Minimize Your Impact on the Environment with Your Finances

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It seems that the best way to help do our part for the environment is to try to transition to a much greener lifestyle. But have you ever considered how you can go green with your finances? There are many different ways our finances can help in the green initiative.

How Downsizing to an Apartment Has Saved Us Money

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Public Transportation and Other Amenities. Finally, we are saving due to better public transit. My fuel bill is lower, since I don’t have to go as far to run errands (we live in an area where shopping is closer), and there is public transit, so that is also usable.

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What Are You Giving Up to Save Money?

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I think about FinCon for example, the conference for personal finance bloggers I attended last weekend in New Orleans. For instance, at FinCon I was using public transit to get around town and to and from the host hotel to save money on cabs.

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Cutting Down on the Transportation Costs

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We wanted to see where we were spending most of our money, and whether there is any opportunity for us to cut down on any of those bills as a result of the combination of our finances.

Ways Going Green Can Improve Your Health — And Save You Money

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So, not only do you reduce the pollution from driving an individual vehicle, taking public transit and/or riding your bike also provides you the chance to add a little more exercise to your life.

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