Stay the Course Financially

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Cryder George Loewenstein titled “Tightwads and Spendthrifts” which found that: “Consumers often behave differently than they would ideally like to behave. Spendthrifts,” by contrast, experience too little pain of paying and typically spend more than they would ideally like to spend.” ” During the study, they tested around 13,000 people and from those tests, devised a “spendthrift-tighwad’ scale.

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How to Rebuild Financial Trust in Your Relationship

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If one of you is a spendthrift and one is a saver, financial feuding will be a given unless the two of you can find a way that is agreeable to both of you to manage your disparate financial personalities. However, some spendthrifts bypass the years of struggle and instead pretend to be on the same page with their spouse all the while shopping in secret and hiding the items they buy. Of course, the spendthrift isn’t let off easily.


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Unintended Consequences

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These members have been spendthrifts since day one and have been lobbying for several unneeded (in my opinion) improvements for several years. Your actions have consequences. Sometimes they are unintended and unforeseen ones. Other times, they are exactly the ones you envisioned and hoped to initiate. Individuals, families and workplaces are complex organisms with multiple constantly changing parts and pieces.

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Interview with a Self-Made Millionaire

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But, I can’t believe people are making big bucks telling other people how to control their spendthrift ways, or sharing how to shave a few cents off a grocery bill. Below is a composite interview, representing responses of several female self-made millionaires. The topic was ‘ What did today’s millionaires do to be thrifty before they earned their millions?” ” I’ll call the composite person Peggy – to personify the group.

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Frugal decisions.

Finally Frugal

This may be especially useful for those of us who - whether currently or in our spendthrift past - may be likely to fritter that money away as soon as it shows up in our paychecks. before my spendthrift side can get its grubby paws on it. One of the more interesting topics in the U.S. economic news is this tax cut that will (hopefully) leave an additional $50 to $85 dollars in our paychecks next year.