How Downsizing to an Apartment Has Saved Us Money

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Public Transportation and Other Amenities. Finally, we are saving due to better public transit. My fuel bill is lower, since I don’t have to go as far to run errands (we live in an area where shopping is closer), and there is public transit, so that is also usable. My family and I recently moved across the country.

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Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

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Pay a little extra for a hotel closer to a downtown area and public transit? I’ve never been much of a frugalista. I do try to get good value for my money, and I do try to get the best possible price for what I want, but I don’t always subscribe to the idea that cheaper is better. Indeed, there are some cases that I think that cheaper definitely isn’t better, and that there are times when it’s worth it to pay more. How Many Times Will You Have to Buy That?

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How Much is Your Commute Costing You?

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If you take public transit , you might need to pay for a pass. If you take public transportation, and someone else drives, you have the chance to work on extra products, or get in a little productivity. Commuting often comes with any job that you get. Unless you work from home, and your commute consists of walking downstairs (like mine does), you likely spend between five minutes and an hour or more getting to your workplace.

What Are You Giving Up to Save Money?

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For instance, at FinCon I was using public transit to get around town and to and from the host hotel to save money on cabs. I was recently introduced to Erin Chase, “The $5 Dinner Mom” – not in person, just online via her popular site This lady has been blowing up, from The Today Show to The View, she is inspiring folks all over the country to save money by eating in! Awesome, right?! In theory, yes, but in practice, my feelings are a bit more mixed.

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Cutting Down on the Transportation Costs

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Both of our jobs require access to a car now and then, and I often must drive to communities which don’t have access to public transit for my work. As we are getting married in just two and a half short months (gosh, time flies), my fiancé and I sat down a couple of weekends ago to do a comprehensive budget analysis. This is an exercise that we wanted to do prior to combining our chequing accounts.

Ways Going Green Can Improve Your Health — And Save You Money

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So, not only do you reduce the pollution from driving an individual vehicle, taking public transit and/or riding your bike also provides you the chance to add a little more exercise to your life. On top of that, produce is often picked before it reaches peak ripeness so that it doesn’t spoil in transit.

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5 Ways College Students Can Stretch a Dollar

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According to the College Board, the average student at a public university spends more than $22,200 every year between tuition and other costs. Turn to public transit or rides from your car-wielding buddies for longer-distance trips that won’t cut it on foot. In college towns, a student ID can get you discounts at a wide range of businesses, from movie theaters to beauty salons, and even when riding public transit.

Minimize Your Impact on the Environment with Your Finances

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It seems that the best way to help do our part for the environment is to try to transition to a much greener lifestyle. Buying an electric car, carpooling or even taking public transit all reduce your overall transportation costs 1/2 to 2/3. One of the best ways that I have seen someone justify taking public transportation is that it reduces their carbon footprint, and makes them a lot less likely to take random trips to shop.

5 Steps to Saving Money at a Major Sporting Event

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Furthermore, many public transit systems offer transportation to these venues. The following is a guest post. Sporting events are huge in our family. We spend many dollars traveling to sporting events each year. Here are five tips to help you save money when attending a major sporting event. After all, tickets for the recent World Series went for over $500 when purchased ahead of time. Who knows how expensive scalpers will be able to sell them for? Pick Your Game.