A Green and Frugal Funeral

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Sayward was just a teen, but she took charge of preparing her mother’s body for burial – instructing her sisters to help her wash her mom’s body, clean the clothing to bury her in and sew a pillow to put under her head. All the while the two smallest siblings were watching their father make a wood casket and dig the burial hole. Even little Sulie and Wyitt helped, for this was the last thing they could do for their mam.”. Green and Frugal Burial.

How We Frugal-ed through April 2020

Family Balance Sheet

April 2020 might go down as the most frugal month of my lifetime. With the global pandemic and the decline of our small business, I have flexed frugal muscles that I didn’t know I have. Operation Frugal Living is in full swing at my house. More frugal shenanigans!

2020 164

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Green, Frugal Alternatives To the Gym

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Weights, cardio machines, mats, fitness balls, and even some classes to switch it up. There are two huge downsides to the gym, though, and those are: Cost Most fitness centers are not cheap. They can cost anywhere from $25-$75/month, and that’s usually not including any classes, such as yoga, zumba, or spin classes. My gym requires you to wipe down machines after each use, which is great for hygeine and horrible for the environment. Get Healthy Go Green

How We Frugal-ed in February 2020

Family Balance Sheet

Frugal living is NOT about feeling deprived. Frugal living is being intentional with our money and creative with our resources, so we have more to put towards the things that are important to us. I cannot stress enough how much this has saved me time and I really think money too.

2020 182

Go Green and Save Big

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Being frugal and going green, sometimes you have to cut corners. You can still shop, do home improvements, and go out for a meal. Finding ways to shop smart is easier in the current climate thanks to coupon codes, online vouchers, promo codes and deep savings in coupon apps. Below are some great ways to save, stay sustainable, and stretch your budget a little bit further. It’s hard to “Go Greenand consciously shop for fashion.

Green 153

5 Frugal Living Tips To Saving Money

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

However, whilst we all have essential bills or borrowing we need to take on and maintain, some people are able to live as frugally as possible to help keep costs down and make their money go further. Here are 5 great tips for saving money by being frugal. Many online direct lenders will also allow you to choose flexible repayments, which you can see when you click here , allowing you to tailor the loan to your affordability and keep repayments low. Go Frugal

How We Frugal-ed in January!

Family Balance Sheet

Welcome to my first “How We Frugal-ed” recap of 2020. Frugal living is NOT about feeling deprived. Frugal living is being intentional with our money and creative with our resources, so we have more to put towards the things that are important to us.

Save Money and Go Green By Replacing These Disposable Items with Reusable Ones

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Most of us who are 40 and younger grew up with disposable paper items. If you’d like to take an easy step to go green and save money in the process, the first place to make changes is in buying disposable items. Paper plates and cups? While I grew up using paper napkins and towels, we only used paper plates when we were on a picnic. In fact, the Duggars of TLC’s Nineteen Kids and Counting use paper plates for every single meal.

Green 195

How to Save Money by Greening your Wardrobe

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

These tips on how to save money by greening your wardrobe will really help you to keep those extra dollars in your pocket. Before you can even start to think about how you would go about greening your wardrobe, you need to know where you stand, clothes wise, right now at this moment. This means you probably need to do a complete clean out of every drawer and closet where you keep garments. Go Frugal Go Green

Green 199

It’s Frugal Friday: 10/28/16

Family Balance Sheet

It’s Frugal Friday: A recap of how we frugal-ed our way through the week so that we have more money to put towards our financial goals. Simply mix a small jar of pesto and one Hidden Valley ranch packet and pour off chicken in a slow cooker. Turned 5 over-ripe bananas into Banana Walnut Baked Oatmeal , and one loaf of banana bread. My neighbor closed up her vegetable garden this week and brought me a big bag of green peppers. Frugal Friday

Frugal 116

WIS, WWA | and a few other things

The Frugal Girl

I forgot to upload a picture of a cake that The Frugal Spinster had decorated! I added it now, and you can click here to admire her cake-decorating skills. I spent $70 and none of it was remarkable enough to report on. Leftovers for the main course, plus a big green salad.

Girls 151

Live Green and Get More Green in Your Wallet

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Guest Post Author Bio: The following is a guest post by Lisa at Car Insurance Comparison, an Australian blog created to help its readers compare car insurance in and around their areas. As the readers of Prairie EcoThrifter know: money, or lack thereof, is driving many people to become more frugal. Here are a few ideas to cultivate a more eco-friendly atmosphere – and save money – around your home. You’ll learn about current specials – and even the big clearance sales.

Green 157

Frugal Fixes that Work

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

If the sealer around the bottom of your shower (the one between the tiles and the shower base) starts gathering mildew, don’t rip out and redo the sealer until you try bleach. If you use those plastic soap bar holders (the ones with the little prongs to hold the bar up so it can dry out and make your soap last longer), just spray them with a bathroom cleaner then brush with a scrub brush to clean them. Step five, wipe up the cleanser and towel dry.

Frugal 122

WIS, WWA | I’m gonna sand today

The Frugal Girl

The weather promises to be a lovely 71 degrees today AND I don’t have any classes or appointments or meetings. I spent $50 on groceries at Target, and I also spent $11 on a restaurant salad (see Thursday night). How about we go with: a green salad. Happy Friday, everyone!

Girls 169

Tips for a Frugal and Eco-Friendly Spring

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

The evenings are getting lighter, the birds are singing and the weather is completely erratic…all of which means that spring time is upon us once more. And with spring time comes spring cleaning, the chance to de-clutter your house, get rid of the belongings you no longer have use for and freshen up the old place. But the cost of cleaning products and the chemicals used in many of them means that spring cleaning can come at a cost to both you and the environment.

Frugal 130

Thankful Thursday | post-exam

The Frugal Girl

I took my last regular exam today, though, and I got my final assignment finished yesterday. And once the final is done, then I can finally really work on getting settled in here and also on finishing up my furniture projects. for a full-size washer and dryer.

Eco-Friendly Acne Fighters: Skin Care for the Frugal

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Keeping your face fresh and free of acne, along with wearing a smile, will encourage the desire of others to dig deeper and find out more about you. Many people desperately buy and try multiple expensive products to get rid of and prevent acne. Salicylic acid affects the skin by shedding excess cell layers, neutralizing bacteria, and cleaning and shrinking pores. Take a container and fill it loosely with the plant.

WWA | (semi) normalcy coming soon

The Frugal Girl

Zoe and I headed to the mall to go prom dress shopping. We figured we would need to do a brick-and-mortar option, so we got dinner at the food court and then dress-shopped. And we did find a winner at Macy’s.

Girls 180

Daily Frugal Tip: Creatively Reuse Old Magazines (100+ Ideas!)

Couponing 101

There are some really cool ideas: home decor, gifts, furniture, jewelry, and more. Do you have a Frugal Tip you’d like to share? Daily Frugal Tip: Creatively Reuse Old Magazines (100+ Ideas!) Have tons of old magazines lying around your home? Check out these 100+ ideas for creatively reusing old magazines ! I think the magazine coasters pictured above are pretty neat. Please send me an email ! is a post from Couponing 101.

Reuse 69

Is ‘Going Green’ Killing Our Economy?

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Guest Post Author Bio: Corey is the author and creator of 20′s Finances. We now get news on our IPAD’s or smart phones and news comes to us so much faster. There were at least two major paper mills in the town and provided a great way for people to make a living, especially for those without a college education. Many of my cousins, aunts and uncles worked for these paper mills. Is ‘Going Green’ Killing Our Economy? Go Green

homemade easter egg dye – the frugal way

Coupons Do Work

Easter is around the corner and the homemade egg dye is cheap , frugal and you probably have most of these ingredients in your house. These easy recipes for adding colors to your eggs the all-natural way, organic, and yes, this is the frugal way to have every-bunny happy., On the stovetop, bring frozen raspberries and water to a boil in a pot. On the stovetop, bring frozen blueberries and water to a boil in a pot.

Easter 100

Thankful Thursday | overnight rain is the best

The Frugal Girl

Overnight rain is my favorite: all the benefits of rain, and it doesn’t interfere with your day! The rain made everything on the trail in the woods so green and lush. Well, they’re all spread out now and they make a wonderful green border for the trail.

How I’m Inherently Frugal

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

It is a perfect fit for me, as frugality is my hobby and passion, but I also find myself very attracted to the “go green” movement. The fact that the Prairie EcoThrifter focuses heavily on both topics – frugality and green living – really appealed to me. The Single Saver is a website dedicated to helping singles and small families save money with easy to implement money saving tips. Think that is counter-productive to my frugal lifestyle?

Frugal 138

Thankful Thursday | I filed my taxes!

The Frugal Girl

And next year, my CPA will do my blog taxes, so, yay! I helped her file, and I was reminded, yet again, how simple taxes are when you are young, not self-employed, and own basically no assets. And I am happy to do something to contribute around here. ??.

Daily Frugal Tip: Create A Worm Composting Bin

Couponing 101

This is a great way to reduce food waste, add great nutrients to your garden/yard soil, and save on fertilizer! Do you have a Frugal Tip you’d like to share? Daily Frugal Tip: Create A Worm Composting Bin is a post from Couponing 101. Frugal Tips Organic/Natural compost bin composting DIY compost bin frugal tip green make your own compost bin organic and natural worm compostingCheck out how to create your own worm composting bin.

Daily Frugal Tip: DIY Coke Can Tab Bracelets!

Couponing 101

I saw this on Pinterest a couple months ago, and have been wanting to try it ever since. Simply save all your old coke can tabs as you use them, find some cute ribbon, and make an upcycled bracelet! Fun, eco-friendly, and thrifty! It’s also neat because you can use ribbon of all different styles and colors to match your unique personality. Do you have a Frugal Tip you’d like to share? Daily Frugal Tip: DIY Coke Can Tab Bracelets!

Coke 79

5 Ways to Go Green and Save Money at the Same Time

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a positive impact on the world around you and save some money at the same time? You can live a much greener life by adopting a couple of green living ideas and adding them to your shopping habits. You will actually find that you are trimming costs from your monthly expenses by following these 5 green ideas. One of the most overlooked ways to go green is to just start by consuming less. Go Frugal Go Green

Green 138

Meet a Reader | Lawyer K from Chicago

The Frugal Girl

When K emailed me to volunteer for a Meet a Reader feature, she expressed some hesitation because she and her husband both have high-paying jobs and are quite financially secure. How long have you been reading The Frugal Girl? What’s your best frugal win?

What’s saving my life right now

The Frugal Girl

Last week, I did a podcast interview with Sarah Hart-Unger for the podcast she and Laura Vanderkam host (Best of Both Worlds). It’s coming out later in April and I will share the link when it’s out in the world. And I know soon the green will appear on the trees.

Girls 182

WIS, WWA | with a visit to see Lisey

The Frugal Girl

As you may imagine, I am not doing a whole lot of cooking or grocery shopping these days; I do trade off some cooking duties with my parents, and I do some grocery shopping, but it’s not like it was when I was at my own house. Leftovers, plus a green salad.

Girls 174

How to Keep Your House Clean Without Spending a Lot of Green

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

Buying cleaning supplies for your house can be expensive, and you have to buy different products to clean different things. In addition to cost, many people are concerned about the chemicals in cleaning products, and whether they are really safe. Use Rags – You can either buy a cheap pack of rags and reuse them or you can cut up old towels and t-shirts rather than throwing them away. It can be used on glass and some counter tops. Going Green on a Budget.

WIS, WWA | to walk or to blog? Hmm.

The Frugal Girl

I had a appointment this morning, and before it, I had time to do one of two things: walk. And since it was a lovely sunny morning, I chose to walk. I spent $28 on takeout, and that’s it. Leftover rotisserie chicken turned into chicken and biscuits.

Girls 167

WIS, WWA | want to see some skunk cabbage?

The Frugal Girl

And that was it for shopping for me. She had some squash/black bean filling left, so my mom made some more of the burritos, which we ate with a green salad and some fruit salad. This recipe calls for chipotle chilies and look guys! appeared first on The Frugal Girl.

Girls 151

Daily Frugal Tip: Freeze Green Onions or Herbs In Plastic Bottles

Couponing 101

This is very similar to the veggie prep frugal tip from a couple of days ago, but I found this on Pinterest and thought it was great! I know I always buy a small bunch of green onions or herbs when I need them for a recipe ingredient, and I end up throwing the extras out because they spoil super fast. Just chop up all of the green onions or herbs, dry them thoroughly, put them in an empty plastic water bottle, and freeze.

Thankful Thursday | a few leads!

The Frugal Girl

I have had plenty of experience with hopeful-sounding places falling through by now, but my optimism is still bubbling up, and I feel hopeful about these two. I get knocked down and discouraged, of course, but I always do eventually manage to get back up and find some fresh optimism.

WIS, WWA | in the midst of unrest

The Frugal Girl

so I am defaulting to what I always do when I feel helpless: Pray and then keep doing the next right things in my life: make meals, parent children, correct math lessons, do laundry, feed rescue cats, do my A&P homework, and so on. I made French bread, baked ziti, and a green salad.

Girls 164

Our Green & Money Savvy Path

Prairie Eco-Thrifter

My hubby and I are a dual income family living in a suburban home, but we are not your typical family. We are on a mission to live a more sustainable, frugal, and financially savvy life. Heating and cooling changes we’ve made : Turned our thermostat down by 2 degrees in the winter. Keep our bedroom temperature at 17 degrees Celsius in the winter and use an extra blanket on the bed. Buy as many organic and local foods as we can. Go Green

Green 116

Meet a Reader | Midwest Missy

The Frugal Girl

Today we are meeting a reader from the midwest, and she has a very green thumb. My name is Melissa (Missy) and I am in my 30s. I live in the Midwest with my husband and 2 1/2 year old daughter. I have a degree in early childhood development and love my job as a nanny.

Girls 155

WIS, WWA | the dirtiest Pyrex ever

The Frugal Girl

It’s made by Pyrex and the internet says that people used to use this both for baking and as a jello mold. I cleaned it up, brought it home, and then when Sonia saw it, she remembered the mandarin orange jello that is childhood favorite of mine.

Girls 165

Amazon : Up to 50% off Green Toys Prices Starting at $6.49

Coupons Do Work

Hot Amazon Deal (and just in time for Christmas and Hanukkah!!) These are very popular and highly rated toys. These Green Toys are currently 50% off – TODAY ONLY. Up to 50% off Green Toys Prices Starting at $6.49. Amazon Deals amazon amazondeals budget Coupons frugal holidaygiftideas holidaygifts krazydeals toysThe prices Starting at $6.49. Get free shipping with prime or orders $49+.

Daily Frugal Tip: DIY Designer Bath Tissue Holder

Couponing 101

Wash it out really well, let it dry, and then save it for this fun project! decorate your oatmeal canister, and you’ve got a “designer” bath tissue holder that holds 2 rolls of toilet paper perfectly! You can even add jewels, ribbon, beads, paint, and more to make it really fancy if you want! Do you have a Frugal Tip you’d like to share? Daily Frugal Tip: DIY Designer Bath Tissue Holder is a post from Couponing 101.

Thankful Thursday | a visit from Lisey

The Frugal Girl

She came for two nights to help us celebrate Sonia’s birthday, and that is always something to be thankful for! And since she says she misses turning wrenches, she got a job installing tires and batteries. ??. for green things starting to grow.

Frugal Home Decor: Repurpose Old Silverware into Starburst Mirror

Birmingham Bargain Mom

Check out this cool project that repurposes old silverware and makes your kitchen or dining room look uber cool. Bargains Deals Frugal Living Green Living Home Decor