3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Food While at Work

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When you are at work, it is very easy to spend too much money on food. Many times offices are located close to coffee shops, fast food joints, and more. Most of this easily accessible food is not good for you, and it is expensive to boot. Coffee Instead of spending $4 on coffee from the shop on the first floor, you should consider bringing coffee from home. Many offices have refrigerators in break rooms where you can store food. Get Healthy Go Frugal

Interview with a Self-Made Millionaire

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I pointed out the multitude of new blogs related to saving money, being frugal, getting debt under control and learning about finances. For so long, we plodded along with next to nothing while our neighbors were running up their charge cards and using home equity loans to take vacations. Me: What kinds of frugality did you practice while you were earning your millions? We especially never put anything consumable (like gas, food, eating out, movies and etc) on a credit card.

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Tips for Wasting Less Food

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According to research, the average family throws away as much as $100 worth of food every month. Here are some tips for minimising your food wastage so that you’re not literally throwing money in the bin. If you can get yourself into the habit of planning your meals in advance, you’ll waste a lot less food. A lot of food wastage comes from cooking too. Build a store cupboard and stockpile food items that you can help you. Related posts: Frugal Food Tips.

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How to be a Frugal Family

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Being frugal these days is very important. It is not easy to be frugal and save money when you have a family that splurges and squanders. Being frugal is a family affair. It should be exercised by each member of the family or else the money that you save by your frugal ways will just be wasted by another member of the family on something that is not essential. Avoid wasting energy, water, gas, food and the like.

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18 Ways to Eat Organic and Healthy on the Cheap

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As a frugal shopper myself, I have seen how it can be done. Today I am going to share with 4 rules we live by when it comes to eating healthy as well as 18 different foods you can eat organically that will be healthy and won’t drain your wallet. First things first… Rules: Eat at home : Meals in restaurants are not only pricey but they usually don’t contain the best ingredients. Next, 18 frugal foods that are healthy, organic, and best of all cheap.

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Tips for a Frugal and Eco-Friendly Spring

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So take note of the following tips to make this year’s spring clean a frugal and eco-friendly exercise. But a more considered approach needs to be adopted for a truly frugal and eco-friendly clear-out. One final frugal cleaning tip is to never buy cleaning cloths or rags as cut offs from your old clothes will do just as good a job and won’t cost a penny! Related posts: Frugal Food Tips. Frugal Beauty Tips from Grandma. Go Frugal Go Green

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