – watch the time that it is released and try to grab it as soon as it is available since there is a limited quantity of the product. Prices can change so, again grab something if you see it, but always check the price before purchasing. Cyber Monday deals have started at Amazon!

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